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Comments on song "Aata Majhi Satakli"
KINGMJ1990 on August 20, 2014
American hain kya..Why is he rolling his tongue on the R?

And that mala raag yetoy by that ugly kid is so annoying..
Parvez Iqbal on August 20, 2014
It's a nice song , and I like it ."ATA MAHJI SATZKLI "
Abhijit Jadhav on August 20, 2014
nice one...lai bharee
insanitypersonified1 on August 21, 2014
Honey singh has a good voice and has talent...this is a bad attempt to cash
in on the famous line from the first movie. Bad lyrics...bad music and
basically putting together some kids in police uniforms to make a bollywood
song. Standards of songs are falling from bad to worse...god bless
bollywood and hope people raise their standards.
siddharth saroj on August 21, 2014
Nikki Singh on August 21, 2014
the little kid was awesome in this song, really nice rap by Yo Yo Honey
Singh. aata Majhi Satekli..,,, 16 ka dhola, 42 ki chati,, yo yo kuch v
bolta h, lyrics ban jata h... 
jitendra chaure on August 21, 2014
i love this song
bilal baba on August 22, 2014
very phado song
bj thapa on August 22, 2014
After listening this song Yo YO Honey i wonder if there anyone can proudly
say " i am fan of him".. RIP indian music
priyanka umar on August 23, 2014
ajay devgan s achha to honey singh ko lena chaiye tha kitna irritating song
h maja n h u r right anil sahu i hate this song
rooziya elaskar on August 23, 2014
Tooo much noise
Deepak Mishra on August 23, 2014
The only thing to watch in this video is kareena, i muted the video and
watched kareena dancing. 
Kshitij Kumar Verma on August 24, 2014
what a disturbing song
nuspee on August 24, 2014
Yo yo gets cuter by the day!
Yalam venu gopal reddy on August 24, 2014
I heard music can heal illness, but now i experience music create illness.
New method of selling zandu balm, YO YO Honey singh how much did u receive
from balm manufacturers. 
Black Mamba on August 24, 2014
Ata majhi satakli...mala rag yetoi.hahaha...I started speaking at
Saajan B on August 25, 2014
kareena can't Dance
Pranjal Singh on August 25, 2014
I'm amazed at how people are expressing their intense dislike for this song
and yet coming all the way here to listen to it o.O
Hemal Parekh on August 25, 2014
Kid is Nana Patekar in the making.
Kshitiz on August 25, 2014
i came here to unlike this song :D
misschicanery on August 25, 2014
Yo Yo singh is overrated.
My 7th grade friends can rap better than this
Harman Kooner on August 26, 2014
nice song
omraj rajan on August 28, 2014
Yo Yo dislikes how he was forced to compromise on Quality

Pooja Meena on August 28, 2014
Nice song yo yo..
Akhil Jain on August 28, 2014
worst song
Gopal Bitode on August 28, 2014
nice song 
syedrs93 on August 28, 2014
Super song
DR.KAMAL PATEL on August 29, 2014
nice song
shwetank sharma on August 30, 2014
good one by yo yo
aryan thakur on August 30, 2014
Sidi baaat boli tujhe marathi nahi aati
deepan chowdhury on August 30, 2014
someone stop that kiddddddddd plzzzzzzzzzzz
Mandar Dahigaonkar on August 31, 2014
If you can't enjoy this song, there is seriously something wrong with you !
Sharath SH on August 31, 2014
Oh My God. They should ban Honey Singh from Bollywood.
Bibhishan Tambe on September 01, 2014
Beautiful song
Sujeet Hadkar on September 02, 2014
Annoying...but no option other than to keep listening it everywhere you
Utpal jyoti Sarmah on September 02, 2014
Jyada mat ga yodada,bhut nikal ayega shasmush@
Vishal Devgire on September 02, 2014
Honey Singh is able to entertain people. All people who are disliking this
song should just not listen to it, Why you people spreading hate on
Nadim Hassan Hera on September 02, 2014
Bakwaas song
Manish Pathare on September 03, 2014
Great Song.. Rocking.. Honey Sing Rocks..
Billo Bilal on September 03, 2014
super or cool

Billo Bilal on September 03, 2014
super or cool

amit agarwal on September 04, 2014
best song to dance upon
Sadanand Dixit on September 04, 2014
Clearly, an INSULT to MARATHI language! Where r the thugs? I mean thacks?
Abhishek Roy on September 04, 2014
Atleast... umm... atleast.. It's not about partying.
Saimandar on September 04, 2014
fun song :3
Pappu Biswas on September 04, 2014
This song is very brave.
Derick Kundukulam on September 05, 2014
what was the boy shouting for. ears went deaf...worst song...only Ata
Majhi Stakali
DHRUV SHARMA on September 06, 2014
IT IS A BEST SONG OF THE FILM AaTa majhi satakli
hasretmythical on September 06, 2014
someone please do me a favour and take yo yo honey singh out of the
bollywood industry
Urvashi Satpute on September 06, 2014
Awesome Track.. "Aata Majhi Satakli" ;)
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