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Comments on song "Chura Ke Leja Bhaga Ke Leja"
Sourab Mund on June 07, 2013
hm hm chalega :)
Sachi Ar on June 07, 2013
Disaster movie hai !!!
Malay Samant on June 07, 2013
Great composition, great singing by Palak Mucchal and Yashraj Kapil, and
hats off to the music king Himesh Reshammiya
diehardHRfanatic on June 07, 2013
Rwakstar Rwak
Mangal Panchal on June 07, 2013
Nice very Nice song Best Sanjay Dutt
Arjun K.R on June 07, 2013
very nice song
Deepak Baluni on June 07, 2013
melody king is back hr rocks sanju baba rocks
Abdullah Tahir on June 07, 2013
where is the full version, don't want to be missing out!
Sohil Parekh on June 07, 2013
Prachi looks amazing in this song.. and also nice music by HR.. :)
fatunoor on June 07, 2013
It's pretty amazing when you realize how different he looked in agneepath
Basavraj Nagalgaon on June 07, 2013
Himesh back with nice melody..
bunneh87 on June 07, 2013
she is pretty but too pale
Sonia Akhtar on June 07, 2013
addicted to this song
Anurag Sinha on June 07, 2013
nice meoldy.. Prachi rocks!!!
rocky maninlove on June 07, 2013
this song is shot in jail.
SNS121212 on June 07, 2013
she has the ugliest mouth.. looks like the jokers mouth lol
4everdmg1 on June 07, 2013
Why is he with her?? He's soo old!!
Ashraful Islam Khan on June 07, 2013
wow supervvvvvvvvvv
Danyal Khan on June 07, 2013
Sanju baba
TaReY DMG on June 07, 2013
DAVID1239354 on June 07, 2013
Another beautiful song by Musical Genius Himesh Reshammiya!
rocky maninlove on June 07, 2013
what do u mean how? sanju is a celebrity even if hes responsible for one of
the most atrocious terror attacks in our country, jus coz hes a celeb and a
son of a loyal congressmen. he will be treated royally in jail. he will
have drinks , home made food, cigars, womens, a/c everything at his feet.
thats how we treat a criminal celebrity in this country.
Ritu Agarwal on June 07, 2013
were you a part of the atrocious attack to say that ...or are you daft
enough to actually comment ..which school did you go to...
Ritu Agarwal on June 07, 2013
its a nice song..and nice composing himesh rocks...
saba fathima on June 07, 2013
sanjay dutt is a budda national criminal who needs to be in jail..prachi
luks pretty
Haaris Osman on June 07, 2013
Sounds lame i mean the the lyrics doesn't suit... probably because sanjay is too old?
Abhinav Kishore on June 08, 2013
Looks so paedophilic... like someone is doing a romantic song with their
DAVID1239354 on June 08, 2013
beautiful song by Musical Genius Himesh!
Ritu Agarwal on June 08, 2013
he doing the same thing your dad did with your
Ritu Agarwal on June 08, 2013
when amitabh can come with jiyah khan ..steven seagal can come with a
ellisa so can sanju baba...look at his fitness
Tarique Shaikh on June 08, 2013
awesome music composing...enjoy the tune...and uneducated spammers can
finger their mom
littlestarsm on June 08, 2013
Nice father daughter dance
Team Rant on June 08, 2013
the singer is really good!!!
Rajesh Banerjee on June 08, 2013
Realy Lovely song...HR Rocks
Deepak Baluni on June 08, 2013
himesh+yash+palak superhit
hillncer1 on June 08, 2013
prachi with Sanjay, not suited.
hjhheugt47hg3f on June 08, 2013
sanjay dutt looks like a grandfather why do roles like these ?
Soumyadip Das on June 08, 2013
Classic Song ... Gr8 Composition ... Adorable Lovely Song ... <3 Himesh
Reshammiya rocks again (Y)
galmour on June 08, 2013
Best reply!
Sourav Ganguly on June 08, 2013
yash kapil rocks reminds the song of kurukshetra aap ka aana,
Dhi Manchini on June 08, 2013
Actually it is what his/her dad could only do in dreams.
ghirish nowjee on June 08, 2013
the female singer voice is so shweeeeeeeeeeeeeet
Tabasum Ahmed on June 08, 2013
Prachi looks beautiful
Pavneet Bedi on June 08, 2013
nice song.
Sardarpradip30 on June 08, 2013
This is the Power of HR

very catchy n melodious song by musical genius,king of melody HIMESH RESHAMMIYA
Ahmad Zaki on June 08, 2013
Tuhi yeh Mujko Batade Chahoon mein yaa na , Love you Palak!!!
Sara Torah on June 08, 2013
Omg toghter they look sooooo yuckkkk!!! Like grandfather and a Child !!!
desigirl567 on June 08, 2013
okay this is getting ridiculous. sanjay dutt there are millions of
actresses out there closer to your age. Ugh he creeps me out so much.
Rajiv Paul on June 08, 2013
himmesh rocks as always...awesome song...superhit
pippo Inzaghi on June 09, 2013
Sanju Baba is the Best
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