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Kareena Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan

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Comments on song "Ae Dil Dil Ki Duniya Me"
am24742 on March 13, 2010
The more people laugh, those are the people who are actually hiding something in them .. Love can kill a person from inside...
stewielee on March 20, 2010
That is so true. It is better to cry and let it all out. Go to the privacy of your room and let the tears flow freely. It will make your heart lighter. I pray that people get happiness in their lives. Ameen.
rashid255 on March 29, 2010
i love old days kareena so sweeeit
333natalia on April 29, 2010
@am24742 Love can also cure!;)
jyot08 on May 30, 2010
osum song..itz very true...
mafiabhai95 on June 06, 2010
This song and video is soo touching and heart breaking i love her voice is such an amazin song gud thing it had subs but even if u cant understand it u can still feel the song so sad
aayaan2007 on June 18, 2010
this sond is veeeeeeeeeery it.
love tu nay mujha say wafa ki nahi ki tujha ko kaysay wafa milay ge...oh mind blowing lyrics.
swimtech4me on June 22, 2010
omg first time ive ever seen hrithik so jealous! btw what is this song saying?
borny571 on June 27, 2010
magnifique film et hrithik roshan ...magnifiqueeeeee...
loveonechand on July 09, 2010
rote hue dil ne mojhse kahan chal khin door is drodiwarse
yha ab apna raha na koi bhi jo sune dhadakno ki pokar ko
desipagal on July 29, 2010
Kisi ko bata na nahin ki dard chupa hai kahan. (L)
topaz09rk on August 01, 2010
@chooseone4me lol i thought the same thing when i first saw it...then i was like they're obviously dancing around 2 some other song cuz they were way too energetic & off beat lol
topaz09rk on August 01, 2010
@chooseone4me ok now that i saw it they r dancing 2 that song.weird...but funny
jarralspassion on August 03, 2010
who are the singers???
nice song
desipagal on August 05, 2010
you laugh to desire other's thaughts bad thing is its no win
LiliumCrystal92 on August 30, 2010
I love the part from 1:30 to 2:20 ♥ ^^
1234567890493 on August 30, 2010
@LiliumCrystal92 same here! :)
1234567890493 on August 30, 2010
Love this songg! <3 So sad! Loved da most is hrithik roshan part! :DD
kimjani on September 14, 2010
@chooseone4me It's a bollywood movie.what else can you expect!!??? nice song, yes I agree!!!
MrSalmenBasiwer on October 04, 2010
nic song i loved this song too much
meeraharikrishnan on October 17, 2010
true lines ,very touching ,similar to my life
CalorieN1 on October 25, 2010
i loo´ve this song... !!!
mussarat786 on October 27, 2010
"bahir koi hasta hai, andir koi rota hai"
msam247 on November 14, 2010
Beautiful lyrics and music
thanks Bakshi ji 4 such a great song
vaparna8 on November 19, 2010
Amazing lyrics.i love this song
CvfdreMnbgvcc on November 29, 2010
Russian women on the street ** **
neelaImani on January 01, 2011
that kareen gyal shakin her hair to much LOL..
BitterYouth on January 15, 2011
@KangarooBird121 lol she's whipping her hair back and forth
jonathan020285 on January 29, 2011
alguien sabe donde encuentro esta musica y de donde la puedo bajar

tasmiyamohiuddin on February 17, 2011
lov hrithik roshan muuuaaahhhh
sajjadbaloch12 on February 20, 2011
TheSyedzada110 on March 17, 2011
wat an item number lolzzzz

01ashine on March 17, 2011
kise ne yeh jana nahi...kise ne yeh mana nahi..kise ko batana nahi dard chupa hai kahaa..!!:)
s1r1n on March 29, 2011
lol Kareena got so carried away she knocked the guy at 1:08
greenkawkabmuhsinah on March 30, 2011
hrithik is such a good dancer!
jesssie18 on April 05, 2011
@am24742 i agree that wat makes a person be more human and shows how they are real
ronakm17 on April 16, 2011
best part for the song starts at 1.40 :)
ansingh80 on April 19, 2011
@chooseone4me buddy, listen to the song and its meaning, this song is about the feeling they are going thru..its not a music they listening to in the club.
emzo052 on April 21, 2011
For this movie I have memories do not forget
And these are special to hear the song
Remember me to my friends
And the time when we have seen movie
I really do not understand the lyrics of the song / / I was a song to show sad
And sounds of beautiful
Nice song .. thanks
Fati of Saudi
ehsan000 on May 05, 2011
@am24742 lolz love kan never kill u unleas if u give a chance
love is nothing n if u get it just get over it...
am24742 on May 06, 2011
@ehsan000 Umm.. if you can "get over" it than it was never LOVE .. it was just infatuation .. - the time being love- that is all .. if you have ever fallen in TRUE love .. then you would just know how hard it is .. and yet again, its my opinion and yours is yours :)
am24742 on May 07, 2011
@ehsan000 Point proven :) .. as you admitted it makes you cry .. some people die .. a=because its impossible to lie without them :) ..

ehsan000 on May 07, 2011
@am24742 lolz i never said dat i mean dats wat ppl says n i dont belive in love..

am24742 on May 08, 2011
@ehsan000 and yet again that is your opinion :)
ehsan000 on May 09, 2011
@am24742 lolz dats not opinion dats true just need to admit...
am24742 on May 10, 2011
@ehsan000 nope .. its not the truth .. or not a lot of people would be feeling that :)
CoolWints on May 10, 2011
@emzo052 .There was also another song called as yaadein from the same film and it was also very touching song.
shamimbaybay on May 19, 2011
@Jaan212 That's a compliment cuz horses are beautiful animals, & Kareena is beautiful. Her long beautiful face, gorgeous eyes & lips.
Pallavereddy Reddy on December 31, 2012
good song lyrics
Pallavereddy Reddy on December 31, 2012
best song lyrics kareena kapoor looks cute like small kid
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