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Comments on song "Dikhaai Die Yun Ki Bekhud Kiyaa"
mbhuta on July 22, 2009
wonderful gazal...supriya and smita..gosh they look beautiful..
psyctor on September 26, 2009
amazing ghazal. used to listen to it so much on radio.
Nadeem Shafiullah on October 10, 2009
great gazal and Lata at her best
barsakus on October 14, 2009
Wordings, tune, acting, singing...can it get any better than this?
jetairways0 on June 22, 2010
marvellous.cant get better than this...
TitanYa315 on November 20, 2010
Dikhai Diye Yoon Ke Bekhud Kiya - what does the title translate=thanks very
Santosh Kumar on December 21, 2010
amazing Gazal
Muhammad Arshad Qureshi on February 06, 2011
THANK YOU, you brought back the best memories for a while, I miss this
great team that generated the best art movies...
snehal doshi on October 05, 2011
sweet music , good lyrics and look at the expressions of smita patil,
supriya pathak, faroukh sheikh , naseeruddin
axaysayania on October 09, 2011
Can't get better than this, love it
SatwinderSingh on December 09, 2011
par excellence--lyric, music, simple picturisation.
dinesh chaudhary on January 05, 2012
realy grt song i like dis very much
Javed Suri on February 11, 2012
is film ke sabhi gaane kamal hain
darooraje on March 17, 2012
beautiful lyrics, and salute to lata ji for her beautiful voice
Ruchi Shukla on March 27, 2012
Is this mir taqi mir's ghazal? its beautiful <3
Ruchi Shukla on March 27, 2012
Is this mir taqi mir's ghazal? its beautiful <3
sani faheem on May 27, 2012
i dedicate this song to faheem:)
ajeesh6125 on August 13, 2012
12 donkeys dislike d song.
Thayale Shameer on August 26, 2012
above uploader given wrong information.this movie released in
1982..not in 1972...
ayesha arif on August 30, 2012
lovlyyy songgg <3
ayesha arif on August 30, 2012
haq e bndagi hum ada kar chalayyyy
utubelondon on October 28, 2012
She is not Ratna Pathak Shah ( who is Naseeruddin Shah's wife), she is
Supriya Pathak Kapoor (Pankaj Kapoor's wife and Shahid Kapoor's step
mother). Supriya and Ratna are both daughters of famous actress Late Dina
Pathak. :)
Nivedita Singh on December 24, 2012
mastttt songs.
bamartya on January 19, 2013
gem! who is the lyricist, Mir Tari Mir ?
tbsabu on February 03, 2013
It's ghazal of Mir Taqi Mir, a poet who lived before Ghalib in Mughal era...
ayaaz khan on February 06, 2013
Khayyam sahab jaisa koi nahi and one thing more about 'the real dusky
beauty'-undoubtedly,Supriya pathak.
Abhishek Tiwary on March 18, 2013
its makdoom
Abhishek Tiwary on March 18, 2013
wo kaun se gadhe hai jinhone dislike kiya hai.. ager gana sun na nahi aata
to sunte kyu ho be saalon.
Sandeep Patankar on March 20, 2013
one of my favourite
aslam ahmad on March 23, 2013
my favourite
abhishek pande on May 12, 2013
What a beautiful ghazal! This is Meer Taqi Meer's ghazal, the one and only
khuda-e-sukhan (god of poetry)
Ashoke Mahtani on May 17, 2013
I think it is Makhdoom Moinuddin not Mir Taqi Mir- However in all humility
I stand to be corrected if possible
abhishek pande on May 19, 2013
This is beyond doubt Meer Taqi Meer's ghazal. Refer to kulliayat-e-meer ,
Vol-1, published by National council for promotion of Urdu language
(NCPUL). Ghazal no: 605 Matla-gahazal hai: फ़कीराना आये सदा कर चले के मियां
खुश रहो हम दुआ कर चले Maqta-e-ghazal hai: कहें क्या जो पूछे कोई हम से 'मीर'
जहाँ में तुम आये थे क्या कर चले
Sourabh Bharti on June 04, 2013
and its "dikhayi diye yun ke bekhud kiya"
MsArmanna1 on June 10, 2013
everybody's expression showing a different meaning and they are saying
something from the movement of their eyes...deep sadness
Témor Raymond on June 16, 2013
love this song ... too much for western desi's to understand the meaning
Dilshad Ahmed on July 09, 2013
thanks to uploaded and thanks ti YouTube very nice song
Niraj Jha on July 12, 2013
not so easy for resident (desi) desi's either.. Here is an attempt just for
you.. You caught my eyes in a way that I lost me for myself.. and so much
so that I became separated from thyself..
Injan on July 17, 2013
I"m gonna try and translate this song. Hope it helps you and others: "You
caught my sight in such a way that I became woozy So much so that I started
to separate from myself My forehead didn't leave without touching our
doorstep once I (we) left after paying the dues required of serving you You
caught my... I worshiped you so much, o statue That we made you God in
everyone's eyes You... Had a deep desire to be in your street (near you) So
I started after bathing in the blood of discontent You...
saurav daga on September 08, 2013
Who is the lyricist?
Dilshad Ahmed on October 16, 2013
i like this Song too Much nice Poatrey i mean Shariye this kind is Words
now a Days has Finish what we are All Writer want make Money and this kind
song Sorrry to Say Choli ke Pheche kiya hai Aati kiya Khandla, tann tan tan
tan tare chalti hai kiya 9 se 12
sameer mahoolkar on November 22, 2013
Parastish kiya tak, ke aye boot tujhay
nazar main sabhon ki khuda kar chale.
:Janab Meer Taqi Meer (1723-1810)

"I also worshiped you, o my beloved to an extent
where you became a god and i come in the eyes of everybody" (society)
*because idol(boot) worship is a sin in Islam
-boot is used for both; god and beloved. It is beloved here. 
Subhana Qureshi on December 23, 2013
parastish kiya tak k ae but tujhe
nazar me sabho ki khuda kr chale.
beautiful lyrics..
dipankar bhattacharyya on January 14, 2014
so good and nostalgic . i saw this film in 1983 ...
gopal shroti on January 18, 2014
outstanding is a small word for lyricist, Khayyam, Lata and the
Director..thnx for uploading.
mohit rawat on March 27, 2014
KA H on April 27, 2014
SYED MD ALI on May 01, 2014
Old is gold. ...beautiful voice and outstanding poetry
asnrhf mohd on May 08, 2014
agar mohbaat hu tu kuch es tarha ... nazar may saboo ki khuda
ar chalay
Ali Shuja on May 20, 2014
I love all all artist specially ,Supriya Pthak.Samita patil.Shah jee as
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