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Comments on song "Chocolate Lime Juice Ice Cream"
mohd ali hasan kola on May 06, 2012
awsome song i love it best herovine why dont she work now in movies amitabh
worka so why cant she uh love her and her movies and her smile all the time
specially at 4:00
Nathan Alvarez on May 14, 2012
Well yesterday I bought the Eros full version of the film because I was
scammed on amazon and the DVD I recieved on amazon was lacking this song
and another and a few scenes but in lucky to have the full version DVD now
even though the quality looks like a VHS to DVD convert its real good
because it's the full thing
jadeizawsum on May 14, 2012
lol funny song
Raya J on July 08, 2012
so true.
varnit tyagi on July 22, 2012
sri fan are so jealous watching him apke hain kon.what so u think
roy margan...hahaha
Shamali SS on August 24, 2012
lol this is the song my parents used to play on the boom box in the kitchen
when I was little. Lol baby times <3
Jake Smith on August 27, 2012
well technically she's is faking cause she's acting and this is a movie
with actors. -_-
bollywoodfan1000 on August 29, 2012
Great movie. Love Salman Khan
Sonali Bucha on August 31, 2012
this song has a true meaning
AlexRGravlin on October 03, 2012
Catchiest Bollywood song ever.
Vandana Jain Kalla on October 11, 2012
this song reminds me of myselves,who got so confused at an age,but this movie,i saw later,or the song was added later so that i could understand myselves better
Vandana Jain Kalla on October 11, 2012
madhuri is always as sweet as ever and i guess,now if we notice salman Khan in each movie,we might find hima bit different,pata nahin tab kahan kho jaatey thay
Payal Singh on October 15, 2012
bhauat acha hai
Amitesh Kulkarni on December 02, 2012
madhuri and salman are best
Swati Thakur on December 26, 2012
such an beautiful song..madhuri n salman too good <3 especially
salman from 3:41 to 3:52..awsome :D
reeya acharya on January 11, 2013
so nice song and madhuri is a true diva.i started liking her and
nothing is fake in this song this really happens in one period of girl's
life..aa life is beautiful
TheTeenprincess15 on January 31, 2013
but it is in the full film version...i will try & post the link to you
kriti gupta on March 19, 2013
love u madhuri .. at all ur ages... super awesome actress:*
Sanjaya Gihan on April 04, 2013
zoecoco1 on May 25, 2013
I sing this song out loud in class. And everyone looks at me. Everyones
jonathanwig80 on June 10, 2013
agar maine ye video 2 minute aur dekha toh muze madhuri se pyaar ho jayega
Reema Machhya on October 11, 2013
pehle jese ab mere shock hy kaha???
Olga Shvetsova on December 10, 2013
Madhuri love here, really love)
desigirl424 on January 17, 2014
Madhuri Ji!!!!!!! Your beauty is to die for!!!!!!
Rizwan Khan on July 22, 2014
Nice song
kamlesh kapadia on August 01, 2014
It is lovely I love it
kamlesh kapadia on August 30, 2014
Love this song
Taiba Mustafa on September 25, 2014
Hmm I am looking cool isn't me hmm Madhuri is so cute
Taiba Mustafa on September 26, 2014
Dadicate this song to Salman Khan for excellent big boss
Taiba Mustafa on September 28, 2014
Hmm so cute me and Salman Khan excellent performance
Taiba Mustafa on September 30, 2014
Dadicate to Salman Khan for excellent jobs good human being bless you
Lochan Singh on October 19, 2014
TheTeddyboomful on January 11, 2015
superwoman brought me here
Renata Sharma on March 30, 2015
Yellow is the colour of friendship. Red is the colour of love. Madhuri
wears a yellow dress in the song and then wears a red dress. It is to
indicate that she is getting older and is ready to fall in love,which
itself is the meaning of the song. Also,we can see that Salman carries a
bouquet of yellow roses which 2-3 red roses in it.It states that he is
proposing to transform their friendship into love. Another thing worth
noting was the art design. The director used yellow as the theme colour in
Madhuri's home. It looked like a Wes Anderson set, particularly that from
the short film Hotel Cheavalier(2007).
Anam Ali on May 03, 2015
Superwoman brought me here 
Mayuri Madhav (sunny) on July 27, 2015
Woah! Awesome song !! Luv it luv u madhuri dixit ji !! I m in 7 th class i
m a big fan of u !!
Nusrat Jamia on August 26, 2015
Cuts Salman Khan.. Pretty Mudure
Nusrat Jamia on September 13, 2015
Pretty Maduredexie . Handsome Salman Khan... This song remains of
the time when I was in my country
I always think of the times .. I miss those times ..
naveen dewan on November 17, 2015
seerat fatima on November 17, 2015
best song
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