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Comments on song "Barso Re Megha Megha"
EILEEN on May 19, 2007
Love you Aishwarya!!!!!!!!!! GURU is an amazing film.
kyoandme1 on June 11, 2007
You really love Aishwarya, don't you???
EILEEN on June 11, 2007
lol yes I do. I just think that she is the perfect role model abd idol for
young girls and all women in general. She is stunningly lovely but she is
also intelligent, sophisticated and she is elegance and grace personified.
I don't want to come across as an obsessive fan or anything but she is
truly an amazing lady who has accomplished so much.
kyoandme1 on June 11, 2007
wow, and another big WOW, wow, and you still don't call yourself a fan.
amazing. LOL. she is a sweet lady, and i like her too, but i think you are
the one who likes her more than anyone i've ever met, or anybody in this
world. sweet, :)
EILEEN on June 11, 2007
Lol, wow really? Oh no I'm a definite huge fan, I don't deny that at all.
Thank you, haha. I know she has a lot of crazy fans that are like CRAZY
about her and I'm one of them too actually but it's nice to know that I
stuck out so much. I just truly love her because she is such a good person
it seems and she is also apart from incredibly stunning also very classy
and decent.
kyoandme1 on June 11, 2007
okay, okay, okay, i got it. you are in love with her, are you a guy or gal?
just asking you don't have to answer because if your a guy, that's too bad
for you becasue she is already married, so i am really sorry but if you are
a girl, then its okay, you can keep on admiring her. LOL.
EILEEN on June 11, 2007
I'm a girl, lol. I thought it was obvious from my nickname, well anyways if
you go on my page hun you will have no doubts whatsoever that I'm a gri,
lol trust me. Are you a guy or girl?
EILEEN on June 11, 2007
I'm half Armenian and half Turkish.
EILEEN on June 12, 2007
My father is Armenian, my mother is Turkish but I was born and raised in
Toronto, Canada. My father, even though he's Armenian he also grew up and
lived in Turkey. lol there's my little mini life story. How about you?
kyoandme1 on June 12, 2007
how come you know about Aishariya then
EILEEN on June 13, 2007
I first read about her on the Internet just by chance and then I saw her in
Bride & Prejudice, that's how I became a fan, lol.
EILEEN on June 18, 2007
lol thank you.
EILEEN on August 09, 2007
Love you Aishwarya, massallah.
mulkiya on September 14, 2007
I love Aishwarya she is so pretty and has good voice
Kennyboy1 on October 08, 2007
I know how your probably feeling I discoverd Aishwarya/Bollywood in August
of 2005 and didnt relize the whole "playback singer" conset until November
of 2006! I was divestated but its all good!
Kennyboy1 on October 08, 2007
Thats aswome that you love her too! I do alot hehe I saw her on the Late
show with David Lethermen and thought she was a bit strange but then
discovered the whole "Aishwarya/Bollywood" Universe lol
aaamnaaa on November 11, 2007
i really wish to see her without eyeliner...
sydmmr on November 18, 2007
she's my favorite too! she's perfect in every way
sydmmr on November 18, 2007
aishwarya rai's beauty if natural, unlike all the other hollywood and bollywood actresses who have done a trillion surgerys to look good.

i love you aish!!!!!!!!
ruchiral06 on December 01, 2007
she has now grown old!! :D lol but yet her beauty has remained.
Sunny on December 11, 2007
Then why does she endorse skin bleaching products? I absolutely reject the
notion that she's "all natural" and all the other Bollywood women aren't.
Some have had less work done than others, but in a business where they're
judged on theirs looks, how do you expect them to be completely natural? I
don't hold it against them, but your precious Aish ain't no different from
all the rest. Snap out of it.
suffering soul on January 10, 2008
who sang this song? What a lovely voice!
kunwarshab on February 25, 2008
Congracutations shreya ghoshal! I have known You win the award for this beautiful song.
00ooJASSIoo00 on March 01, 2008
i loove aish she looks gorgeous <3333
dilbara18 on March 10, 2008
it was raining very hard 2day and me and my frnd were lisening 2 this on
her ipod and dancing in the rain!!
Vikki003 on March 17, 2008
who doesnt love this song!!!!thank you for uploading it.
cute1128 on March 24, 2008
thanks for uploading!! I love Aishwarya!! she is so beautiful!!
ashar129 on April 09, 2008
would any one like to tell me that can v save this video?
king1621 on April 29, 2008
love this song shreya ghoshal is very beautiful singer Aishwarya is very
syed ahmed on May 01, 2008
i belived she enjoying as much shootig this song i am watching
directer/proudcer did a very good job i love watching this song also aja
nachle songs as well love it
syed ahmed on May 15, 2008
same his father if jaya did,n help amitabh in zangeer or most movies she
with his father is nothing beside one tall bamboo yes his father has thanks
to darmindar/shahsi and sholey but his/her son born with platinum spoon on
his mouth he do better husband and father than his bapu aish and amithab jr
is nice couple i thing they made for each other
bob dukeguys on May 24, 2008
i loveee this song <33
munkee805 on July 05, 2008
i love aish even if her acting isnt the best i still think shes great!!
princessaamina on July 05, 2008
hey yasmiina, this is not her real voice.
this voice is from shreya ghosal she is the singer from this song he he..
ebonyshadows on July 10, 2008
Tamil version sound better
jazzypuma13 on July 15, 2008
jazzypuma13 im jerking of jk like her the tune too
trinibabyz0829 on July 18, 2008
i really love this song and i can dance classical and when i danced it i won in the show cuz i really enjoyed what i danced
PrincessParized on July 19, 2008
of course this is not her real voice but this is not hollywood either i did
like to see angelina jolie or charlize theron dance with as much grace
energybunny17 on July 20, 2008
they filmed this song in kerala?
ashazhar on July 30, 2008
love to watch the song its refrshing song
Janhavi Deshpande on August 27, 2008
god this is my fave combo of ash and shreya.both r
yallipop on September 02, 2008
shreya's fits her well
Vanessa9876543 on September 08, 2008
The best its a nice place where the filmed it
pmzq1243 on October 11, 2008
this song is so nice.i like the voice of this singer!!!!
bryteyes16 on October 26, 2008
shreya has an absolutely beautiful voice. ash is jst irritating, but atleast a good dancer.
gaurav448 on October 28, 2008
very beautiful song indeed, made more beautiful by shreya's singing
flowerose95 on October 28, 2008
lovely.Aishwarya seems to be very happy here.hmmm...sounds good!!!

sweet song!! shreya is a very good singer...
X0Kajal0X on November 27, 2008
Love this song
shes so happy n cheery in it lol
Its so catchy
Tanikolachithedon on December 02, 2008
1 ov m best song
Hassow on December 14, 2008
shreya goshal is the best! <3
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