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Comments on song "Chaudhavi Ka Chand Ho, Ya Aaftab Ho"
Rizwan paks on August 02, 2011
PURITY !!! in music,lyrics,voice,video,actor,actress INFACT, ALL GONE
rafie282000 on August 08, 2011
''''people will never agree if there is any better singer in India than
Rafi. just see how much imotions and meaning the songs derived when Rafi
provided his voice. one is bound to feel totally immersed and subdued.
Manna Dey has bluntly and rightly told the audience that only Rafi had
blessings of god
Umesh Sharma on August 17, 2011
the lyrics of sahir and the golden voice of rafi unforgettable so is the
innocence of gurudutt. enchanting
Night Eyes_11 on August 22, 2011
Rafi Sahib ... you bring such wonderful thoughts for us your fathful fans
from Guyana, Trinidad & Surinaam in South America. Thank you.
182popeye on August 25, 2011
Sam Singh on August 27, 2011
The actress is stunningly beautiful!
whrehman on September 16, 2011
Reasoner2000 on September 19, 2011
What a beutiful song, lovely lyrics and equally lovely voice !
sanamo86 on September 28, 2011
I am this generation & I miss him. all the munnis & sheila cannot move me
to the level 1 note of rafi saab voice does. The light left this world the
day Rafi saab died, i am only able to get glimpses of his light thru
youtube videos. India is yet to produce such a singer, with his voice
quality, range, control, emotion & effortlessness. Like all great people he
woz never given the due credit he deserved, even until now
sjmahal5 on October 01, 2011
@abbas2651 She is Waheeda Rehman.
Anubhav Balodhi on October 09, 2011
Simply da Greatest Song ever ^_^
Saurabh Agrawal on October 11, 2011
What the beautiful lyrics and how beautifully sung by Rafi saab... Equally
awesome is looking Waheeda Rehman... Simply the best...
Suvarna on October 15, 2011
Yuks..Deepika can't come near this lay...She is a real actress-Waheeda
Harjit Bhambra on October 15, 2011
Absolutely beautiful song.
tvsatellitedirect on October 19, 2011
Here is the magician called Mohd. Rafi weaving one magic after another with
astonishing frequency and frenzy unmatched in hindi cinema and matched only
in Tamil language film. His name is TMS
Nadeem Haider on October 21, 2011
finally found it :PP i have been looking for this song for a good couple of
years :P
omadatt liliah on October 29, 2011
14yrz n listening 2 dis.these songz r awesome not certain songz that
ppl refer 2 muzik...
JAMBULINGAM ARUMUGAM on November 01, 2011
Ever green song o Md.Rafi sir and unforgettable Mr.Guru Dutt.. The moovie
itself called ' " CHOWDVIN KA CHAND"
pratap reddy on November 01, 2011
absolutely mesmerizing melody from m.rafi
SuperRaja1210 on November 16, 2011
there is no way to express love than what is expressed here
Sharkko Ammaday on November 18, 2011
@105vivek Must be Justin Bierber...
Sharkko Ammaday on November 18, 2011
MashaAllah... what a great song!
samaganam on November 30, 2011
Wow,what beautiful poetry!love the music.plain and simple.Just love
it.Thanks for posting :))
Roshanara Gillani on December 01, 2011
thanks for the upload awesome add this chan to roshanara1000 s chan
salma siddiqui on December 01, 2011
dont make em like this anymore! Oh the golden age of Indian cinema!
SangeeetJ on December 03, 2011
One of the great romantic songs of all time...a mesmerizing one sung by
great Rafi
koltonliveband on December 03, 2011
my daddy loved this song . saghir ahmad khan. rip
sunila joshi on December 04, 2011
SuperRaja1210 on December 06, 2011
what a way to express love time less and endless
theostrich76 on December 11, 2011
Oh how far Hindi songs and movies have fallen from these great classics!
What words, melodies and voices of these songs - will never ever be matched
Ishraque Ludhi on December 14, 2011
I have a full moon in SG. My Love.
Anand Nair on December 16, 2011
very sad dat guru dutt died so early...
Dwarakanadh Nr on December 19, 2011
I don't think any one can sing like Rafi saab. He is just un-comparable
Harry Agnostic on December 24, 2011
@The17trinigirl You have echoed what I feel. I too grew up listening to
this song.
Adam Khan on January 21, 2012
20 people are indians!
Soubhagya Bhat on January 22, 2012
Immortal song & Rafi saab
雲 水 on March 08, 2012
संगीतकार - रवि (रविशंकर शर्मा १९२६ - ७ मार्च २०१२) - इन जैसी सुंदर धुनें
बनाकर स्व. रविजीने अपनी अमिट छाप संगीत की दुनिया पर छोड़ दी है.
Dwarakanadh Nr on March 09, 2012
Sad that Ravi sir has passed away two days back.
mtstj on March 09, 2012
Ravi sir .. rip
Rajendra Ramkisson on March 13, 2012
Wow!! Waheeda Rehman , the most beautiful actress in her time. At her age,
now she still looks GREAT111
Sathya Prabhakar on March 16, 2012
I love Mohd. Rafi. I wish he were still alive. Chaudavin ka Chand means,
"Moon of the fourteenth night(Full Moon)." Kaikashaan is the milky way.
Tabasum is a hint of a smile.
Rpx Pandey on April 05, 2012
what a beautiful composition with a awesome voice .. juss love this
composition . ... fabulous ..
Suradj D on April 15, 2012
Shame on those who dislike this(one of the best) song of Rafi Ji
DreamzforSale on April 18, 2012
i want to live in 50s 60s 70s 80s... not now...! i wish i could!!! more i
think abt it, we are a lost generation...
jammingdudes8 on April 21, 2012
True! But I see a lot of jokers trying and insulting the classics.
Mohan Panicker on April 26, 2012
Not just in China, but in many places of the world; now and then a
beautiful actress comes along (Aishwarai) and her film in Devadas was
great; nothing since .
SuperRaja1210 on April 28, 2012
respond???? how can one respond when love and life depicted like this
... this is not a song but love portrayed in full
Freerider1502 on April 28, 2012
Soo beautiful... Waheeda, Rafi Sahab and this movie... Guru Dutt is
legendary. Dutt
ShivKumar44 on May 11, 2012
@qilinmelb:Not sure if wrote correctly. You are absolutely right.In those
days Indian Movies use to Play Allover the world including Russia.In mid
sixties an author wrote me a letter form NY as I wrote her a letter for her
writing.In reply she mentioned that she had watched Satyajeet Roy's The Big
City(MAHANAGAR) and normally Hindi and Bengali movies use to play in all
over USA. Mohd Rafi forecast something after the demise of S.D.B. So songs
and movies are gone.Do you go to a movieTheatre?
rajan karyamkode on June 12, 2012
I like this song
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