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Comments on song "Anahoni Ko Honi Kar De Honi Ko Anhoni"
tharwat2810 on February 22, 2008
i like this song tooooooo much
janingrigory on March 11, 2008
Loooove this song! Total classic!
Ririjackson on March 28, 2008
cobanacan on March 28, 2008
YukkieU on April 02, 2008
Great memories about this movie!!! RESPECT (Turkey loves BOLLYWOOD)
msnhustlerz on April 17, 2008
any 1 got dis track on mp3 format
indodesi on April 24, 2008
he gave a strong compliment to the movie, and says he loved it. it was the first indian film he had seen and says it is a beautiful movie. but then again, us indians already knew that.
jordan570 on April 27, 2008
i love when kishor start the song man never never loved anything like that voice ohhhhhhhman love you kishor
sivam999 on April 27, 2008
I love this video! Amar Akbar Anthony
MujahidMiah666 on May 08, 2008
shamma ke paravaano ko is ghar ke mehamaano ko shamma ke paravaano ko is ghar ke mehamaano ko

i saw the film earlier today on tv,
since den, i keep lissening to dis sng !
love it xD
crazy4laksh on May 10, 2008
i dnt think thers anyother film like this! nd this song is the best!!!!
crazy4laksh on May 12, 2008
Oh, by the way, this is such a gd film tha they shud make a remake! Akshay khanna as amar, Ranbir kapoor as akbar, abhishek as antonyy!!!!! that wud be sososososo gd! rite? :)
Daviid1919 on May 16, 2008
How i can watch the film ? Cant i download or someting?
dinamofanatik on May 27, 2008
se gaseste pe torenti filmul, avi sau dvd cu subtitrare in limba engleza
naz7862006 on June 10, 2008
luvd the film and m luvin the sngz :) lol hahahahaha
shri3143 on June 25, 2008
great movie..and this song--
bazkhan30 on June 29, 2008
the best and weirdest song
ImanandSabr on July 04, 2008
I love this movie since childhood!
hiltidd200 on July 04, 2008
i remember the film for when i was young and now we see clips or the songs from it brings loads of memories what a nutty film
nilyash on July 12, 2008
i totally agree,dude.jai hind.those were the days!!!!
Calipha3 on July 24, 2008
Such amazing song,I love it.
tiefarisao on July 25, 2008
i got my childhood memories together now. made me appreciate more the present. sometime we get caught up with complicated simple stuffs but ITS ALL GOOD NOW. thanks thank u and thanks again
ibtisam1995 on July 25, 2008
i luv dis so much i even hve da dvd
tiefarisao on July 28, 2008
i would like to get a copy of that dvd if u dont mind sincerely. so much memories
tiefarisao on August 03, 2008
is it anyhow possible to have a copy ... its such a childhood memory for me
anieschka on August 23, 2008
I remember when I saw this movie the first time, i was about 7-8 years old.
Beautiful song, lovely story and wonderful actors. This must be the best Bollywood film ever.
23hari on September 01, 2008
haha the guy in the middle the tough guy wearing black suit and red is a punjabi from village Akalpur, Punjab. He's a jatt, he also had a brother who also wanted to get into films, but punjabi ones.
Parmsingh1234 on September 12, 2008
Indians are the biggest jokers on this planet.
happycalm13 on September 16, 2008
i'm egyptian (arabic) i can't understand any word of this song but i saw that film and i liked it tooo much and also i like this song so much i hope to learn hindi language
lejiz on October 22, 2008
dnt understand a word, but remember watching this when 7 wicked song
knight1rider on October 28, 2008
top old time song brings back childhood memories respect
satilion on October 29, 2008
This is best old skool film eva, brings bak memories wen i was bt 5-7.
ahusa on November 04, 2008
I also watched this as a 7 yr old. Brings back awesome memories. Old school Hindi movies back then were the best; to this day still are the best!!
deempo on November 06, 2008
i watched this in 1980`s.i was under 10 years old..i loved it...
alyausa on November 27, 2008
luv this song sooooooo much
Ucheb on December 02, 2008
I luv this song n movie! i remeber it from when i was 4 years old!!!! AMAR, AKBAR...ANTHONY!!!
prathalye on December 25, 2008
They all changed their getups so that willians wont know them but they sing the song Amar, akbar Anthony :)
hsmizcool on December 29, 2008
Love this song and movie!!
baselac on December 31, 2008
andybody knows who's the 3 real singer is?
MollyAnnaD on January 03, 2009
This movie showes that it doesent matter which religion we have. Were still brothers and are all humans. There are good and bad people from every religion. Love this movie, which I think is the best movie all times.
sunmenon03 on February 07, 2009
Thats because blood is thicker than water and religion (whatever a prophet in some Arab land says).
hobgoblin707 on February 09, 2009
Kishore Kumar for Amitabh Bachchan (first actor - Anthony), Mahendra Kapoor for Vinod Khanna (second actor - Amar), and Shailendra Singh for Rishi Kapoor (third actor - Akbar) . People commonly mistaken this song as having either Rafi or Mukesh. It doesn't. However, the other song in this movie (Humko Tumse Pyar Hogaya) has Kishore, Rafi, Mukesh, and Lata.
MalNichtEgal on February 25, 2009
Einfach nur Geil :-)

Grüße Martin !
8275989 on March 06, 2009
nope i don't thinkthe world agrees with you at all. you come from divisive cult, and that'll what you'll remain. you can have your rehman or whatever, indians had satyajit ray winning oscar in 1992. and for rehman, the convert guy studied under illaiyaraja.
prashantkhul on April 19, 2009
dude, jai ho is one of rahman's crappiest pieces of music, this song from AAA deserved the oscar/grammy whatever, agree with you
indodesi on April 24, 2009
you are right. i saw the slumdog movie the other and realized jai ho is crap. That song is not worth Sh#%. this song is great.
blacksportparis on May 10, 2009
Such a great film, i saw when i was a kid ! This is definitely my favorite part of the film ! Too bad, you didn't let it play until the end, when the woman also sing with them in the car then, as they leave :)
But "chukria", anyway !! :)
ItsJustRippin on May 17, 2009
Akbar looks like Rakay, Legend...
AeroTracker on May 25, 2009
paste this to 2 other videos

go to your channel and see your comments

(omg I was SHOCKED when I saw my comments

just want to see o o if its true XD LOL
madmax774 on May 28, 2009
i am not indian but i love indian movies and shows and singin aimtabh butchan is the greatest actor ever
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