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Comments on song "Baahar Se Koi Andar Na Aa Sake"
WAJJ007 on June 15, 2010
what a song lolzz
TMFchechenia on June 21, 2010
best of Hindi Song
write2lover on July 14, 2010
@shahcarAA yeah vry nice
PrincessBootilicious on August 10, 2010
freaks! haha
Dr Ajaypal kaur on October 05, 2010
This is the ultimate situation all of us once in our lives want to go
through...superb situational romantic song ever.
moonstar9823 on October 05, 2010
@SuperSahira ..agreed.and dimple expressions are so natural..
moonstar9823 on October 05, 2010
shes only 16 when this movie was made...and shes so perfect.
Dr Ajaypal kaur on October 06, 2010
@moonstar9823 yes that is also correct...had i been in dimple's place...i
would have emoted good but...before that i would have ran away from sets
because i would have felt extremely shy...ha .ha .ha...
Osamah Zaidi on October 24, 2010
Wow great song
wilUno84luv on February 14, 2011
Wow was a beauty of a movie..
vim on May 15, 2011
@ShemarooEnt, Please change the music director name.The music is by
LAXMIKANT PYARELAL (my favourite music director), and not Shankar
Jaikishan...and there is a lot of history behind the songs of this
movie.if u want i can narrate them..
schochak on June 29, 2011
@vvk1 yes do it!
Jahid Ahmed on June 30, 2011
This is really super hit hindi song!! Very nice and romantic song. I really
appreciate! Dimple Kapadia looks very young, very cute and very very S E X
NAZEER180 on June 30, 2011
Superb ! Best Director, Best Camera men. I enjoy the song so much.
kermitthegrouch on July 14, 2011
just finished watching Patiala House, they're still a good couple :)
GokulCool1 on July 16, 2011
super love songgggggggggggggggggg
XaiQ on July 23, 2011
11 people are still virgins
Karine8764 on July 25, 2011
ays film@ voch mi terutyun chuni, super film a
Karine8764 on July 25, 2011
astvac im tariqov incqan poqr en, bayc enqan lav en xaxum, vonc vor hisun tarva profesional derasanner line
maqueen1234 on August 02, 2011
its funny how the girl closes all the dorr..hahahahaha
Rizwan paks on August 08, 2011
vanilla ice on August 14, 2011
movie kenangan cinta mama dan papa..
aashwathyanil on August 14, 2011
i m kinda a new bee!!! how do i download this to my comp??
azzaphc on August 17, 2011
@aashwathyanil just down load FREE STUDIO 1st, then step by step PICK you
tube down load etc, very simple, copy embed code n paste to it..
azzaphc on August 17, 2011
@nwrony masa umur 7 tahun ma aku slalu bawak aku g nengok movie hindi,
sampai skang bila aku nengok movie hindi lama2 ada semcm flash back dlm
kepala aku tp xbrapa ingat apa..mcm syahdu je..
vanilla ice on August 26, 2011
@azzaphc terima kasih...
xorxeuz on August 28, 2011
Yillar o'tib keyin ko'rsam ham yuragimga yaqin kino. Ilgari ham shunday edi hozir ham.
vanilla ice on September 08, 2011
@azzaphc suka lagu dalam filem nie best...
vanilla ice on September 08, 2011
hum tum. di dalam bilik berkunci..
Candida Entri- Demong on September 08, 2011
if i can turn to be dimple, my hubby jadi rishi, and we begolek2 7 bukit
merentas dataran, myeberang Batang Rajang, mlalui kebun bunga urgh then
ended up at room, mana ada tenaga lagik tu... ha ha lol. but i realy love
this song as well as movie.
nabisa1957 on September 22, 2011
great222 movie great222 songs
EndlessEngima27 on September 25, 2011
lol I saw this song in Geet
MRDJDRAJ1 on September 28, 2011
TrueWeirdGirl on October 06, 2011
cool from this i learnt if a tiger is about to eat me i should drop my
skirt and sing. Then it definitely leave me alone.
352rehan on October 14, 2011
Amazing voice
Chiman Jagani on October 17, 2011
Album: Bobby Year: 1973 Track: Hum Tum Ek Kamare Me Banth Ho Singer:
Shailendra Lata Album Star Cast: RishiKapoor DimpleKapadia Pran PremNath
Track Star Cast: RishiKapoor DimpleKapadia
Saeed Parsa on November 12, 2011
He feels so cold, and she is feeling so hot. this is weird ... but the
movie is for like 40 years ago!
660630989 on November 13, 2011
(Continue). Can I see u on cam she was pretty and intelligent she inspired
me with her honesty bcuz I told her I ill promise tht I ill never tell
anyone abt you and I am a good guy too so we both tlk and she was kind of
nervous I felt tht she is a home girl not a street girl I was happy to talk
with her she told me everything abt her anyways longgggg story. O:-) now we
both r getting married in 2 yrs bcuz she lives in LHR and I lives in US so
:-):-) my whole point of true story is tht
JalilahHusin on November 18, 2011
I love THIS SONG!!!
BrownEyeBeautyxo on November 28, 2011
rishi kapoor best actor of all times
loveguadalesa on December 04, 2011
its beautiful to experience first love and yes, this couple is just perfect.. i can watch them over and over.. thanks for posting..
rafee73 on December 18, 2011!!!!!
indodesi on December 31, 2011
@shani2192: yes, men should wear a lot of clothes. we are not so beautiful.
women are the ones blessed by beauty. men are basically hairy brutes.
nobody wants to see more of their hairy skin. lol
bazlur on January 06, 2012
Raj Kapoor was very popular in soviet union, because all of his good films
dubbed with professional artists in Movie Studio in Moscow and Leningrad
and watched all over the Soviet Union in the 50's to until communism was
dead there. French movies were also very popular there and many Indian and
French, Italian movies dubbed and shown regularly all over the Soviet
Union. Thanks Raj Kapoor and his dad and all brothers and their kids for
their contribution to Indian culture
nurulaiin91 on January 14, 2012
Karthik Pothina on January 23, 2012
@rispekt786 bedroom door dude... :|
funkar01 on January 30, 2012
Sorry , but the music o this classic song is designed by "Lakshmi
Kant-Pyaray Laal" and not by "Shankar-Jay Kishan", wrong info given by
uploader... Love this Songgggg
Caroline Duliat on February 08, 2012
omg this is soooo cute :P
kingazizkhan on February 10, 2012
Love this song forever
Starr16Starr on February 25, 2012
The first hindi song I ever learned to sing, at 3 years old!! Still love
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