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Sharmila Tagore

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Comments on song "Bada Natakhat Hai Re Krishhn Kanhaiya"
rekhasdimples on August 16, 2009
A good song. Sharmila Tagore! what a good looking face. Anyone wants to be with her atleast one night. Good babe of Indian Film industry.
Tahirmeer on August 27, 2009
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Beautifull song i love it..
Sandip Bhalerao on August 30, 2009
I like movie Amar Prem...very sentimental movie, this song is also very
nice...really good composition!!
Sandip Bhalerao on August 30, 2009
Dear ImranKNiazi, u always welcome to India if u guys come with good mind
and for meeting your dears ones!!
MrChudhi on September 28, 2009
This movie is one the best movies I have ever seen. Story and all the songs are classic. Old is gold.
TheKalimata on October 08, 2009
as every else mentioned...what a song..everythign about this movie is
awesome..nusic/cast/story/lyrics u name it..truly and honestly old is
gold..they didn't had to go to the US to make it more my
father says..happiness always lives in simplicity..todays bollywood movies
are loosing those small little simple things..God bless.
Calidoulove on November 19, 2009
Whatever happened to this child artist, I don't know if it is a she or he, I used to see this actor portraying boy or gilr. Can soemone please tell me? Thanks.
onlymullika on November 23, 2009
We are trying to do it in Newcastle .Watch the video Newcastle to Ajmer and others by 'anandjee'
devkiran1 on November 26, 2009
such a simple and divine song, brings tears everytime i listen...also i
remember my fav biscuits :-) we used to wait for my dad to buy the big tin
box and fight over who gets the empty box.
Sonalee Biswal on December 13, 2009
child artist is a gal in real life.
guddaraja on January 06, 2010
bhai logon kabhi maa ko nahin bhulana gal friend apni jagah hai ..
nkp777 on January 16, 2010
Absolutely beautiful
cads3131 on February 01, 2010
Melodic and heart warming. Can someone please translate the words to this song in english. Thank you in advance.
protonvs on February 13, 2010
The child artist in this song is a girl. Her name is Bobby. She also played an important role of a boy (Kundan) in Annadata, starring Jaya Bhaduri and a girl in Mastana ,starring Mehmod around 1970.
Calidoulove on February 15, 2010
Thank you very much protonov. Is she acting anymore? I would like to read about her. I have seen her as a child star in Naag Pooja in the 70s. Thanks
Anil Dhawan on February 16, 2010
maaa se badkar is duniya mai koi nahin ...
Imrankniazi on February 18, 2010
@MrSandip14, "Welcome to India?" Haha...Dude, I am from India. My parents
live in Vadodara. I am studying in Holland and was missing my mother. Not
what you thought! See my profile :-)
Sandip Bhalerao on February 18, 2010
Ohhh Sorry Imranbhai!!
protonvs on February 22, 2010
The Translation of this song may be done as follows.
Krishna Kanhaiyya (Nandu played by Bobby) is so noughty. His mother Yashoda is so helpless and does not know how to deal with him.
She looks for him everywhere , but can't find him. Where has he hidden himself ?
Has he flown away with the easterly wind ?
(Yashoda says to Krishna) . You are the only dream of my life. Whoever sees you immediately becomes fond of you and the flute that you play.
protonvs on February 22, 2010
(Following portion of this song appears in the film when Nandu is grown up and goes to see whereabouts of his Mother( who is not his real mother). He finds instead the tree of Raat ki rani that he had planted there in his childhood and asked Pushpa (Sharmila) to take care of.The tree is now full of flowers spreading their sweet scent all over the place. )
protonvs on February 22, 2010
Oh come my dear, let me hold you close to my heart. and hide you in my heart so that no evil sight can harm you. In this world, which is like hot summer, let the shadow of my affection always protect you .
This heart touching song was written by Anand Bakshi, sung by Lata and, most probably, composed by S.D. Burman, irrespective of what the titles of this film Amar Prem say.
protonvs on February 24, 2010
While most, of those who have commented on this song, identify themselves with Nandu, the child, I, Iidentify myself with Pushpa ( Sharmila) & Anand Babu (Rajesh) althugh the latter does not appear in this song.
protonvs on February 24, 2010
I have tried every search engine on the net to find information, about this cute little darling Bobby. There are tons of information about Raj Kapoor's film " Bobby ". There are quintles of information about Bobby Deol, the younger son of Dharmendra. But I could not get a gram of information, more than what we already know, about the Bobby that I love i.e. , the child Nandu of Amar Prem ! Well, that's how it is, anyway.
snehaRajurkar on March 14, 2010
mother's never ending love
anujshiv on March 27, 2010
This boy is really a girl, played role for boy
iamsookay on April 03, 2010
@guddaraja Haa bhai gal friend apni jaga, maa apni jaga
Laguerhostiaya on April 17, 2010
That´s what I call a woman and a mother.
broly322628 on April 25, 2010
I am an Afghan, but I think India is the best and honest friend of Afghanistan. I like Indian heritage and culture,I especially like the Indian singers like Lata and Mohammed Rafi. After my homeland Afghanistan I love India. Forever great India
zaria82 on April 30, 2010
i luv all old songs they r my more fav than new songs
abroshahid on May 07, 2010
O God, Lata! Timeless voice.
tingalingzingbo on May 08, 2010
Yummy Danish cookies!!! :)
MsAhmad89 on May 14, 2010
love is same but differs mother and wife
Shayar Ajnabee on May 14, 2010
Amazing song, of course, sung by the legend and the pure soul. What
happened to those innocence that existed in the original beautiful
actresses of those time? Something that lacks in today's cinema. (A
drawback led by changing trend and public demand I guess?)
nishy0895 on May 30, 2010
such a nice sweet motherly song..every channel should play this on mothers
iluvusa4266 on June 05, 2010
@broly322628 Thanks. We need friends like you. - Indian
KhalidAsgharRadioPak on June 17, 2010
*Superb melody*. Khalid Asghar (18 June 2010)
punjabimonda on June 26, 2010
love this song and sharmila is beauty and gd actress
zairt on July 07, 2010
@cadburrydream 100% agree with that comment.unconditional love that's what i can say about a mother's love for her child!
263param on July 11, 2010
true love never to forgten

saadukejaadu on July 17, 2010
very good movie, and great song :)
saadukejaadu on July 17, 2010
@ShaayarAajnabee Agree!
TANAYPANKAJ on July 24, 2010
Another gem from SD Burman Lata jodi...picturised on a motherly Sharmila Tagore
mazhavill on August 01, 2010
God! I recently heard the song first time ever and can't get over it!
rajeev05kumar on August 13, 2010
it touches the heart!
elena5106 on August 14, 2010
IT song touch my heart tanks
Romina Robinson on August 17, 2010
@guddaraja u don't hv to juxtapose the two!!!!!!
shri315 on August 20, 2010
Dedicated to my only loveing son kunal muha love you betu ... mere jeevan ka to ek he sapna jo koe dekhein tohe samjhey wo apna... sab ka hai pyara bansi bajaeya ka kare yashoda maiya
niharika bushal on August 20, 2010
My bua used to sing for me.And now i do for my sibling.
samirnusrat on August 21, 2010
Mother, Sister, grand Mother and all woman are like Jannat, Swarg. I wish I had mother or sister like sharmila tagore in this movie, then I would had sleep in her feet all the time.
tahmina16 on August 28, 2010
that is a little girl not a boy.
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