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Comments on song "Chura Ke Dil Mera Goriya Chali"
Nikhil Rasquinha on October 13, 2006
lilsharabi on October 28, 2006
pelvice thrusts? he's a stud
AlishaB on November 16, 2006
omg this is like my all time favorite song. . .thank you sooo much for
ProudKaffir on December 03, 2006
too good, akshay is a macho.
iami5o4 on February 02, 2007
omg this gives me so many memories! Shilpa became my favorite actress after this. ^^ I wish Akshay didn't leave her because they made such a wonderful couple. THANKS so much for sharing this. Its a classic!
moonlightdance on February 06, 2007
shilpa looks so much better now.
tokkinoona on February 09, 2007
ah she really looks cute and he looks so fab
Siraat Mustafa on February 19, 2007
classic video lots of memories i miss these dayzzzz:(
ccwn2000 on March 04, 2007
it is a very very nice clip
ilovemm2006 on March 05, 2007
classic song, the remix is even better.
srkajol89 on March 07, 2007
i look every where for this clip thanks !!!
steven341 on March 28, 2007
shilpas macho boyfriend akshay kumar, he fought aganist the undertaker.
bethnalgash on May 08, 2007
omg! luk at shilpa bak in da dayz!
nidzforever on May 28, 2007
i love this song..
thanx for da clip..!
dawood180 on June 07, 2007
just like yr mom khan bhai.
o0Sikh0o on June 09, 2007
Luv this song =)
ahmadkhan88 on June 10, 2007
not urs mom...
ahmadkhan88 on June 10, 2007
don't u have ur own mom dawood...
roniniko130 on June 11, 2007
I want herrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!
asianlick1 on June 14, 2007
check me vidz
Missdhillon1 on June 17, 2007
Luv dis tunee!! Brings bac memories!! lol...shilpa luks so much prettier now than n same wiv akshay! But dey both made a bare cute couple!! xx
dawood180 on June 18, 2007
but I wanna borrow yr khan bhai, how much for a night?
ormarian on July 04, 2007
Tek kelimeyle mukemmel
LadyKhan89 on July 07, 2007
akshay & shilpa are so hot! my favourite!
bollymad on July 16, 2007
i fink dey both cute cept akshay course he ugly bt dis song izzzzz a tune n
a half i love dizzz song man it's a sick film bruv!!!!!!!!!!!
chaz234 on July 18, 2007
Them Jeans are well tight..Great Song!!
cher445 on July 19, 2007
l love Shilpa ,sooo hate Akshay,he is a womaniser,he go for all the beautiful women,make them fall in love in him and after a couple of years he moves on to the next target (he loves to break their hearts)
faraar231 on July 20, 2007
cher445, What Akshay did, he was young back then, he lived in bankok without his family for 7 years, he went there when he was 15, he was probably influenced, people make mistake, and probably he fell in love with twinkle after, please leave him alone, he isn't that bad.
trnmftm on July 21, 2007
lov dis song.:D:D.xx
righteousdevil on July 23, 2007
Akshay is ugly?
Now I haven't heard anything funnier, and as far from the the truth as your comment about Akshay's supposed 'ugliness'. Thanks, you sure made my day!
papaya26 on July 23, 2007
oh my God! this my old time favorite! you are awesome for having this one! I watch Indian movies when I was younger with Thai subtitles to understand it.
XxXDrainPipexXx on July 26, 2007
NorfW3stSoulja on August 02, 2007
yh i no. dis sng brings bk old memories or wt!!!!!!!!!
bettyboobies on August 07, 2007
Shilpa's hot! And she was hot that time. I don't think anyone in this era is as hot as her. Sure, Katrina, Priyanka and Lara are all good - but are they really as hot as Shilpa was that time? And I do know what I'm talking about, thanks very much!!!!!!
zaara217661 on August 07, 2007
such a cute song, brings back good memories thanks for posting
AMIT NEGI on August 15, 2007
nice song.nice tune..nice bol..
chof0319 on August 24, 2007
Akshay Kumar is the Bollywood Bruce Lee.
knightshade123 on August 24, 2007
i aw watching it yesterday on channel 4
chof0319 on August 24, 2007
Try watching some of his fights scenes with Undertaker, and akshay and the other sidekick made 4 movies together, mainly action.
nassima06 on August 28, 2007
my fave bit from this song was always wen akshay is followin her n jumps on his knees! i fell in love with him from then...sad i no lmao
Tanishaluvzmovies on August 30, 2007
i love this sooooooooooooooong!!!!
faraar231 on September 01, 2007
Main Khiladi Tu anari means- Me Player, your Bafoon.
zhang2003 on September 06, 2007
thats shilpa?
jivvy24 on September 08, 2007
No it doesn't Main Khiladi Tu Anari means - Im an Expert, Your naive
XxXDrainPipexXx on September 25, 2007
the seed of chucky
M3JStile on October 06, 2007
Main Khiladi Tu Anari means I'm Player, You're Loser or something along
that line.
nightcrawler141 on October 07, 2007
This song will forever stay a classic, one of the best of the 90s!
faraar231 on October 10, 2007
Whats wrong with the sog, it doesn't have any crude apart from cheesy dances, music and song.
simplyaddictive123 on October 22, 2007
nice, but whats up with the dance?.lol
yash421 on October 25, 2007
Alka Yagnik, Kumar Sanu not UDIT..
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