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Average Rating : 3.73
Total Vote(s) : 15
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Comments on song "Behaka Behaka Main Behaka Behaka"
Sohail Akhtar on August 10, 2009
thx for the best HD song on youtube ever kalpreeth! you work hard! keep it
up :) goodluck!
Sohail Akhtar on August 10, 2009
amir khan is cute n very sweet person
rexchem on September 02, 2009
Nice Video! Asin looks cute!
mezaisme on December 12, 2009
is 4:03 onwards like all of his feelings towards her?
sania1027 on January 03, 2010
wow awesomeee quality
jacky placencia on January 18, 2010
aamir el mejor..en esta pelicula sale muy lindo me encanta
Aatra Abbas on January 27, 2010
luv thiz sng!
rabbit13 on February 05, 2010
this aamirs bestt music video!!!!! hes so cute at 3:51
Gviv82 on February 21, 2010
Looks great for his age. HOT!!!
kalduma on February 25, 2010
MAN HD @ its best , gr8 picture quality, D gr8 AAMIR
XxKnine on February 26, 2010
i wanna make love to aamir khan
XxKnine on February 27, 2010
wow stfu and go fk the asain lady gaga
muhisbetterthanyou on February 27, 2010
smd! go walk through a door face first!!
Beauty on February 28, 2010
lol its funny at 4:46
Bhaskar Kaviraj on March 04, 2010
just too good Aamir!! nothing is better than to see you rocking off like
this! you slam all other bollywood movies by your sheer prowess, keep it
ChotiChica on March 05, 2010
I love to see how he goes from a serious business man to this completely
goofy love sick man. I just love all sides of his character in this film!
Awesome work by Aamir.
vishyvikranth on March 06, 2010
very well sung by kartik...very clear voice!
pmdsp on March 07, 2010
lady at the end on amir's left with green bottle in her hand is really
confused.. shez like wat the hell.. hez late to office and hez dancing,..
babaromeo on March 21, 2010
World Though Me on March 23, 2010
i liked style of amir in White, in pink ( HE LOOKs CUTE), n the 1 in Red
Hood. forget the style i like AMIR KHAN..
SpankRamen2 on April 15, 2010
@100hali: I thought the ending was perfect. Sure it was a sad tear-jerker,
but that's what we love about it. You can't always have a happy sappy
ending. Besides, Ghajini got what he had coming, so be happy with that.
100hali on April 17, 2010
@SpankRamen2 it made me cry tht why i dont like the ending..
lilpain10 on April 17, 2010
love the songs and movie but i HATE the ending!!!!
autumn idk on April 18, 2010
Aamir khan is adorable :-) most unique smile of them all
ChotiChica on May 15, 2010
@Gviv82-Seriously and honestly, how many Hollywood stars do we know that
can dance AND act as well as all Bollywood actors do? I have never seen any
Hollywood movie where the actors break into song and dance to express
themselves. With it, they remove the "mooshiness" and add colour and fun!
Whether happy or sad!! I absolutely love these films!!!
Omen on May 26, 2010
muragadoss rocks!!! and amir too!!
jeysysrk on June 06, 2010
good actor!!!!! so cute!
PK on June 11, 2010
4.10 is the best part of the video, it is where you can see the his
preciseness towards action, simply great !!
Qasim ANwar on June 18, 2010
@abshir9 first they shot amir w his different clothes n moves n brought all
2gther w computer program
MsBeauty1980 on June 22, 2010
best movies main say aik hay GHAJINI
Rahman Tabusum on July 03, 2010
Amir khan is awesome in every movie he,s my favourite.
mahi687 on July 26, 2010
My favorite bollywood actor. <3 u Aamir! Keep making awesome movies! This
songs awesm!
Anirudh Induchudan on August 12, 2010
super song..
KaoloBear on August 15, 2010
Why does he dance like a girl? And why does bollywood use western girls in
it? Rnt there enough pretty girls in India? Hahaha what a shame
vinhit1976 on August 17, 2010
very good hd quailaty nice...

mykkrockz on August 23, 2010
Karthik should sing more bollywood songs, like his voice a lot. great vid.
KingKhanHD on August 26, 2010
@kulpreetsinghji Umm because this is an actual music video of a song and
movie (almost) everyone loves?
melad786 on September 07, 2010
I Dont Like the ENDIng of this Movie. I neeeded Happy Ending..But When
the Girl dies then i Delete the Movie !!!!
melad786 on September 07, 2010
4:45 - 5:00 is great.
ASHUTOSH DWIVEDI on September 18, 2010
@goodboysohail i agree with u..
charmingdevil84 on September 24, 2010
Kya pyara gana banaya hai yaaar. Jee khush karditaa.
MsAZeri1992 on October 05, 2010
яркий, цветной клип :)
Vee Kaur on October 07, 2010
@TheTjmaman123 yeah but only one Aamir Khan...<3
Vee Kaur on October 07, 2010
@dj4rapz You're face is a shame. Ahahahaha...:D
Vee Kaur on October 08, 2010
@TheTjmaman123 lol...yeah I do like a lot of his movies...but to me, I
still find them to be a bit typical...Aamir's movies always a tad bit more
significance and a tangible reality to them.
Shoppingstar525 on October 24, 2010
and now Asin is treated as if she's nothing. :P it's a shame. She's really pretty(: even if she does have a baby face..
Aditya Bose on November 05, 2010
@kulpreetsinghji Oye Kuljeet Paaji! Satsriakal. Tension nahin lene ka. I
will visit all your other videos as well.
ike465 on November 06, 2010
asin is so beautiful in this movie////waww
RIYAS A on November 11, 2010
super.. tamil thanneya better.
RIYAS A on November 11, 2010
tamil thanneya better.. bt song kollam..
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