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Comments on song "Ai Dil Mujhe Bata De, Tu Kis Pe Aa Gaya Hai"
oceanbound222 on February 02, 2009
Gorgeous print
Wonderful song and performance
dsouza18 on February 02, 2009
where will one get this kind of madan's music ,geeta's voice and this
damsel in distress sweet Shyama!!! ??? old is gold . i remember my own
video clip of this song . i love this masti bahara song . it rings in my
ear everytime. thanks !!!
V. Siddhartha on February 02, 2009
Two streams of vivaciousness are joining here: Geeta's vocal one and
Shyama's physical one. This athletic -looking actress always shows a streak
of mild mischief on the horizon if one looks at her radiant smile
closely--like watch out, she might play a cute,endearing prank on you.
Thanks, Yuan.
ceylonlion on February 02, 2009
thank you yuan, for information
oceanbound222 on February 03, 2009
wonderful song and performance
shyras1 on February 03, 2009
A popular Geeta Dutt song on Radio Ceylon - thanks for the memories Yuan
Biswajay Banerjee on February 04, 2009
great song. Gita Dutt is different thanks Yuna biswa
vkartikv on February 13, 2009
shyama is so much better looking than today's cosmetic overladen
Eswar Nakka on March 08, 2009
Dear Niece I am feeling as if I am going to High School now. Now you can
guess my feelings. BLESSINGS TO YOU UNCLE
malewala on March 20, 2009
by hearing this song i have become so emotional that am just speechles only one thing was in mind that was heartiest thank to you all, and great respect from the core of my heart to all who loves this song
rajatisrajat on May 06, 2009
i am so unlucky born in 1993
musicalfly on June 29, 2009
i heard the song on a.i.r. nd have become a fan of it...
Debabrata Mohanty on July 18, 2009
Shyama's real name was Khurshid Akhtar.
Debabrata Mohanty on July 18, 2009
Guru Dut gave the name Shyama since he felt there were several actresses by
the same name.
jasbongy on July 19, 2009
Beautiful song of Geeta ji Beautiful dance of Shyama ji. Result=mind
blowing performance from two great artists. Beautiful upload by U Yuan ji
10******************* regards Sarla.
rajashekar1945 on July 22, 2009
is it ashokkumar or kishorkumar
Sattar Khan on August 02, 2009
romance oozes from geetas voice. it is not known why guru was after
somebody else?
ashie775 on August 08, 2009
Yes, and thanks to him, she drank to death. Wish she was still around.
malangi13 on February 18, 2010
Shyamma 's real name was Kurshid Akhtar.
Jagjit Singh Ishar on March 03, 2010
marvelous composition of madan mohan & so is geeta dutt. wonderful
orchestration. shama the buty of yester years was so smart & butiful that
she hs done memorable lead roles in a no of movies. later she skipped 2
character & vamp roles. but in her all movies her role is memorable. sm
time back she appeared on tv & is quite grown up old lady.
nandu1f on April 09, 2010
Such a refreshing song, so also was Shyama. The music used is so simple yet
enchanting. Thanks Yuan
Jamie Kaur on April 13, 2010
Shyama was a good actress but she raised her price in movies after Aar
Paar. Even Guru Dutt who gave her such a great role in Aaar Paar was
refused by her when he contacted her for Pyaasa. Had she been in Guru
dutt's films she would have become more successful. Later she did not see
much success in other film director's movies.
RealMusicKing on April 28, 2010
The tune of this song was taken from a western tune called "Morning in Portugal"
Eswar Nakka on May 06, 2010
Beti One of the evergreen song famouse even today blessings to you uncle
RealMusicKing on May 08, 2010
To survive in the vicinity Meena Kumari, Madhubala, Nargis and Nutan was not an easy task. Those four ladies swept away the rest, at least during 1950's. Come 1960's, more new faces appeared and that pushed Shyama behind the silver screen. But she was a very good actress. Her expressions were very natural. She played heroin roles starting early 1950's such as Shrimatiji (music by S. Mohinder) and Hum log (music by Roshan) and some other movies.
vaadaenmacchi on May 09, 2010
what a beautiful woman. what a beautiful voice. and hats off to madan mohan
Voltairec on May 15, 2010
@psur47 what can we say about the tragic tale of Guru Dutt sahab/Geeta Dutt
and their untimely passing enormous promise unfulfilled leaving
their legions of fans heartbroken! Can there be a greater travesty than
Geeta singing for Waheeda in 'Waqt ne kiya'..Geeta death is solely
beacuase of Guru Dutt. Sad, Sad!
Partha Sur on May 15, 2010
Yes it is a great tragedy. Guru Dutt was not only a very good actor with a
very "natural" style (like Ashok Kumar) but also a brilliant director. In
my humble opinion the equal of Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen and Shyam Benegal
and better than all his contemporaries in the Bombay film industry.
"Pyaasa" is my favourite Hindi movie and "Mr and Mrs 55" is the most
sophisticated Hindi social comedy I have ever seen - a Mudhubala
yuanyuanyuanyin on May 15, 2010
@Voltairec - My dear friend, "psur47" has replied to your comment.
I am not sure whether you read that since YT is behaving strangely after the major update.
Hence this message.
By the way, I really like the way AND what you both are writing.
Thank you.
