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Sharmila Tagore

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Total Vote(s) : 70
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Comments on song "Bada Natakhat Hai Re Krishhn Kanhaiya"
NITIN JOSHI on March 14, 2008
awesome awesome song reminds me all my old days
manishkalra79 on March 15, 2008
wonderful song ...been waiting for this one since a long time...Thanks for
posting this ...reminds me of home and mom so much :(
rajatmugdha4eva on March 19, 2008
thanks alot! i really love this song..its beautiful:)
anesh srilall on May 05, 2008
This is such a nice song, very soothing.
chocobrownie7 on June 14, 2008
Sharmila is indeed beautiful and so was this all time unforgetable legend Amar Prem...but is the saddest movie I have
ever seen...just thinking of it upsets me...never want to watch it again.
rajeshlrao on June 19, 2008
Lata's voice mesmerizes you. Feel like listening over and over. Pushpa, I
hate tears.
alakanandaa on June 21, 2008
What a beautiful song!!!! You can see the love in her eyes for the little child. Thank you for uploading this song.
messykrish on June 27, 2008
krishna is really the same, laddugopal always with laddu in hand, wow!!
jaipal singh on August 14, 2008
wow... beauty of this song is way beyond words thanks for posting such a
sweet song. it takes me to my nursery classroom days. thanks a lot
jstgudmuzik on August 23, 2008
beautiful movie and a truly beautiful song!
Simran747 on August 31, 2008
I thank God that he has given me gift to hear this voice of Latajee. This
is the most beautifull that I have heard in my life. Her voice is a huge
part of mine life. Whenever I hear Latajee I have to think about my mother.
Who I love the most.I love you mama, can't say this enough. I say this with
every breath I take and I shall say this till the last one. Love you mom.
Meri zindagi djitni bhi hai aap hi ke saath ho. Bas meri jehie dua hai
khuda ke aage. Amin.
nit78 on August 31, 2008
this movie exposes the hypocracy in indian society (in general all
societies) and brings out such beautiful themes out of dark corners
mounia toufiq on September 02, 2008
its the most beautiful movei ever .. really i always cry when i see this
movie and hear this song ..! and its true old is gold
sanjushree1 on September 15, 2008
love this song - can you or someone post the entire song please?
including which starts aa tohe mai.n gale se lagaa luu.n

1997hyu on September 16, 2008
cud some one plz tell me da name of the movie
PAPPUAGT on October 06, 2008
wonderful song
kiritlaal on October 11, 2008
Such beautiful sincerest, deepest song and movie only happens in a millennium by some such great,singer and arts.This is true love of yausd for krisna.
shamimb on October 12, 2008
What a beautiful tribute to your mother - she is also blessed to have such a loving son as you!
LaliLali1000 on November 10, 2008
Dear Simran, i have complete sgreement upon your comments. This song is
nodoubt is UNBILIEVABLE. I have sub,itted my views on this video separate,
BC ur on November 21, 2008
me too. One of my best film.
sanjayd411 on December 05, 2008
What an incredible song! Out of this world melody whe heart warming lyrics.
Only the king RD can create such music.
n6006ar on December 17, 2008
I have seen this video so many times I have to thank the person who posted it. Who is the child actor (probably a girl?) acting as little Nandu? I am curious because I was about his/her age in 1971. Wondering what he/she is doing now. Brings back about nostalgia.
nicemaster on January 06, 2009
Im 35 years old..this songs brings the child in me.Thinking of my MOM.This song brings back the simplicity of yester years.
LaliLali1000 on January 16, 2009
Yes. Indeed from Lahore. Am former Station Director, Radio pakisten,
Lahore. Iam, a Ghazal Singer, too. Perfom LIVE, which rare, in this era.
Please search_khalid Asghar, on YouTube. You have my 07 songs. Iam
available on my Mob- 00923009477414 So contact me, to make you believe. I
wait for youe call & also cxomment on my songs, after Critically
listening.Take care.
zahidalianwar on January 21, 2009
Bhai Jee,

Is film ka naam kia haey?
shamimb on January 30, 2009
Amar Prem is the movie - and it is one of my all time favorites -- both Sharmila Tagore and Rajesh Khanna did a great job in this movie.
lostsoul836 on March 31, 2009
gosh I love Sharmila Tagore and this movie. That kid is so cute.
tanuj jindal on April 16, 2009
pata nahin ye aawaz dil se aa rahi hai...ya hum kisi sapno ki duniya mein
ji rahe hai. is song ko sunne k dauraan...sari tension khatam ho jati hai.
really a melodious voice frm heart
Reema Patel on April 18, 2009
isnt that boy really a girl?
shirishkumar22 on April 20, 2009
i cry like a baby every time i watch this movie.. mr samanta please make another movie like this aaradhna and kati pantag
mandar35 on April 26, 2009
this is a very emotional and soul touching song, is faar above the Grammy awards standard. Also, the movie is too real life and philosophical, it's much much more than Oscar standard.
alps112001 on April 27, 2009
God bless Lata and pranaam to all the mothers, sisters, and all the females who endure so much for the sake for everybody's happiness..
ruchi garg on April 27, 2009
This is gr8 song !!!! I want the name of child artist in this song can
anyone tell this
lilprincesss420 on May 04, 2009
wow love da kid ...n da song too..:)
BOB IYER on May 06, 2009
Vatsalya ras se othproth ye sundar geet ko Lataji ne apni sumadhur aawaaz
mein gaa kar isey aur bhi sundar bana diya hai.Ayesey pyaarey gaaney aaj
kal kum soon ne ko milthe hain!
Gunga jumna on May 09, 2009
Lataji Aap Mahan hai Aap ne balidaan diya hai,Aapko mai devi maanta
hoon,Dinanath mangeshkar Bhagwan ka roop lekar is dharti par aaye the aur
sab devi ko janam diya.Long live mangeshkar family.
heavyatheart on May 11, 2009
she is Sarika
n6006ar on May 12, 2009
Thank you so much for letting us know who the child actress was. I wanted to know because I was as big as Nandu when I saw the movie. I had guessed we were of the same age and now I know that we were both born in 1962!!! Good to know Sarika is still around and acting.
23222346 on May 18, 2009
That was Sarika as a child artiste. Wife of kamalhassan
Gunga jumna on May 23, 2009
no brother this is not sarika, you want to see her movie , ,,See chhoti
bahu , rajesh khanna , sharmila, sarika,
carengines on May 29, 2009
i love this song it reminds me of my elder sister
johny john on June 01, 2009
no she is sharmila tagore
sjunu on June 12, 2009
this song is dedicated to all kids in this earth.
Naresh28980 on June 22, 2009
Sharmila Tagore! Diva!
ddddduk on June 24, 2009
What taal is this song in, and raag? thanks for help in advance
ddddduk on July 04, 2009
I figured it out...its Dadra...
KhalidAsgharRadioPak on August 07, 2009
Music is an art that provides the virtue of tolerance. Music has no
language and above the countries relations. Music pertains to human being
and the particular countries. I like music from Germany, Spain and other
countries. So please ignore the matters between 02 countries, what so ever.
Khalid Asghar.
Amityt0791 on August 09, 2009
wow man where did u get such an old video from??
Imrankniazi on August 12, 2009
Ma ni yaad aavi gayi. Sorry folks, when I am really sentimental, I begin
to type in my mother tongue, Gujarati! My mother used to sing this lullaby
for me when I was a child...Missing those days and missing Ma who is in
anandswish1 on August 13, 2009 raaga seems to be thumri...
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