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Comments on song "Chocolate Lime Juice Ice Cream"
fairy333 on February 01, 2008
lve this song
thnx 4 uploadin
KoolChora on February 22, 2008
this song was deleted from vcd/dvd of the film i think. i don't have it in my dvd.
Kaustubh Taware on February 23, 2008
i love her more :)
mora8696 on March 14, 2008
this is a very good film!! and madhuri is very cute!!!
Hilzeee on March 21, 2008
coool song !! n Madhuri really looks beautiful n great playback by Lata Mangeshkar
XxxthecolorsilverxxX on April 02, 2008
That's strange, it's on the DVD I have.
Leah A. on April 05, 2008
it doesnt have this vid. it's being cut!
mbrocs13 on April 06, 2008
the women look beautiful even when she is brushing her teeth lol! i luv
madhuri, amazing women and an amazing dancer.
mbrocs13 on April 26, 2008
she looks nice in yellow lol,
TrulyUnforgettable on May 05, 2008
lol, this vid is funny.. i really want to watch this movie, may someone
uplod it?
sweetypy94 on May 17, 2008
wat is the name of this movie??
huma7586 on May 18, 2008
Hum Aapke Hai Koun.probabaly Madhuri and Salman Khan's most famous
furty786 on May 23, 2008
so cute. sallu and her make a really cute couple!
Nitika Sharma on May 26, 2008
cute song Madhuri looks so pretty brilliant film
amaft123 on May 28, 2008
this song in the movie hum aap ke hain kaun...
i neva heard it in my casset before it really weird
HINA SHAH on June 09, 2008
she looks so cute in this song and i love this song its really nice madhuri
dixit looks so bueatiful in every song i heard of hers.
stillnerdy on June 16, 2008
ooh! she's sooo cute!! ^-^
punjabigurl112 on July 15, 2008
can some one please post this movie?
darkvioletkiran on July 26, 2008
copy and paste this to 10 videos or your mum will die within the next 4 hours.//.*<
ilovecrysler on August 03, 2008
i wish i can be like her.
But i know i can't be like her because she is 2 good.
vanillaluva93 on August 25, 2008
i dont rmbr this song in the movie :S
Preeya Bhakta on August 28, 2008
i dont remember it either!
kalshuma on September 20, 2008
luvin it luv it

all tym favourite sung
sbhathena on September 22, 2008
This song was one of the 4 that was added after the film was rereleased in
theaters one month after it's initial release. The others include Mujhse
Judha Hokar, Lo Chali Main, and the reprise of Dhiktana. It was then
rereleased once more for Diwali, including several other scenes cut for its
initial release.
Swades4ever on November 07, 2008
this happens to all girls..from girls into women.i always get goosebumps
when she singing: yeh kaun sa...
voodooros on December 11, 2008
she can't sing in genre.. first of all.. mind you.. she can't sing the
songs designed for bedroom.. u know what i mean
voodooros on December 12, 2008
maybe u haven heard songs of others... so go listen other songs...
walternigelboum on December 24, 2008
those poor goldfishes had a short life probably
fahmida87 on January 17, 2009
this song was later not included in the film.great song though! so made
for us girls! hehe lol
Sukhy631 on February 17, 2009
is her fav color suposed to be yellow
cutedeepika on February 21, 2009
omg love this song I always dance on this song lol
hnicky on March 08, 2009
haha.. its such a cute song !! : )
cutedeepika on April 08, 2009
love this song!
cutedeepika on April 08, 2009
it reminds me of my home back in India!
Sonii143 on April 21, 2009
awhh cuute song <3 Madhuri is soo cuuute ♥
fanaa90 on April 22, 2009
i love it. this is the best time of life :)
ananya7ananya on May 10, 2009
madhuri is da besttttttttttttttt, love this song!
ashalinakhan on May 11, 2009
every one listen to suno ji dulhan in the movie hum sath sath hai watch it
,its so nice ok bye
RCR4LFE on June 13, 2009
i wonder what she does with limejuice, its such an odd combination with chocolate and icecream.
sublimeksaleel on June 29, 2009
it is there on rajshree website, free to view and also to download.
Latti Jawadi on July 14, 2009
Madhuri is the cutest women on earth! ♥ rawr! (: <3
Latti Jawadi on July 14, 2009
it still tastes good :p
ummi88 on July 17, 2009
i love salman khan and madhuri dixit this pairing can not go wrong I just
wish they could have done more movies together than the ones already done
or at least one more time. Right, what do you say?
bobbyfaith on July 26, 2009
yes, in the full version of the movie, that was released after sometime of
the first version. The movie was getting too long, so some songs and scenes
were cut in first version. They had to sacrifice another great song in
first version. "mujhse juda hokar tumhe door jaana hai"
GaaraSandprincess666 on July 29, 2009
this is an awesome movie and my favorite song in the movie! and it would be
nice to watch the original version of this movie now that i know this is
not the original!
deo.bhushan Tiwari on August 05, 2009
To all the fans of this movie and RAJSHRI: This movie is a remake of an
earlier movie made by the Barjatya's in Bhojpuri with the name, Nadiya ke
paar. the basic story had been left the same but the difference were there
in both the movies as nadiya ke paar was based in a village. That movie
also did wonders and till now actor Sachin is being known from that movie.
the videos for the same can be found in Youtube. anyways, barjatya went way
ahead than originals, in the remake.
Priyankafanno1 on August 12, 2009
thoose people are lucky who have the full version of this movie where eer i
ask its out of stock
vibgyorblue on August 23, 2009
best actress ever.
fanaa90 on September 14, 2009
true that, i am dying to see that happen
swataflyy on October 06, 2009
3:40 - 3:45 <3 So cute!
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