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Comments on song "Chand Chupa Badal Me Sharma Ke Meree Jana"
blindtorpedo on March 03, 2010
Hey! is HD movie version available or is this an upscale.
Sadaf Shaikh on June 14, 2010
luv this song
lovable348 on July 25, 2010
i hate this woman ...she ruined salmaan :((( love the song :D
shishir singh on October 20, 2010
Tru luv always comes back but this particular Aunty had some more high
thoughts t8s y c made fight between two guys.
raazdesimunda on November 25, 2010
special thanks to plastic surgery
A2Code on December 02, 2010
@lovable348 - don't hate her, say thanks to her, she actually ruined abhishek bhachan, our Beloved Salman is more happy and lucky without her..
A2Code on December 02, 2010
@lovable348 - don't hate her, say thanks to her, she actually ruined abhishek bhachan, our Beloved Salman is more happy and lucky without her..
sneha ubale on December 03, 2010
luv salman a lt.
Atmar Kohistany on December 13, 2010
I love them both togther. They are so cute :)
kaunhumein1 on December 19, 2010
I love this song salmaan & ashwariya rai look gr8 together. I find her preetier than kathrina kaif she is so sweet. Some day Katrina sud be sent back 2 britian & marry some one of her type. desi sud protect themselves.
hatah4 on December 20, 2010
back then she wasent faked up like now her attitude, accent, looks everything is plastic then salman khan got the freshed aishwariya rai if u like but abishek bachan is getting and old, flop, fake used aishwariya rai so its salmans gain he can get anyone
chikitazmania21 on December 21, 2010
me encanta esta cancion!!!!!! es una de las mejores peliculas q eh visto en
mi vida!!!
alphaamplitude on December 25, 2010
@A2Code LOL gud one n how true !!! :P
kashmiri66 on January 03, 2011
i dislike her but damnn she looks good with salman
Raza A on January 04, 2011
would luv 2 see salman nd ash together
desigal88 on January 07, 2011
I wish these two weren't so messed up. The look great together, have
awesome chemistry and would have made the best looking babies. Our very own
Pitt and Jolie.
Raza A on January 08, 2011
jst luv ash at 1:33... and song iz evergreen... udit g u r amazing
huma warsi on January 09, 2011
good memories...</3
Yosona1 on January 13, 2011
this is the most beautiful and mind blowing song, i just love it like anything.
alwayshila89 on January 14, 2011
As much as I hate Aishwarya Rai for her recent arrogance ever since she went into Hollywood, I think she and Salman Khan made such a gorgeous looking couple.

binaryMinds on January 26, 2011
ash once had this pure beauty and innocence. she no longer has it. i miss
the old aish, the true beauty queen and india's love.
beeroita on January 27, 2011
shes already marred from 3 years and he move on so stop and get alife
armybratmoonprincess on January 27, 2011
@abeeeryoo totally agree!!!
amit57385 on January 29, 2011
salman ke sath bahut galat hua.
ilovethekhans123 on February 05, 2011
they were a nice couple :) i love the song amazing chemistry
RajkumariMaahi on February 24, 2011
She didnt ruin anyone.. everyone has a choice..and Salman could have easily
chosen to atleast try to move on and be happy. It baffles me why women are
always seen as the source of the problems while men, whether guilty or not,
are always seen as innocent.
hatah4 on March 01, 2011
The Bachchan's disliked this :)!
whatabebo1 on March 02, 2011
Salman and Aishwarya in Hum De Dil Chuke Sanam give a timeless performance ♥
puppies156 on March 06, 2011
i dont get wuts happing ... y do ppl hate salman or ash ??
YmustTh3w0rldG0r0und on March 15, 2011
that purple dress is so pretty! it reminded me of princess jasmine i want
whatabebo1 on March 26, 2011
@vish2254 you should get a life. looser!
TheAFGDreamgurl on March 29, 2011
What a sweet couple...
sweet memoz...
xoxohelloxoxo on April 01, 2011
wow they used to be so gorgeous! now they're getting old :/
raja ahmad on April 19, 2011
ash is bewatyfullll
raja ahmad on April 19, 2011
ash is groovy
TheTintin7000 on April 22, 2011
You don't have to be perfect to let somebody love you the way you wanted to be loved. Always remember that being simple is the most perfect way to make someone fall in love with you . . . heart touching song.
radhatalwar on May 01, 2011
I seriously adored this couple to pieces! *sigh* Salman never looked so good with anyone. Niether did she.
aisha2204 on May 02, 2011
sALman loOK Gr8 !ASH AS usUAL PrETtY WOman..
Atmar Kohistany on May 06, 2011
I just love aish and salman togther:). They were the best and i hope that
one day they get back togther. I know that is not happening but stelle. I
just love them togther.
11sohai on May 09, 2011
ash no do wrong to salman,she leave salman coz they no fate together..katrina more bad compare to ash..
ayaazcyclops on May 10, 2011
it was salman who left aishwarya..we all know hes a player..but im noone to comment on anyone's personal life..its his life..but i said what i felt..girls, be it ash or a normal girl next door..esp in india want a life long commitment
ilmoavreuuu on May 16, 2011

"ash once had this pure beauty and innocence. she no longer has it. i miss the old aish, the true beauty queen and india's love."

i feel the same exact way, but i didn't know how to say it. sometimes it's hard to put your feelings into words. and what you have written above fully translates my feelings into words. look how beautiful and pure and innocent she looks in this video!!! she was the most beautiful woman on earth.. she looks so perfect .. but now, her innocence is gone
ilmoavreuuu on May 16, 2011

look at the fire of purity that is burning in her eyes!! it is strong enough to kill a person .. she was too good .. but like you said, that innocence and purity is gone
arsenalfcbestinworld on May 18, 2011
another one of alka -udit classic!
GCMS2010 on June 01, 2011
my all time favorite movie it was a memorable movie..
zaarazaina on June 01, 2011
love to see both these iconic beautiful people together ,feel and see the
love in their eyes !salman kissing her on her cheeks so much natural! wish
they were together!pleasant site when u see them !
suzu subz on June 01, 2011
1:56 - 2:02 luv the way they look at each other :)) i can't say that was an
act, or shall i?? luv ash n sallu :))
pabnaful on June 06, 2011
all of salmans girlfriends used him for fame. aishwarya was the worst of
Tameem Amena on June 06, 2011
@pabnaful no aish too loved him whole heartedly destiny didnt support their
Tameem Amena on June 06, 2011
one who loves only can feel their emotions shown in this song,aish loved
sallu truly but destiny didnt support them
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