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Sharmila Tagore

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Total Vote(s) : 70
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Comments on song "Bada Natakhat Hai Re Krishhn Kanhaiya"
manbearpiggy on September 01, 2010
I am surprised about the musical taste of 14 people who thumbed down this
Moon Moon Ghosal on September 02, 2010
love of mother for her child is immortal... so melodious...
reemajain100 on September 09, 2010
awsomeeeeeeeeeeee. listen the wording of the song.
mere jeevan ka to ek hi sapna jo koi dekhe tohe samjhe vo apna
rreshmi1 on September 20, 2010
can nyone tell me what was the name of the child actor who played nandu?? :)
birdie71987 on September 26, 2010
The child artist is Sarika, mother of Shruti Haasan, she was the wife of Rajat Kapoor in Bheja Fry.
birdie71987 on September 26, 2010
@rreshmi1: The child artist is Sarika, mother of Shruti Haasan, she was the wife of Rajat Kapoor in Bheja Fry.
birdie71987 on September 26, 2010
@rreshmi1 The child artist is Sarika, mother of Shruti Haasan, she was the wife of Rajat Kapoor in Bheja Fry.
rreshmi1 on September 26, 2010
@ birdie71987
thnkx!! really had some doubt about the gender! :P
though the child is supposed to be male...looks completely like a female child! :D thts y i asked..thnkx btw! :)
kirti kumar Khanna on October 08, 2010
no one has the ATMIC ANAND like what i have after listening this song
repeatedly R D burman has done wonders in this composition . lata devi to
hai hi sur ki devi thankyou rajshri sahib what a choice
daks ankit sabharwal on October 10, 2010
thanx far this song was jus .. ..searchin i!T
rajeev05kumar on October 11, 2010
ud gaya aise jaise purvaiyaa! ka kare yashoda maiyaa ho!! mere jeevan ka to
ek hi sapna! jo koi dekhe tohe samjhe wo apna!! are yaar kitna sundar gaana
hai ye.jitna sunta hun utna hi acha lagta hai..Thank to the
composer,singer,musician,acter,director of this movie who produced such a
classic stuff. This was really a class today's movies are just
timepass...they just lost their confidence..they can only copy otheres
sameer84ca on October 13, 2010
@birdie71987 u r wrong.this child artist is NOT Sarika
KhalidAsgharRadioPak on October 13, 2010
Convincingly a superb melody, up loaded by rajshri. Immense thanks. Khalid
Princess1074 on October 13, 2010
sooo sweetttt.. i wish in d future i have a son too, i would sing this song for my lovely son :)
TheKalimata on November 08, 2010
@guddaraja yes my friend.couldnt agree more with u..maa to maa hi hote
hein..thats a sweet truth and sweet lucky to have a mom who
still loves me and its not a regular love its called un conditional
love..God bless my mom and all the mpthers..i would like to die b4
her..since seeing her dead will be my last day here on earth..god bless u
ony551213 on November 11, 2010
Wonderful song and very good rythm of tabla
Puneet Rao on November 21, 2010
What a song. Sharmila di you are best. Wonderful movie too. I can bet
everybody will start crying after seeing end of this movie.
manimajra1 on November 25, 2010
msnmrunal on December 28, 2010
@TheKalimata very well said
1980girishsharma on December 31, 2010
@birdie71987 she is not sarika in google will come to knw
jaam13 on February 10, 2011
O my God I am crying right now. This little kid is late 'Kunal Singh', the
actor of movie 'Dil Hi Dil Mein' with Sonali Bendre as an actress. He died
by committing suicide or murdered at his house on February 6th 2008.
SIMTAL07 on February 12, 2011
this song is so nice ,that whenever i listen makes me cry and make me remember of my mother.and makes me feel,she is very near to me...and i can touch her...
Alka Singal on February 21, 2011
This is one of the best movie by Sharmila Tagore and Rajesh Kanna. They
made a great screen couple. If anyone has not seen the movie, they should
see it. It is unforgettable movie.
RealKrrish on March 09, 2011
@jaam13 She is Sarika (who went on to become an actress) if I remember
kirti kumar Khanna on April 09, 2011
i have spent all my life inmusic .in my 73 years in music this song has a
very spacial meaning .trust me this lata jee singing and R.d burman .s
music has produced a unique recording SUR SUR and i tell you i will keep
listening this .thanks million times for uploading this
Keshav Nayak on April 22, 2011
Heartfelt song. one of my favourites in childhood.
rose123 on May 28, 2011
Why her head is swollen upward? Did she fall hitting her head?
KhalidAsgharRadioPak on June 01, 2011
Wondeful melody and superb rendition. (02 June 2011)
unmeshg19 on August 01, 2011
@vishramam That was her trademark hairstyle during those years.. now her
head has come back to
chandru sadarangani on August 22, 2011
sweet n melodious bhajan n lata ji's wonderful nice upload
Sarad Pradhan on October 01, 2011
One of the best songs and films I have ever heard and seen. Hindi movies
have been degraded now. There is no theme to reckon with.
Sanjay Kulkarni on October 05, 2011
Diksha Srivastava on March 12, 2012
mere jivan ka sahara krishna mera beta sheetan bas aapni maa ka beta
Tunisian Sicilian on March 20, 2012
very nice :)
Surender Thakur on March 24, 2012
Beutiful song
Sadhan Sangha Ashram on May 05, 2012
Story of the film Amar Prem is translated from a bengali film "Nishi-
Padma" it was also a good film coz the story is same - but Amar prem excels
with SD's awesome music and lyrics too.
Mohona Gupta on May 16, 2012
Every body here.thumps up for the Movie as well as the song! These songs
still remain evergreen in one's life... I'm just 16 and mom used to make me
sit near the TV screen and make me hear all these melodious songs. Thanks
to her who made me rich in this field.
Mohona Gupta on May 16, 2012
Ohh okay, ma just bolechilen this film was a bengali remake but I never
knew which film. :P And yeah truly! The Legendary Burman family rocked out
the B'town forever. (: (:
Hafeez ul Haq on June 01, 2012
Great song!
sanjayd411 on July 17, 2012
correction...Amar Prem had music by R D Burman. This was by far his best
kirti kumar Khanna on July 22, 2012
this song this composition this lata mangeshker' voice and lastly both
actors in this film little boy and mother sharmila jee aha aha .R.D. Birman
as music director .thans thanks thanks for uploading this sir
prs2106 on July 28, 2012
And urdu words. It is hardly Hindi
ps2421 on September 13, 2012
39 Dislikes? Am I watching correctly??
deepak charag on October 07, 2012
The Shortest Definition of Classicism
deepak charag on October 07, 2012
what can we do about it sir
kr24ar on February 04, 2013
even my children 17 and 19 adore this movie.Best story on Platonic
ramesh pr on March 09, 2013
One of the most touching song of lathaji never to be forgotten
Patelmike Patel on April 15, 2013
Nice song close to my hart
sevkinauskas on May 03, 2013
In former USSR we watched these movies 10 times. Now we do not watch any of
the bollywood films.
Sakshi ayachit on May 26, 2013
bada natkhat hai& chanda hai tu every mom sing these song for his son i too
my son like listening these songs in my voice from 1month now he is 12yrs.
he is mere jeevan ka tu 1 hi sapna
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