Yoginder Surgicals on August 07, 2010
Bheegi Huyi Hawaaye'n, Mausam Bhi Hai Gulaabi Ja Chaand - Ja Sitaare, Har
Teer Hai Sharaabi Dheere Se Ek Naghma, Koi Suna Gayaa Hai Wo Kaun Hai Jo Aa
Kar, Khawaabo'n Pe Chhaa Gayaa Hai Aye Dil Mujhe Bataa De, Tu Kis Pe Aa
Gayaa Hai Wo Kaun Hai Jo Aa Kar, Khawaabo'n Pe Chhaa Gayaa Hai.. -Bhai-Bhai
(1956) *Ashok Kumar, Kishore Kumar, Shyama, Nirupa Roy, Nimmi Music : Madan
Mohan Lyrics : Rajinder Krishan Singer : Geeta Dutt
Yoginder Surgicals on August 07, 2010
Be-Taab Ho Rahaa Hai, Ye Dil Machal-Machal Ke Shaayad Ye Raat Beete, Karvat
Badal-Badal Ke Lala..laa..lala..laa.. Be-Taab Ho Rahaa Hai, Ye Dil
Machal-Machal Ke Shaayad Ye Raat Beete, Karvat Badal-Badal Ke Aye Dil Zaraa
Sambhal Ja, Shaayad Wo Aa Gayaa Hai Wo Kaun Hai Jo Aa Kar, Khawaabo'n Pe
Chhaa Gayaa Hai Aye Dil Mujhe Bataa De, Tu Kis Pe Aa Gayaa Hai Wo Kaun Hai
Jo Aa Kar, Khawaabo'n Pe Chhaa Gayaa Hai..
Yoginder Surgicals on August 07, 2010
Masti Bharaa Taraana, Kyu'n Raat Ga Rahi Hai Aankho'n Mein Neend Aa Kar,
Kyu'n Door Ja Rahi Hai Dil Mein Koi Sitamgar, Armaa'n Jagaa Gayaa Hai Wo
Kaun Hai Jo Aa Kar, Khawaabo'n Pe Chhaa Gayaa Hai Aye Dil Mujhe Bataa De,
Tu Kis Pe Aa Gayaa Hai Wo Kaun Hai Jo Aa Kar, Khawaabo'n Pe Chhaa Gayaa
Yoginder Surgicals on August 07, 2010
Aye Dil Mujhe Bataa De, Tu Kis Pe Aa Gayaa Hai Wo Kaun Hai Jo Aa Kar,
Khawaabo'n Pe Chhaa Gayaa Hai Aye Dil Mujhe Bataa De, Tu Kis Pe Aa Gayaa
Hai Wo Kaun Hai Jo Aa Kar, Khawaabo'n Pe Chhaa Gayaa Hai..
RixMissRix on September 07, 2010
Her Dancing is so similar to Shazza's. Seems Shazza had been watching a lot
of movies to learn to dance like a woman
fantastic014 on January 07, 2011
Thanks a million .
Einstein Wallah on January 20, 2011
It is not Nimmi, it is Shyama
Ultra Hindi on January 20, 2011
corrected, thanks
brophybear on February 13, 2011
@ UltraHindi Music Director is Shankar-Jaikishan..Please change it to the
correct information
cumrao on March 06, 2011
@yuanyuanyuanyin Whether she sees this or not, she knows it all. It was her
ill treatment of Guru, he was heart-broken and also broke the heart of
Geetha.. Waheeda was ungrateful to guru who was responsible for her rise.
OP, should have stood by Geetha after Guru's death. He was disloyal too,
because Geetha was responsible for his very existence in hindi film land
when no contracts came his way after commercial failures of Aasmaan and
cham chama cham.mentioning OP
cumrao on March 15, 2011
ya. Sensitive things. My anguish only reflects my liking for Geetha, and
Gurudutt. I totally agree with you that Ashok was underrated. It was
Nayyar's badluck that so many oh great early songs, the songs which set him
apart from composers , were on Shyama, Kumkum, johny walker, Meenu mumtaj,
Mumtaj, amitha, Shammi kapoor, before some of them became big stars, rising
on his tremendously exhilarating songs.
Madiha Haque on May 09, 2011
Why blame Waheeda alone? Guru is just as much to blame. He was a married
man, and should have known that his obligations were to GEETA, his wife. I
don't like it when the 'other woman' solely gets the blame!
rmeshc on May 09, 2011
shyama has rendered the song excellently to geetas superb vocals!
vaadaenmacchi on July 10, 2011
the most beautiful indian actress and the best indian voice
Venu Gopalan on July 27, 2011
A sensuous song rendered exquisitely by the versatile Geeta Dutt on the
sensuous artist Shyama - a made for each other compostion Dr venugopalan
Riaz Ali on August 08, 2011
Geetaji was music academy herself. Her style was Universal. I have heard
her in every mood but this song is too different. Shyama acted superbly.
Thank so much
Mala kadar on August 24, 2011
lovely flowing song and dance but why did she get a shock on seeing the guy
after singing so enticingly, i wonder.
Priyansh Doneparthy on August 26, 2011
I listened to this song on Vividh Bharti on 25th August 2011
Hanuman Prasad on September 03, 2011
I very much like this song ' Ilike Geeta Dutt ji.
Jayendra Patel on September 22, 2011
She is this movie she won film fare for supporting actress and
this song was on no 3 for 1956 bin aka geetmala yeary final
asha1053 on November 29, 2011
what a gorgeous performance by Shyama!!!...thanks to Geeta Dutt
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