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Comments on song "Aye Dil-E-Nadan"
farah malik on December 11, 2008
nice beautiful song
Moslim4everrr on January 22, 2009
is thiis song urdu?
sumaraaziz on January 26, 2009
o yes this is urdu song and u know urdu is the most sweetest lenguage in
the world
CricketHQ on February 20, 2009
And urdu is copied from which language? :)
gr8zuk on March 20, 2009
nice love that song... always like to wisper... so soothing... feeling.
maqboolbhatkar123 on May 16, 2009
heaert touching voice of queen of melodies lataji
Shamim Qidwai on June 06, 2009
Every song in indian movies is URDU and not actually Hindi, But they call
these hindi songs..
Shamim Qidwai on June 15, 2009
right. thanks
RFJrulez on July 05, 2009
Be it Urdu or Hindi, both are indian languages. Both have essence and
depth. Urdu does however, work better for poetry.
sultana97 on July 10, 2009
Infact, Urdu language is every ones language, being understood and spoken
presently by a vast majority across the world. Its a common mans language
originated from the masses social interaction and then groomed by the
honorable academics. Sufia Karaam came to Indo-Pak from different regions
of the world were mostly Arabic or Persian speaking. They communicated with
the local people in their local languages. Courts Men were also from
different origin, and spoke different languages.
sultana97 on July 10, 2009
Since poetry is the language of emotions and feelings that needs a soft and
poetical medium to express it. Urdu is a perfect language for the purpose
because of its soft and flexible structure.
aneesafzalbaloch on August 22, 2009
grat song man! 5/5
aneesafzalbaloch on September 11, 2009
zabardast song yaar! main issay har roz sunta hoon aor har roz rate kerta
hoon 5/5
popy seed on October 05, 2009
This song is favorite song of Lata mangeshkar herself..I saw in an
interview on her b'day saying that ...she recorded that song and came out
of studio and keep on singing that song...she said this song is closest to
her heart of all songs.well and this song was written by javed akhtars baap to baap hi hota hai...
myid20740 on October 19, 2009
Two words- Simply Superb! What a combanition of mazing voice and poetry. Why am I not surprised Lata loves this song.
Kashmalai on October 26, 2009
lovely song.. one of my fav song..
zalakhan1 on October 28, 2009
each time i hear this song it sounds new to me never get tired of it hmmmmm mmmmm
rehansbfk on November 04, 2009
Dont forget the great music by Khayyam... absolutely great!!
tokher1 on December 20, 2009
7girish on December 28, 2009
Lataji has sung thousands of songs, i saw in an interview the song she likes the most is this, its written by Javed Aktar's father...a very nice song
prakash97771541652 on January 07, 2010
What a classic cant get it out of my head..never..
Pastor Jarnail S. on January 27, 2010
this is a all time fresh favourite song of cinema goers. It is very
difficult to quote a suitable matching. Example for this rare song example
Diana Symon on February 22, 2010
lurrrve it lurrrve lurrrrve it! thanks for upload! hema malini ji looks
sooo like a doll!!!
Anoop Trehan on March 01, 2010
wonderful song.
ammar309 on March 30, 2010
A geat song and perfect interpertation of razia sultan
TheThebestsongever on April 02, 2010
hey can someone tell me the name of the movie of this song plzz
shamiking1 on April 08, 2010
nice song...!
redmonkeyy on May 03, 2010
@PainSeed thankyou SOmuch for this!
abdulaleem20000 on May 29, 2010
a very classic song from excellent movie razia sultana relesed in 1983,,,
starring dharmindra, hema malini, parveen babi and vijayndra,,,
malikliaqat on June 24, 2010
sublimation and desire but no lust makes this song immortal lyrical expression of inner human emotions with throbbing of heart ...just listen it in late night with closed eyes.
TANHA HINDUSTANI on June 26, 2010
wah..hum bhatak tay hain...kyun bhatak they hain...dasht-o-sahra
wakahm on June 28, 2010
@7girish it is not written by Javed Akhtar,,,,,it is based on Ghalib Ghazal.Aye Dile Nadaan ...Aarzoo kya hai..Justuju kya hai
7girish on June 30, 2010
@wakahm No it was written by his told in the interview...on lataji's 80th birthday...on cnnibn...
shabnam islam on July 11, 2010
@sumaraaziz she spells yakooth inda sand
rashmi mishra on July 15, 2010
gulshan me nahin lagta sahra me nahin lagta le jaaun kahan tujhko dil tu hi
bata mujhko!
TheJasemKhan on July 18, 2010
I Would Never Get Tired Of Listening To Lata Jee
asvat83 on July 21, 2010
wat is the meaning of bismin?
urdu is very sweet language.
deepak bansal on July 22, 2010
Is frozen Madona copied from this vdo,look carefully from3:43--5:00.
Swaranjalee on July 25, 2010
@asvat83 , "bismil" literally means "unfindable". But here it means "Lost"
MrKhan1618 on July 27, 2010
kia bat hai..feel the intoxication both in voice and beauty appearing
sadisahil on July 29, 2010
i love this ghazalllllllllllllllllllll, reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy very
polofarrosh on August 01, 2010
if any one have instrumental music of razia sultan or Pakeezah films please
email me
ISHWAR KUMAR on August 27, 2010
this song is very nice
harisfad on September 28, 2010
heart touching...
harisfad on September 28, 2010
heart touching...
MrSeriousFun on September 29, 2010
Arzoown ne har kisi dil ko dard batin hain,
kitne ghayal hain kitne bismil hain
is khudai main ek tu kia hai ye dil-e-nadan .
SuperMovies12345 on October 05, 2010
Its a pity that the comment section of every beautiful song is overrun by
language snobs, purists, genre-phobes and hate mongers.
Abid Ali on October 09, 2010
i luv this song when i listen it i remind my memories i really luv this
shikha menwal on October 10, 2010
such a soulful song.lovely music and lovely lyrics..
kolkatadoctor1 on October 22, 2010
the language is mostly urdu, the thought highly philosophical, even Freud
would have loved to hear such a song of self introspection! speaks of our
insignificance in relation to this vast creation i.e. KHUDAII
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