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Comments on song "Chule Aasman"
Priyanka P on September 23, 2014
Superb lyrics!!! Fantastic concept!!!
Kenneth Joseph on September 23, 2014
Amazing lyrics... quite meaningful!!!
Amar Jassal on September 23, 2014
Best enjoyed well. 
Himanshu Muni on September 23, 2014
This is meant to be implemented!-- Himanshu Muni.!
Afroz Basha on September 23, 2014
Best and Beautiful Musical video on Women Empowerment Congrats
manpreet rayat on September 23, 2014
Salim-Suleiman.. Waana see u back in Bollywood.
ANGYE CARDENAS on September 23, 2014
muy buena linda música wooooooooooo
Alekhya Das on September 23, 2014
Well done Salim-Sulaiman & Farhan :)
Vishwajit K on September 24, 2014
Fabulous guys !!
Shreya Rawat on September 24, 2014
hats off 
Niloufer Khatri on September 24, 2014
Hats off to Farhan and team for this beautifully empowering song ! A new
age song Indeed! Jai hind!
Mr10stiches on September 24, 2014
Yes! THIS is being real #Mard 
Rahul Sahoo on September 24, 2014
thank u for what u hav done to inspire the gls around the globe.
Sai Suhas on September 24, 2014
Sai Suhas on September 24, 2014
Aniket Sen on September 24, 2014
to discover such initiatives on the very day when MOM marks its
success.what a day...a complete bliss.and bless you for such a
selfless benefactoring initiative..
Aniket Sen on September 24, 2014
and then there are people like go go funny thing..who create noise in
the name of depth, no personification of music..and absolute
waste of life...

and then when you had almost lost faith in humanity, you meet these
guys.suffice to say: faith in humanity = restored...
Rekha Panchamia on September 24, 2014
Awesome songs hats off to singer's n lyrics 
Rekha Panchamia on September 24, 2014
Awesome songs hats off to singer's n lyrics 
Monika Unpredictable on September 24, 2014
good intentions, but lame video...
Abhishek Todmal on September 24, 2014
Rohan Puntambekar on September 24, 2014
Nice Initiative...
Lost Spirit ™ on September 24, 2014
brilliant!it opened my eyes...i will try to hepl get online...
Nikhilesh Bhandari on September 24, 2014
great work farhan sir..
Avishek Das on September 24, 2014
Great initiative by google.
Amarnath Shaw on September 24, 2014
every indian must watch this farhan "s video & change the way of our
Fathima Kazia on September 24, 2014
Amazing Job!! Hats off for supporting not only Indian women, but women all
over the world!! 
Pawan Dahiya on September 24, 2014
farhan akhtar is very very talented
mandar patil on September 24, 2014
Awesome and Inspiring !!
Muslim Rujhan on September 24, 2014
Dear Farhan Saab,,, Thank u for this beautiful song. million Love and
Respect to all mothers and sisters..
Chints Vadgama on September 24, 2014
Must Watch !!
kishlai on September 25, 2014
Wow this song should go viral.
Naveen Yadav on September 25, 2014
google is waste company just rely on advertising and spaming
tattadoi on September 25, 2014
craps.kooool..keep doing more videos songs on LIFE FUN MASTI JOY ENJOY
Puja Chanchlani on September 25, 2014
Amazing!! Totally loved it!
Bhavya Kumar on September 25, 2014
How sick people are disliking this exceptionally smashing video ::When
truth meets talent of Farhan Salim-Sulaiman hats off
shailendra singh on September 25, 2014
luv it
shailendra singh on September 25, 2014
shailendra singh on September 25, 2014
Amit Boralkar on September 25, 2014
#mard is awesome working.
Nikhil Omar on September 25, 2014
#Respect for women
Nikhil Omar on September 25, 2014
#Respect for women
Thor on September 25, 2014
We need to empower MEN as well. Every year 63 K men are being killed by
greedy and vengeance filled women. Dear men be brave, you always fought and
sacrificed your life's to protect this country and these women. Now its ur
turn to fight for your rights. Lest fight for true equality. Lets fight for
whats ours.All men come together with your mother, sister and friends, Lets
destroy the evil of false cases. Lets destroy this culture of extortion of
money. MEN are no more ATM's. Lets make true equality, let women and men
earn their own income even after divorce. No alimony no single parenting.
No reservation system. We are humans lets be humans, Gender should not make
any difference in hard working and earning money. Don't make divorced women
lazy by giving them free money on name of alimony. Let them work to earn
their own food. MEN do job, Women do job, no free money, no alimony, no
dowry, Men and women should get equal share of property from parents, Man
should not have right on women s property and women should not have right
on Mans property. Lets change this gender biased world. Lets discover a new
Loknath Sarkar on September 25, 2014
Great song with a Great Message :). #WomenPower
Mac Wacko on September 26, 2014
Whaaaat !!?? O heeeeell no !!!! Just teach them to clean, wash, cook and
sew. Because these are their only jobs.
SongtressNehha on September 26, 2014
Love everything about this song... lyrics, tune, video.. the voices...
heart touching. :)
mayank tewari on September 26, 2014
#chuleinaasman great initiative !!! jai hoo !!! 
Atefe Ebrahimi on September 26, 2014
As a woman I must say Thank you Farhan & Salim-Sulaiman!
KAMRAN KHAN on September 26, 2014

varshini sangeetha on September 27, 2014
heart touching video
loved it!!
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