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Comments on song "Arziyaan Saari Main Chehare Pe Likh Ke Laaya Hu"
sumayasuraya on January 28, 2009
wow amazing heart warming song big it up 4 da indians
peruamesh on January 30, 2009
its a wonderful song
moharpreet on February 14, 2009
this song is just toooooo good wah =)
aishakhanali on February 15, 2009
a.r rehman is so talented
Gunjan139 on February 20, 2009
Maula, Maramat kardo hum sabhi ke mukadar ki. . . .
faranisha on February 22, 2009
Ar Rahman is a gifted person and very one can come out with so many genre of music and songs in a short period. May Allah Bless Him Always
Sameena111 on February 28, 2009
maramat hum sab ke mukaddar ki kardo maula, regardless of our religion, race, etc. We are all your creation and we all struggle with the daraaren u designed to test us. Peace be upon everybody. Universal peace.
Sameena111 on February 28, 2009
The Sufi and Bhakti sangeet of South Asia have a way of cleaning your heart of illwill towards anybody. I feel so clean and peaceful rite now. just what I needed to hear b4 I go to sleep.
Kocha ko on March 02, 2009
DEPTH of this Sufi song is to so deep I want to sink and be there all my
life...Thanks ...lets sing this will be in peace ...just like
sleeping in the lap of mother...God bless you all!my God? your Allah ?? my
mother your mother...all same!
poohsdreamworld on March 03, 2009
i cudn't agree to what u said, this song gets onto u.its beautiful
Abdul Nasim on March 07, 2009
not only ar rehman but kailash kher and Javed ali who sung this song
gorby751 on March 11, 2009
also prasoon joshi.his lyrics are jus amazing in this song!
Abdul Nasim on March 12, 2009
it took him a year to write this :D !
Kocha ko on April 24, 2009
devsapiproli on April 26, 2009
this song is just fabulous ...i dont have words 2 has vibrations i mean its so you maula...!!!!!!
rashid ilyas on April 28, 2009
habibatullah on June 06, 2009
MashAllah, amazing song... it shows that how the communal clashes are so
man made.. and we need to realise that all sources lead to the same God..
may our country always be united, Inshallah..
Arkadeep Sinha on June 25, 2009
really bad movie but awesome songs
pspattu on June 26, 2009
Beautiful song.
Good movie, very insightful.
shah1224 on July 07, 2009
I don't think it's such a great song. Don't know what all the fuss is about!!
0yuvvraaj0 on July 28, 2009
beautiful song but underrated !
Durgesh Chandel on September 18, 2009
very touching.. takes ur heart to the god.. :)
jeganathj on October 04, 2009
yeah, does religion really matters>>?
generationnext9000 on October 07, 2009
this is not song. . KAWWALI. Kawwali develop to describe God aur
ask something from him and somtimes defining Prophets (messangers of God)...
karandogg on October 09, 2009
Best Song ever.
Loved the movie too..I dont know why people say it wasn't good.
the songs transcends boundries of all religions and castes.
Tito Dutta on October 18, 2009
Great song. Regards. Tito Dutta.
Faran Shakeel on October 25, 2009
Excellent Composition.So much divine stuff attached,,Beautiful!!!!
musicdiwani on October 30, 2009
can never get tired of listening to this composition. absolutely
divine..treat for the soul. 3:59 jab teri gali aaya sach tabhi nazar
aaya .wah lajawab maula maula maula mere maula marammat mukaddar ki
kar do maula.
zeeshan javed on October 31, 2009
love u ALLAH
shankyreddy on November 01, 2009
Great song.. Very soothing and divine...

Love to hear it thousands of time..
dokpabhu on November 14, 2009
Allah please give the wisdom and show the path of non violence to your followers.

No terrorism on the Earth. No Holly wars. We r all same human being
Tito Dutta on November 15, 2009
Naeem Mustafa Mahar on November 18, 2009
maramat mukadar ki kerdo maula ... wah yara wah ... bohat umda
composition !!
sunil7vicky on November 21, 2009
maula maula maula its amazing thanks dear for loading...
Shashi Vishwanath on December 06, 2009
This was written by Prasoon Joshi... the same guy who has written songs for
taare zameen par and rang de basanti
MrAamir143 on December 15, 2009
Sach a Great Song . its awsome ..
Claudii100 on January 19, 2010
What is this film about??? I´m from europe.
thegrebulon on January 26, 2010
This is Rehman's best yet. Which is saying something. Though he will surely do even better in his career.
hikmatqazi on February 07, 2010
the most beautiful voice and song for me i love this song too mach and also
these 2 actor & actors
hikmatqazi on February 07, 2010
i love too mach this song
Ayeshaa on February 14, 2010
i love it alottttttttt
Mumtaz Alam on February 17, 2010
Good Job..Keep it up Insha'allah we can expect more like this..
pspattu on February 18, 2010

I like your response. You have summed it up very well. You have a very very insight into things, Keep it up.

your friend & well wisher,
ariffraz1 on March 09, 2010
The composition and the tempo is great one can feel the live connection inside , simpy love it
T.L. Arunachalam on March 28, 2010
@antariks Hi antariks - the singers are Javed Ali and Kailas Kher. Your
view point is good and I support it.
MegaAmy100 on April 02, 2010
just one word..mashallah
Gireesh Sreenivasa Iyer on May 01, 2010
This is just awesome.
nat175 on May 03, 2010
i love voice of javed ali,may he live long
shaguftayasmin1 on May 10, 2010
awesome songgg u cn just listen on and on and on,,,,,,,,,,,,,
ChinniChilaka on May 18, 2010
javed ali good singer.arr is great
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