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Comments on song "Paradesiyaa Ye Sach Hai Piyaa"
rane123456 on February 10, 2009
what a good song is this !!!!!!!
Najma202 on November 03, 2009
There was more than chemistry between.them so I have heard.
themanat315 on December 30, 2009
this is a good music video and my sister hears this everyday!!!!!
sheetal123321 on January 25, 2010
love the song, thanks for uploadingg :)
gunveer on March 26, 2010
Zain Khan on June 24, 2010
yeh man bad man tune blood
TheLokitania on July 08, 2010
preciosa cancion me gustaria saber q significa
westfield90 on August 19, 2010
Boy you can really see the attraction each of them had for each other here,
particularly Rekha
ramprashad29 on October 20, 2010
lata the great...there is no other that can match wits with
you..incredible voice
bluelotusblooms on December 06, 2010
aw this song has a really good feel to it ^^ nice melody ... :)
yaldabashar on December 21, 2010
amitabh bachchan and rekha are good couple , i like both
Yalda Bashar on December 21, 2010
amitabh bachchan and rekha are good couple , i like both
MyRajkot on January 08, 2011
maf kijie bhai sab me appki tarah nahi hu.. ki gopio ki line lagi hui hai.. basuriya baj rahi hai.. or gopia nach rahi hai... ha ha ha amitabh is amitabh...
alia011 on January 22, 2011
this is like my favoritest song of all time:):)
Rajarshi Chakraborty on February 27, 2011
Kishore da n lata ji at their peak!!
shobi2008 on April 09, 2011
no one in bollywood who can take place rekha one even madhuri, kajol ,what ever

apeed67 on April 12, 2011
This is one of my most favourite songs of Amitabh & Rekha film.
Calidesidiva on April 13, 2011
I was born in the early 90s in America. and even I have heard of them...that's how legendary they were. they made Filmfare magazine and Stardust magazine headlines into the 90s. Rekha's Simi Garewal interview was particularly revealing...oh, and recently in 2009 or something, Amitabh walked away from rekha (according to tabloids). Interestingly, Rekha was supposed to be cast in Rajnikanth's raana. after she declined, Big B officially signed on for the film.
troglodyto on July 26, 2011
@hersheybar11 hi there. are you mentally retarded? lol. wth is with your
roguerifle on August 19, 2011
this is the only old song that i like it
Welcometomylife2441 on September 07, 2011
they look like native americans but sounds like hindi!!
dixitlookalike72 on October 08, 2011
This song is so much related to my love life and means alot.I always play this song to my partner who lives miles away.
profanilp on January 26, 2012
gr8 music and sung very lively y kishore
profanilp on January 26, 2012
gr8 song sung lively by kishore
Satish Sasikumar on January 28, 2012
@youhanlin, @potbotrai, @GtzFinestDancer..Pardesia..means" foreigner" in
the literal sense..or from another land
tarupriya on February 04, 2012
I like this song very much
musclepharmfan on February 07, 2012
those who dislike understand nothing about good songs
Mansoor Ilyas on February 21, 2012
Preeti Hoon on February 23, 2012
Mad I am for this one!!
chima chibi on February 26, 2012
The dresses! The colours! The landscape! The sky! Along with the song and
the dance, Indian cinema at its most jubilantly poetic. Expressing
something large and mysterious. It's a pity the recent Bollywood dance
videos I've seen seem to have lost this kind of.magic.
sandy666ification on February 29, 2012
@Najma202 Physics! ;)
Sukhi Samundri on March 02, 2012
good song...
moon75866 on March 12, 2012
@burkinalover 'big' , literally
Ayushee Saha on March 20, 2012
The Reality on March 21, 2012
lol, at 1.00 amitabh is thinking. what, NOT AT THIS TIME, wait till we
wrap up the shoot atleast!
mussarat786 on March 22, 2012
amitabh can dance!
Towhidul Hossain on March 28, 2012
Hema malini was more beautiful well figured than Rekha..
sachin singh rana on April 07, 2012
great song
pawan sharma on April 18, 2012
diff in looking good together n looking great together. Shahrukh is good.
not great. hes great wid kajol only. These guys look like made 4 each
other. But pairing is something else. Amitabh look great with most of his
co stars. That Amitabh. Accept it or not.
jessiemat on April 22, 2012
1:00, you can tell they were never "just friends"
Subroto Maitra on April 24, 2012
WOW amitabh bachan was better looking than sharukh, salman and hritkh
roshan put together...his aura was unbeatable...nowadays no one and i mean
NO ONE can understand that.
Poushali Bhattacharyya on April 24, 2012
very nice song
Shirish Inamdar on April 29, 2012
mein ladkiyon ko nahi nachata me toh duniya ko nachata hu apni ungali pe
yeh dialogue bilkul sahi kaha amitabh ne
Manish Chauhan on May 03, 2012
kishore kumar still rules.. Kishore's singing remains unchallenged in
bollywood till date.. No replacement for Kishoreda... King
Aravindakumar Nanukutty on May 06, 2012
one of my favourite
lameez kola on May 07, 2012
My favourite
gagzy1989 on May 12, 2012
biology too :p?
reviewprovider11 on May 19, 2012
Rekha's affection for Amitabh is all over her face in this song.u watch this video and feel she is enjoying it so much, that in some sequences, she has forgotten that it's not 'real' and only a movie song!!
MODERNFAQIR on May 20, 2012
gitanrn on May 23, 2012
wow i just love these two together , rekha is the most beautifull woman in bollywood movie
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