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Comments on song "Afreen.... Husn-E-Jana Kee Tarif Mumkin Nahee"
mithlesh on October 19, 2006
one the best video's,great
kallashah on November 18, 2006
Wonderfull, Legendary performance . Kiaaa baat hai !!!!
mikethedevil on December 29, 2006
WONDERFUL.Just Close your eyes and let the music and poetry engulf you.
sumitmuk on January 19, 2007
Magnificent. Whats the venue?
GtemE on February 11, 2007
The spiritual touch I feel in me when I listens his music, which simply is
not possible to express in writing. I don't care which religion he is from,
but the spirit with in him, and in his song is from the root of all
spirituals sources.
GtemE on February 11, 2007
Continue I don't know why we don't take care of the gift is given to us on
time, Why his surroundings did not take care of his treatment on time. This
is the lost for the world. This kind of gift we have very rear, may be in a
century. As we can mention about Mozart, but that was not in our life time.
Good thing is we have his so many songs. In which he is alive. It is him.
rayhaan23 on February 27, 2007
nusrat wasnt feeling too well here, his bro and others wanted to cancell the concert but nusrat did not want to let people down, so he went along with it, though he was very unwell.
hazrat007 on March 18, 2007
hello my friend I,m agree with you.if you want I can traslate this song for
hazrat007 on March 18, 2007
i can translate it for you
hazrat007 on March 18, 2007
my dear you r rt.but you know the good peoples had a very short age.
reshad on March 22, 2007
live verson is good but recording verson is superb...
ruamonkeybum on March 23, 2007
i'm irish american and have been feelin nfak for 20 years...i believe he's for peace
man4woman on April 21, 2007
GOD bless this most beautiful soul that had touched the hearts of many like
me. The late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was a poetic & musical GIFT to us
all.lets all enjoy this GIFT whilst we like him have to say bye to this
'dunia' one day. Baljeet Singh MALAYSIA
pramod5480 on May 21, 2007
NFAK is amazing...I particularly like the passion with which he
sings.The songs are so much better than those remixes he did. Those
guys change the music and really screw up the original song!!
waisnumber1 on June 20, 2007
Far Far to Good
faz2010 on June 23, 2007
kasam beautiful voice and poetry
hussainsgd on June 26, 2007
AFREEN hay tujh par nusrat...very great singer
ijif4 on August 01, 2007
one pople one god one love
rayabe on August 25, 2007
why does he not play any instruments to help out?
rayabe on August 26, 2007
Sharyar Irfan on August 26, 2007
yar nusrat sahab is great awesome subhanallah marhaba
tarikrajab on September 01, 2007
Ya Subhanallah ! very nice Qawwali . Thanks for posting.
ariesmine18 on October 23, 2007
Sudhanshu Kale on October 27, 2007
great song Nusrat looks soo tired and energy less in this concert I think
he died very soon after the event
Sharyar Irfan on November 01, 2007
subhanAllah, yarr every time i listen this kalam , it touches my heart..
just awesome, great i just pray that Allah kept his soul in peace,,, Amen
haqnuma on December 20, 2007
when one listens to sufi music one gets tranformed into an ecstatic world of oneness with the Almighty.
ntl85 on December 23, 2007
Nusrat was a great singer,he is one and only.
bijaysinha on January 21, 2008
Javed akhtar and Ustad nusrat sahab.. What a combination.. You cant ask for more.. Awsome.. Hats off.. Nusrat sahab has left a big void after him.. And I can say, It wont be filled soon.. He was the one and only..
bobagent on February 18, 2008
Respect to Ustaad ji. Legend and Pride of Punjab as well.
habibanaeem on March 17, 2008
nicechamp on March 28, 2008
thanks to sahib ji,thanks to master,thanks to saint,thanks to modren bulle
shah,thanks to modren waris shah,thanks to him for all memories,i can proud
to my next generations that we have seen him,he was with us,thanks to god
in human reincarnation,thanks to pacific ocean of music,thanks for every
things,plz accept thanks from an obliged indian.
rayhaan23 on April 27, 2008
nusrats fateh ali khan's music was afreen other words!
muie2manele on August 02, 2008
ez a zene nem ismer határokat.
egyszerüen gyönyörű!!
kösz, haver!
SHEWOLF7 on August 03, 2008
Brilliant! my favourite by Ustaad Nusrath Fateh Ali Khan.
tazzx7788 on August 18, 2008
excellent ustad G The best!!!!!!!!!!!
azaazzaza on November 14, 2008
wht lyrics ,wht poetry man too good
Sain Irshaad Muneer Qalandari on November 23, 2008
Afreen Afreen to your Music..Great Legend.always missin
seanasdf123 on November 30, 2008
aankhay teri... kia hee baat hai yaar i just luv it
xs2sonu on January 16, 2009
kithey tur gaye ho khan sahb
Vivek Kanissery on January 19, 2009
Afreen afreen!!!
DaMarcus Withers on February 09, 2009
dude thats so cool my grandpa is from Faisalabad, but he had to come to
India after 1947 because he was a Sikh Fateh Ali was his favorite of all
petibeber on February 11, 2009
Yes death the music and the girl are amazing.She is beautiful.
darkjustice99 on March 15, 2009
lol @ 7:29.
when nusrat sings at "zulf jaise ...
look @ the woman.
bhavi4all on April 11, 2009
girl @47 isnt bad
AFGglockshot on April 19, 2009
bohat acha tareef kiya hai Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan ne usn ke!

Mashallah on his voice

muddaserm on April 28, 2009
jankoptnr my biggest regret is i cudnt see him live
jaberpreet singh on May 05, 2009
muddaserm.same her bro.u sed it rite...+10 for that...
Yasir Ayub on June 03, 2009
definitely nusrat is "The Mount Everest" of Music
BansuriDhoon on June 22, 2009
i saw him and he was absolutely out of this world! Magic! God bless his soul!
euphoricsum on June 30, 2009
A Magician of Voice Ever Born!!!
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