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Comments on song "Aata Majhi Satakli"
chandana chandu on August 15, 2014
uhhmm aata majhi satakli wow nyc sng
Vineet Agarwal on August 15, 2014
all mentally challenged ,... actors and kids are performing to this yuckkk
song !
amanvds on August 15, 2014
Honey Singh should really go back to his drafting board and redesign his
music .. he has lost it . and this is coming from a die hard fan of
yo yo ... i still love him though
zooperman87 on August 15, 2014
sirf flop filmon ka yo yo x factor..
Akshay Kulkarni on August 15, 2014
please dont make a joke on POLICE and "KHAKI"
Government should think about taking action on this kind of behaviour
Anand Bhimsha on August 15, 2014
nice song by honey singh 
Brown Munda on August 15, 2014
yo yo .man
Matthew Badhan Roy on August 15, 2014
Yo Yo awesome song ... :D 
SouandIbello bello on August 15, 2014
The bit of this song is bomb! 
Abhishek aK on August 15, 2014
is there any button to dislike dis infinite ?
archit khopkar on August 16, 2014
Ujjwal Uniyal on August 16, 2014
and I thought lungi dance is the most crappiest song he has ever made
Ashutosh Talele on August 16, 2014
People started to dance on this song in theater
Rakesh Jadhav on August 16, 2014
Damn!!! i was suppose to hate this song but i still came here and heard the
song and I still want to hate the song ...
Atta Majji Satakli
Aditi shah on August 16, 2014
nice songgg...!
suhani shah on August 16, 2014
very nice song
awesom song
no words for this
abdullah aasim on August 16, 2014
1:41-1:42 isn't she looking cute
samiksha dubey on August 16, 2014
it seems honey singh is getting monotonous now, starting music is quite
similar to bhootnath song. song is very noisy and irritating but after
watching the movie i liked it as movie is good 
Bhushan अमृता अरोरा का दीवाना on August 16, 2014
0:33 best shot in the song!
Ali Haidari on August 17, 2014
Singham songs are all very good I love these Songs
Naufil Karowadia on August 17, 2014
anyone else need aspirin too..
Hemal Vyas on August 17, 2014
The small kid of ajay devgan.!.?!
The Royal “Majestic” BabooSahab on August 17, 2014
So funny while the lady's voice says 'Ata Majhi Satakli'.
Md Imran on August 17, 2014
Electric song
Simran Kaur on August 17, 2014
Im only here for Kareena Kapoor! #hateyoyo
johnsh3r on August 17, 2014
Honey singh is destroying Bollywood. 10000 x dislike
Meerbaz Khan on August 18, 2014
Aakash Narang on August 18, 2014
What does that kid keeps saying again and again in Marathi I guess ?
Curious to know 
Tushar Bhutkar on August 18, 2014
honey singh rocks
MGS on August 18, 2014
This film is a copy of south indian movie (Singham 1 and 2)
Pratik Nair on August 18, 2014
singham returns movie is inspirational for us
Akshay Kumar Fan on August 18, 2014
What is Ajay devgan Is doing out there ? can some 1 tell me :O
lokeshz on August 18, 2014
Really happy that they put this song at the end of the movie during the
credits. I would have left the cinema hall if they started with this song.
Instead of hiring talented singers like KK, Sonu Nigam, Mohit Chauhan or
anyone else who have sense of music they hire Honey Singh -..- I guess
that a majority of the indian audience doesn't care about meaningful songs.

JWBYS B on August 19, 2014
good song
Amandeep Rishi on August 19, 2014
I don't understand why people just dislike this song in particular. ALL of
his songs have been like that. ALL have been bad (even worse than this).
For once I am glad people wake up from the deep sleep to realize that this
is utter crap.
Manoj Khuntia on August 19, 2014
After watching movie .. this song is my fevorite :) aata majhi satakli
Rahul on August 19, 2014
mala raag yetoy!!
Deepak sundar on August 19, 2014
Best songs
yas miny on August 19, 2014
that kid thou.good anthem for kids...,,..,,picture abhi baki 
Marwa DAdou on August 19, 2014
Most irritating song i'v ever listen -______- btw kareena looking hot
Nikhil Hegde on August 19, 2014
EarthUnity on August 19, 2014
i hated this so much but then i keep watching it :(
The Dinosaur Guys on August 19, 2014
the drums are the main part it rocks
Sena on August 19, 2014
not good but funny :)) lol
Zainullah Sagar on August 20, 2014
Hahahahaha superb song look at ajey devgan i like him
simran patel on August 20, 2014
suparr song
stjimmys546 on August 20, 2014
Angry young man
Mi aahe majhashi lafda.. naay naay
Todun taakel haat paay
When Aata Majhi Satakli
Bolo mujhe bye bye!

Only Honey Singh can rap in 3 languages #Respect
Srushti Kadam on August 20, 2014
Hahaha, This song is seriously fun . Haters, No one needs your opinions :D
Ripin Tandon on August 20, 2014
I hated it for the first time. Then I started liking it. Now I probably
like it much more... as I keep playing it at times.
Anish Sharma on August 20, 2014
worst song from worst singer..
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