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Comments on song "Chaudhavi Ka Chand Ho, Ya Aaftab Ho"
sanandreas6 on June 18, 2012
I could tell the difference between hindi/punjabi/urdu compared to western
music now it all sounds the same. Bring southasian talent back!
Asish Narayan on July 10, 2012
just too good
badinfluence1985 on July 11, 2012
good song. bad memories.
harender rao on July 19, 2012
Farouk Datoo on August 10, 2012
This is a well sung Ghazal by Late RafiSaheb! Even today, nobody can sing
better than Mohamed Rafi in the Indian Film Industry! May God bless his
soul. Ameen! My heart is full of sorrow since he left us from this world.
May God rest his soul in peace. Ameen! Farouk.
SiddharthSlathia on August 16, 2012
This is another gem of a song by Rafi Sahab. It's sad that not many youths
appreciate this kind of wonderful music. I have covered this song live in
my voice. I'd be grateful if you guys can check it out in my channel and
leave me some feedback. Many thanks!!
The47mark on August 17, 2012
Amazing lyrics..
prateek singh on August 18, 2012
PRAKASH CHANDRA on August 19, 2012
In drunken driving with this song at mid night ...real haven .nothing
required to go haven. Only Rafi saheb can live this melodious
song.salute to Rafi sir with regards...
Satishna Gokuldas on August 26, 2012
Grew listening to this song.and still listening.melody!
Waqar147 on August 31, 2012
I first heard this song from the classic film.EAST IS EAST!!!!
Abhishek Ray on September 02, 2012
kya baat..oshadharon.
deerslayer110 on September 07, 2012
after hearing rafi sahabs voice , dead will become alive. he is an
c585 on September 18, 2012
such a beautiful song, these days songs come one day the next day they are
forgotten, these old classics are still remembered
kakkay1 on September 18, 2012
Wah what a song, and Waheeda Rehman is a Vision!
Waqar147 on October 04, 2012
lol what do you want me to do? Apologise for not being old? I know I heard
it long after it was already released. I first became familiar with this
song when I watched East is East cos this song was way before my time. I
wouldn't even know about it if it wasn't for that film.
Babu Varghese on October 09, 2012
Evergreen song
talhandaq13 on October 09, 2012
Perfection. The divine Waheeda. Brilliant Guru. Words and music that are
exquisite. Unbeatable...anywhere, anytime.
DhaneshwurSingh on October 17, 2012
Extremely emotional and romantic song. I have tried this song at
Dhaneshwursingh Channel and I would invite your comments
Rahul Kumar on October 17, 2012
She was naturally so beautiful,no need of LIPSTICKS>
Nocturnal Reveller on October 23, 2012
3:57 to 4:00 ..omg.those eyes..waheeda ji aapki jaisi
khoobsoorat actress Indian cinema mein kabhi nahi aayegi.
Manish Bhatia on October 23, 2012
awesome song by the great legend, mohammed rafi.
Panna Lal on October 27, 2012
Nice video
Umesh Sharma on November 02, 2012
shakeel sahab aur rafi sahab wah kabhi nahi bhoolen ge
Showkat Khan on November 03, 2012
Didn't know Ravi created this heart-wrenching melody, superb lyrics,
unparallel Rafi Sahab sang with a uniquely romantic flare, simply
Saju Ahmed on November 14, 2012
Hit like if you still listening this in 2012
Satish Shetty on November 24, 2012
No match to Rafisaab's voice.I use to worship him.Music by Ravi is
jpandyaraja on December 05, 2012
nice song...but guru dutt was always pissed upto his balls in those
days.. the loser ended up by killing himself ...what a wanker..?`!
rose tomas on January 13, 2013
Nice meaning and wonderful song. This is one of the ever lasting song. Who
always come newly.
depp8444 on January 23, 2013
DAMN,..she's pretty..and he's creepy
Dolly Harrabi on March 10, 2013
Old time times are Gold times...I love/miss you my precious nana. 3
guttenerd on April 10, 2013
now that's how a proposal is made!
Dilip Raval on April 11, 2013
HalfTime DEVILS on May 26, 2013
this poetry was destined for greatness... mash'allah. man posseses many
greatness.. but none in comparison to this beauty of elegence, such
innocent beatiful word.. jo bhi ho. tum khuda ki qasm la jawaab ho...
Tahiti Baksh on June 09, 2013
My dad favourite. Sadly he pass on ...1yr now rip dad
Nocturnal Reveller on June 26, 2013
3:56-4:00 those eyes...omg.. I just come here frequently to watch those
eyes. God bless u Waheeda ji.
Jagjit Singh Ishar on July 12, 2013
The evergreen & always refreshing melody. One of the best from
Rafi-Ravi-Shakeel combo. Love it.
Rahaman MK on July 27, 2013
The best song I ever liked.
waqar syed on August 02, 2013
my goodness is this a song or some divine thing
Haji Mohammed on August 13, 2013
such melodious song so far we have not comeacross
Ra Chel on August 15, 2013
The voice of Mohammed Rafie is brilliant! Love this brilliant song, music
and video.
Vaseem Raja on August 17, 2013
Mo rafi ka awaard song hai
rodboy rodboy on August 27, 2013
god's own voice. listen to his "yeh duniya yeh mehfil" on youtube.
MELODIES410 on September 21, 2013
Yet another evergreen song from Rafi Sahib. Even though I am not from the
era of this song, the song is well sung and the lyrics is one of the best I
have heard.
NAYEEM AHMED on September 26, 2013
ever green song
Rafiuddin Sohail Mohammed on September 27, 2013
One of Rafi sahab's best song. Finest Urdu poetry.
Pinaakapaani Pandey on October 02, 2013
The word Aftaab has been used unusually to get it rhymed with Chaand.
Mahtaab could not be used as Chaand had already been used in the beginning
of the line. A very beautiful song penned by Shakeel Badayuni and sung by
Rafi in music direction of Ravi
Haris Aziz on October 10, 2013
Jo bhi ho tum khuda ki kasam lajawab ho. Muhammad Rafi the great!
anup ray on October 17, 2013
We should educate the ignorant people and music directors what a song
should be? But who is going to sing with such melodious voice. We lost
everything in the music world.
Chalapathi KV on October 17, 2013
In every sense it is great.
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