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Comments on song "Cheene Re Mora Chain"
Sourav Dutta on September 07, 2013
anand prashant on September 07, 2013
You guys completely knocked this episode out of the park ! To finish with
Khan saab's vocals combined with Mendonsa's solo was a masterstroke.
Chakri Vinjamoori on September 07, 2013
very good compositions in the episode. The only issue I have with the
episode is with Salim Merchant's singing. I was getting a feeling he was
forcing himself into most of the songs. 8.5/10 to the episode just because
of that. Otherwise a 9/10
Rahul Biswas on September 07, 2013
what is the name of the percussion instrument sulaiman merchant saab is
playing? could anyone say please?
blackstratblues on September 07, 2013
It's called a Zendrum.
Ishan kumar on September 07, 2013
Anurup Farkya on September 07, 2013
Aakar Desai on September 07, 2013
Rahaman is really good, but Salim Sulaiman are showing that Music is no
one's baby. Which is good. They have at least matched, if not outdone, the
maestro. Brilliant work. India is so proud to have such gems!
Rational mind on September 07, 2013
Ustad ji should 've been given more space to show his brilliance..
Swapnil Vasave on September 08, 2013
Keep it up Salim
Deepika on September 08, 2013
Incredible composition. Maestro Khan Sahib's brilliance is complimented
excellently by Salim-Sulaiman.Grt match up by Backing Vocalists.
India The Great on September 08, 2013
Indian Classical Music ROCKS :)
Allen George on September 08, 2013
Come on India! Lets celebrate good music! Peace!
Ajay Purohit on September 08, 2013
Incredible singing by Ustaadji & Salim ! Subtle orchestration gives it a
shine ! Melodious composition , kudos . Want more
Mohit Kohli on September 08, 2013
Can someone please help me to identify the instrument played by Sulaiman
Sujit Routray on September 09, 2013
Totally agree,man...classical stuff is what truly gives us the chills.
Varun Gupta on September 09, 2013
Hahaha.well said dude :)
Sujit Routray on September 09, 2013
I hope S06 kickstarts soon,man...Why wud we devoid ourselves frm sum
fantastic music coming from across the borders.Lets not argue as long as
both have sumthng to offer to feed our souls.Cheers.
Sujit Routray on September 09, 2013
You were awesome...You always hv been.
Hanif Hassanali on September 09, 2013
been wondering what that was since I attended their concert a couple of
weeks ago. thanks mate!
Lalit Shakya on September 10, 2013
Ustad Rashid sahab aap toh kamaal hain
suyog kakade on September 10, 2013
MTV Folks - Please invite Monty Sharma & Ajay-ATul Also
Sudhakar Ponna on September 11, 2013
pls name the instrument Sulaiman is playing
Karthik Nadimpalli on September 11, 2013
Instead of Ram Sampath Pritam wouldve been perfect :)
Lovelish Menra on September 11, 2013
Best episode!
prtzy on September 12, 2013
Is that Warren Mendonsa playing guitar solo ?
Apar Prasad on September 12, 2013
Yes! Awesome, isn't it! :D
Apar Prasad on September 12, 2013
It's a zendrum.
prtzy on September 13, 2013
Totally loved it !
Nandita Ibfly on September 13, 2013
..nice composition
Nirav soni on September 14, 2013
3:30 to 3:35 pure bliss.. Followed by a look of satisfaction for delivering
it.. Wah Ustad! Thanks Salim-Sulaiman.. :)
Umesh Nawathe on September 14, 2013
Thats why he is called USTAD! #Respect
Priyanka mukherjee on September 15, 2013
splendid performance
Debasish Banerjee on September 15, 2013
Gone to different level Ustad ji superb
Niraj Vasudevan on September 15, 2013
Me g-ustad!
Akshay Gundeti on September 15, 2013
what is that instrument (which sulaiman is playing) called?
Praneeth Maringanti on September 18, 2013
3:30 to 3:35 ...woww!!...ustad rashid khan is a legend...just can't get
over this number.
Rakesh c on September 18, 2013
Just enjoy some music!! you little imbecile...let politicians have that
Vinayak Dev on September 19, 2013
Ustad Rashid Khan.. kya baat! My expectations rose as soon as I saw his
name in the title.. and as usual, I wasn't disappointed! :)
Viraj Joshi on September 20, 2013
It's Raag Jog,
Awrytro on September 22, 2013
Ustaad Rashid Khan , stunning! Can never get enough!!
Vinayak Dev on September 23, 2013
But has a slight Pilu feel to it too
Vinayak Dev on September 24, 2013
The more I listen to this song, the more I like it!
Mehul Bhadricha on September 25, 2013
Wonderful performance... ENjoyed n lived every moment of it :)
Akshay Jadhav on September 29, 2013
FCk off dude...!!!!
Neel Solanki on October 01, 2013
Well yes, in such fusions, the artists do take a few liberties to enhance
the effect, instead of strictly abiding to every rule of the raag, which
may be why there are hints of the essences of other raags. But that is the
beauty of it! And who better to perform it than the great ustad rashid Khan!
abhishek attri on October 01, 2013
Rocking composition!!!!!!!!!!!
abhishek attri on October 01, 2013
Allah ke bande kisi cheez ki taarif nahi kar sakta to kam se kum zubaan pe
lagaam hi laga le. Tere kehne se dekhna band kar dein, tu music ke baare
mein bada jaanta hai?
Vinayak Dev on October 01, 2013
It sounds as if I gave you the impression that I don't like the fact that
he didn't stick to pure Jog! That's not the case though. It's a fusion
piece afterall! I would've searched and listened to some classical stuff if
I wanted to, but the fact that I'm listening to this shows that I'm not
here to listen to pure classical.. I agree with what you said! All I was
doing is pointing out that it wasn't 100% based on Raag Jog as Mr. Joshi
Neel Solanki on October 02, 2013
No, i never meant to portray it as though you were against it in any way.
After all who could not like this great piece of music! Infact i was just
supporting you by stating that this indeed wasn't 100% jog! No offence or
insult meant. PEACE
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