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Comments on song "Ae Mere Dil Kahin Aur Chal (Fast Version)"
anshumanjakhmola on August 23, 2007
put up video buddy
Munawwar Hussain on November 03, 2007
No words to express, just great, voice, lyrics and music, all best. Wish
these guys are re-bourn
swati King on December 01, 2007
old is Always Golddddddddddddd
Vidyut on February 23, 2008
The song, its lyrics, the singing and the music epitomises the depth and
excellence of hindi film music..
Sudhir Kodkani on March 02, 2008
My favourite.
tapobrataha on April 12, 2008
A gem of a song.Talat saab-mera salam.
aishaa079 on May 19, 2008
love this song...
setraj999 on May 21, 2008
bahut khoob, kamaal ki awaaz, kamaal ke shabd, soothing, velvet voice of Talat.
COMBATAVIATOR on June 12, 2008
i heard that talat used to sing plenty of joyful songs before his brother
died... he took his brothers death to his heart a bit too much and then he
sand plenty of sad songs and u can really feel the sadness in his voice
(anybody confirms what i have heard?)
kessaven on September 21, 2008
evergreen song!
ZhugeLiang51 on September 28, 2008
thanks so much for posting this old song I love it from my childhood days.
GreenXenon on October 08, 2008
Is there a sad version of this song?
mr8300 on November 05, 2008
This is a sad song... no other version except the female version by Lata Ji.
dabugitu on November 08, 2008
he has a rich silken voice k.kumar mohd rafi have their alternative but talat is the only singer who doesn't have anybody to copy him.Talat is exceptional singer
Eswar Nakka on December 27, 2008
Melodious song. Great singer
sjalcapricorn on January 09, 2009
great song and a great silken voice!I feel Talat Mehmood's version of this
song is better than Lata's(personal opinion,no offence please:))
Ankurblue on March 27, 2009
there is another slower sad version in Talat's Voice too. The song in the
movie is sung twice at different tempos. By the way the raga is Yaman Kalyan
Ankurblue on March 27, 2009
Superb composition in Raag Yaman Kalyan
Tharupaba on April 16, 2009
Dear Yuan,
Thank you very much for this lovely oldie. I am not so good with the names of songs, but the melody is registered in my memory 100%.
Belated wishes for a happy and prosperous eastern new year.
yuanyuanyuanyin on April 16, 2009
You are most welcome, my dear Sri Lankan friend.
As you will be able to see, all what I have posted here are still very much popular in Sri Lanka, though they are very old. Many of them have our local language versions too.
I too wish you and the family too a very happy and a prosperous New Year.
May God bless all of you.
juneg1964 on April 16, 2009
Wonderful song. Thanks. I made U my favorite.
yuanyuanyuanyin on April 16, 2009
Thank you my dear friend for your kind words.
As I have written earlier, though the some of those most respected pioneers are gone, you will find some of the songs they have posted long time back, in this channel too.
Take care.
shyras1 on April 16, 2009
Love this movie! Glad to have this song in my Shailendra collection. Thanks,
shobisha on April 19, 2009
Lovely song. I do not find adequate words to express my thanks to you dear for posting this eternal melody
ceylonlion on April 19, 2009
nice song.thanks for posing.
mazhar khan on May 13, 2009
song was so popular that,i know its wordings by heart till this day
dubbooman on May 16, 2009
you are absolutely right , talat sahib's version has no match . no one
should be offended by your opinion ... it is the same opinion of many others
adiz2282 on June 18, 2009
does any body have " mere mehboob kahin aur mila ker mujhse" from the movie ghazal
srnath123 on June 25, 2009
Talat, Rafi and Yesudas - the best three singers ever !!
justaname5 on July 02, 2009
Are you insane? Yesudas is good, but not in league with Rafi or Talat. lol
Not unless you want to give a 'plug' to Yesudas for whatever reason.
srnath123 on July 02, 2009
As a music lover who has listened to them for years (including thousands of
songs Yesudas has sung in 4 south indian languages) , there is no doubt in
my mind that these three are in the same league. One cannot say who is the
best though. Talat excelled in soulful rendering, Rafi in melodies and
Yesudas in totally difficult classical based compositions. But hey, to each
his own. We can agree to disagree. and a 7 time national award winner
doesn't need my plug :)
justaname5 on July 03, 2009
Umm...Ok, I will agree with that. But then you have a fairly long list with
Mahendra Kapoor, Hemant, Kishore, Ghulam Ali and a few more, I am sure.
srnath123 on July 03, 2009
That is a list with very impressive names. The only issue I see with names
in there, expect Kishore Kumar's is that they haven't proven their
versatility in singing all kinds of songs. Mahendra Kapoor - Nostalgic "gum
bhari" songs Hemant da - poignant Songs expert Ghulam Ali - Ghazal king..
Kishore sang all kinds of songs, so did S.P.B, but I feel they don't quite
fit into the category of these three because their voices are not as divine
as this trio's.
srnath123 on July 03, 2009
oh! and its a crime to omit Manna Dey from that list- such a fantastic
Kalyan Rani on August 08, 2009
My friend not always what you see is right..Yesudas, Mr S P Balu are
living legends in South Indian music. No Comparisons they are all not
Kalyan Rani on August 08, 2009
Buddy u r a true music lover..Glad that u touched quite a few
names.even though that is a small list.
MusicMan2065 on August 08, 2009
I admit to being not on the money, but I cannot agree that the voices are
not comparable. Let me explain. The quality of voices can of course be
compared; and the place of Rafi is unquestionable in out Indian way of
singing. Perhaps he would not have been considered the #1 singer in western
operas. That having been said, my opinion of KJY and even SPB is based only
upon what little they sang in Hindi, I perhaps do not know their true range
and singing abilities.
MusicMan2065 on August 08, 2009
In any case, I have no doubt that Rafi would have sang with same virtuosity
in Tamil of Telugu. lol.not equally sure of other singers. :)
MusicMan2065 on August 08, 2009
yeah yeah. I love Manna Dey as well, but then the list goes on and on. lol
buttegowda on August 09, 2009
Superb song by Shailendra, Shankar Jaikishan and Talat.

Thanks for posting this
Ajay Kumar on August 10, 2009
Talat Mahmood is actually Tapan Bose A great singer.
Umbersaria on October 19, 2009
ok and what does that mean TALAT WAS TALAT leave him alone
Vipin283 on December 16, 2009
I heard this song when I was in std.8 and i love tala sahab voice, then for ever i make collection of his songs whether filmi or non filmi, last year i collectr some vedio and CD-DVD buy on line from his son khalidji. may be some of them i will down load this web. Vipin Batavia-NEW YORK
bcr004 on January 10, 2010
Er..not exactly. He acted in Bangla movies under the name 'Tapan Kumar'. But he was always Talat.
ranimishra55 on March 08, 2010
can anyone upload songs from very old movie "RAM HANUMAN YUDH" please. also
how can I listen to it as well, thanks.
khujefiri on March 24, 2010
nothing to be compared with !!!
Partha Sur on March 26, 2010
He used this as an assumed name for Bengali films only.
naughtyboymessiah on April 04, 2010
the classics remain unrivalled in the annals of cultural history. they have a regal dignity and lucid beauty grossly lacking in the bollywood films of today.
MAYOGARDENS on May 18, 2010
It was Talat Mahood who had the honor to sing the greatest song in the
history of music. A masterpiece tune composed by no other than Shankar
Jaikishan. Filmed on Dalip Kumar. A great mile stone in the history of
music. I must have played this this tune thousands of time. Lahori Munda
from New York
coupdmain on July 05, 2010
wow the translation does no justice to the lyrics...
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