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Comments on song "Chocolate Lime Juice Ice Cream"
sSsudeshna on October 06, 2009
look at salman..3:42-3:46...he looks soo cute..hehe
andaluskadal on October 07, 2009
Madhuri is so cute, so nice expressions!!
chinikumhai on October 28, 2009
chocolate limejuice, is like candy and kiddy drink, in mumbai india, shes saying, now im grown up, and all them things 2 me now r different, jawani charh gi bas,
rokhan001 on December 01, 2009
u can watch from rajshri website if u want
kshma1 on December 10, 2009
very funny lol!!!
deo.bhushan Tiwari on December 14, 2009
Hi, sachin is the hero for the movies like, geet gata chal, ankhiyon ke
jharokon se. if u have seen these movies u can know who is sachin. for
further info contact me if u are not able to find out abt him. and u can
easily find the cd of the movie of nadiya ke paar
hemaloz on January 12, 2010
madhuri is awesome
IceCreamForosh on January 24, 2010
I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THIS SONG!! ..Chocolate, limejuice, iceceam,
toffee...Ahh what a crazy age! =D
nareshking444 on March 11, 2010
songs of this movie were/are/shall be always for no match
maigen85 on March 20, 2010
madhuri di is looking cutest in golden dress with golden hairband in this song. <3
prettybug83420 on April 04, 2010
Salman was looking soooooooo cute
MelMark on April 09, 2010
lmao love this song
Surjit Singh on April 17, 2010
je suis indienne et j'adore cette chanson et le film.
Surjit Singh on April 27, 2010
abhijeet meshram on May 13, 2010
that songs show girls takes too much time to become ready
dragon on July 16, 2010
WOW! Lata Mangeshkar was 65 yrs old when she sang this song and she sounds
like a teenager singing. long live Lataji!
bheegiyaadain on July 22, 2010
shes soo pretty!!
madanmohan1473 on August 18, 2010
I craved to see this song since almost 10-12 bad years!!!! I am 18 now, and a fan of Madhuri since i saw this muvi... i was a kid!!! And it is now that i m an adult, i get internet connection. and i see my favrit actress.. Gosh!!! wat memories of childhood!!!! I had a huge collection of her photographs!!
dvykher on August 30, 2010
ONLY MADHURI CAN GIVE SUCH A EXPRESSION.. no one even touch her feet in such things like expression, dance, acting, she is so normal so sweet so cute . nothing fake in her. not like today's generation straighting hair or coloured hairs or highlights or lenses in eyes or no fake surgery in body nothing .. just amazing i love her. SHE IS MILSTONE in film idustry.. HATS OFF MADSSS...
Jenya K on September 08, 2010
it is just like me.. hahah... i don't know where I am.. what I am.. girl or
a woman... hehe.. and so many childhood memories.. I hate growing up...
Jenya K on September 08, 2010
both childhood and adulthood has some good sides and bad sides... always
sacrifice one to be the other... .
Adv. Manasi Mitra on September 19, 2010
yeah when you are in love nothing is valuable to you except your beloved
one. cute song.
capitalcards on November 06, 2010
Lata Ji's Voice = Divine Voice = 8th wonder of the world
MrSarad17 on November 10, 2010
it is my childhood song, really very cute song, i still listen it and enjoy very much, thanks for uploading this song.

princessconsuela01 on November 10, 2010
love everything abt dis movie includin actors
princessconsuela01 on November 14, 2010
@ryan4o4nyc excusme???? wat a loser
rafiqayoub11 on November 24, 2010
aj ye song gane ko dil kar rha hai hahahahahah
Latti Jawadi on January 09, 2011
Hat's of for Madhuri, nothing fake at all. So real, so beautiful. Truly an
zaranizami on February 07, 2011
my fav herion i really love her she is so beautiful and the most important
thing so natural.
loverbug4410 on April 28, 2011
what dies this song mean ?
Ishika Mahajan on May 30, 2011
madhuri dixit's beuty is natural and also god gifted
oyshi mahmud on July 03, 2011
i love choclate. and this song
TheIronman3 on July 04, 2011
this song is just too good
MrAkabeel on July 06, 2011
yar remember when I was in school and we were purchased the VCR and some
movies like hum aap ke hein kon and nishchay and sapne sajan ke ,
duyus on July 10, 2011
i still love chocolates lol
duyus on July 10, 2011
@loverbug4410 this song is depicting the time from childhood to adulthood,
madhuri is saying that as a child she use to love chocolates, lime juice,
ice creams and playing with dolls but as she is now stepping into her youth
so these things are gradually being left behind
sweetpratibha on July 14, 2011
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i lov cream & & & also "MADHURI"...reallyyy MADHURI'S allllll song is v.nice...& dis song is also too gud...bcoz C is so different from otherss.MADHURI DIXIT'S beauty is natural & also GOD gifted...
namrata221 on July 26, 2011
i agree with you in most of what u said! She is absolutely very natural and a great actress, along with absolutely gorgeous! But one thing is she definitely colors her hair, and she definitely wear contact lenses in some of her movies! But these things just enhance her beauty.
mnajeeba on August 14, 2011
extreeeeeeeeeeeemly beautiful
Abhishek7028 on September 02, 2011
BESTEST est est actress ever
manpreet kaur on September 03, 2011
lol.. complete description of emotions of grown up girlsssss.. at 1
point of life.. this song become addictive n seems as if it is dedicated
nhommanachan on November 03, 2011
She is so good in this movie
kasurbest on November 22, 2011
I love the song! no matter how many times i listen to this i never get
tired of it! It just seems sooo true! ! ! and oh mahn I cant live without
cholocates! this song and the movie - when even want to listen to it, i
have it in my phone, and dvd too so, can just watch the movie anytime!
Maduri is surely an inspiration!
Rani M on November 22, 2011
I love dis song...madhuri is fabulous...missing childhood days..!!!!!!
Anu Madhubhashinie on December 28, 2011
I miss the good old Bollywood I saw in my childhood. It was so simple,
romantic and easily watchable by everyone.. Nowadays Bollywood has become
too "flashy" and fake! sigh ..
Daphne Hunter on January 01, 2012
@dancingdewdrop true... i sooo prefer the old 90's bollywood movies... they
were so adorable. miss such awesomely cute stories & acting :(
Azee Ben on January 10, 2012
Every song of this movie makes me cry. They remind me of my wife. My wife
used to love them and I miss her each time i come across these songs. I
usually search for them on purpose just to cherish the memories and the
little time we spent :( HSK i miss you yaar and love u more than you knew!
gengarjetty on January 26, 2012
may your wife rest in peace,my friend.
megha215 on April 05, 2012
4:00 love her smile there!!!!!
shekar kumar on April 27, 2012
such an wonderfull actress in the indian film industry for ever madhuri is
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