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Comments on song "Dil-E-Nadan Tujhe Hua Kya Hai"
rumahale20451 on December 16, 2008
Rich rendition by Gazal king.
othomas44 on March 23, 2009
It is the Ultimate by Talat sahib...
NANDI KHANNA on August 09, 2011
Just cut above class,can't judge who outpacing who,Suraiya or Talat Saab.
ajay0401 on August 31, 2011
one of the best compositions of Gulam Mohd.
mastkalandr on September 07, 2011
@ajay0401 .. Thanks for sharing a small tribute to the legends..
mastkalandr on December 11, 2011
@MyManindra ..Thanks for sharing..
mastkalandr on December 11, 2011
@deepasahni ..Truly said.. Thanks for sharing my small tribute to the
legendary Ghulam Mohammad
DR ARTI SAHAI on December 27, 2011
Sameer691000 on December 29, 2011
I do not know much about Ghulam Mohd nor his works until I read this. Only
thing that is worth admiring is his music he gave for movie like Mirza
Ghalib etc. No doubt the songs of Mirza Ghalib will remain unforgettable
and eternal for the rest of the world. Thanks @mastkaladr for this write-up
and upload.
mastkalandr on January 01, 2012
@Sameer691000 ..You are most welcome my dear friend !.. Let me wish you n
your family a happy new year 2012.. On this eve i have uploaded a song for
music lover like you . tu shoukh kali main mast pawan..hope you will
Sameer691000 on January 06, 2012
@mastkalandr Thanks for ur kind words and wishes, in fact I got little bit
late to convey my praises and prayers. May new year bring happiness, joy
and serene to u and ur family too.
mastkalandr on January 06, 2012
@19111960able .. Thanks you my dear friend ! for sharing my small tribute
to the all time fankar..Mirza Ghalib
mastkalandr on January 18, 2012
@jaanamen .. You are welcome my dear friend !.. Thanks for sharing n
appreciation ..
mastkalandr on January 18, 2012
@sloppyviewer ..Thanks for sharing my small tribute ..
Atiq Rahman on January 24, 2012
Master piece of poetry , by the MASTER POET ---GHALIB. Nicel sung--------
humble tribute to the greatness of GHALIB.
mastkalandr on January 24, 2012
@rahman21244 .. Thanks for liking and sharing my small tribute..
asha1053 on February 05, 2012
fantastic song by Talat!!...thanks
aramuskguy on February 21, 2012
Lovely melody..What a soothingly beautiful voice Suraiya had! It sounds
absolutely flawless,silky and smooth...It was so unfortunate that once her
career as an actress ended, her singing also came to an end. Mirza Ghalib
was the movie that brought out the best in her as a singer...
mastkalandr on February 21, 2012
@aramuskguy ..Well said..indeed very unfortunate Thanks for sharing my
small tribute.. ..
Atiq Rahman on March 10, 2012
@mastkalandr Many thanks for this presentation. Superb poerty by the superb
GHALIB--and then superb singing by Talat & Sorayya-------makes this all a
superb and profound expression of pristine human emotions----LOVE.
mastkalandr on March 10, 2012
@rahman21244 ..Friend !..You are always welcome.. Well said..thanks for
appreciation n liking this loving romantic duet..
Arvind Srivastava on March 11, 2012
Immortal song and poetry
Shalin Bhatt on April 10, 2012
As great as the songs in this film are, I feel the following filmi songs
are of better standard (though many will disagree). Dil-e-naadaan tujhe hua
kya hai from Hunterwali Ki Beti (1943), by Khan Mastana Nukta cheen hai
gham-e-dil from Yahudi Ki Ladki (1933), by Saigal
59coolangel on June 09, 2012
simply beautiful.
mastkalandr on June 10, 2012
Let me listen the said songs.., Thanks for sharing my small tribute
mastkalandr on June 10, 2012
Dear friend ! Today i am uploading one more song.. for music lover like
you..Enjoy Thanks for sharing
Celeste84 on June 17, 2012
Beautiful song. Although I am pretty young, 25 years old, and was born and
raised in America, thanks to my father who is from India, I grew up with an
appreciation for classics like this. And now, thanks to Youtube and people
like you I am able to listen and see all the great music and movies of the
past. I can't stand most of the music and movies that is coming out of
India/Bollywood now. I would rather listen to stuff like this any day of
the week.
mastkalandr on June 17, 2012
You are welcome.., This channel is a unique treasure for music lovers like
you ..Enjoy rare real gems Be well..
Upendra Lele on August 01, 2012
Thank you for posting the lyrics also. What a great poetry! What a great
music composition! Those divine voices and such a soulful singing!! This is
simply immortal!!
mastkalandr on August 01, 2012
You are dear friend upenlele! you will find lyrics with all the have to click at "see more " only.. Thanks for sharing this
touchy timeless classic..
59coolangel on August 08, 2012
Beautiful song.
mastkalandr on September 01, 2012
You are most welcome my dear friend tenpa Tenpa! These timeless classic
melodies will remain with us and with our generations too..Thanks for
sharing this touching song with your yesteryear's memories.. May your
loving parent RIP
ccc iocc on September 03, 2012
A family with such nice choices, such a great aesthetic sense... real great
parents you had got, lucky one...
Parveen Papreja on September 28, 2012
Iski khubsurti ko ladzo me bayan karna namumkin hai
Sattar Khan on October 03, 2012
Thanks for your note on gu
Priya Pawan Srivastava on October 28, 2012
mastkalandr on December 06, 2012
Aaap jaise sangeet premiyon ke liye is channel mein nayab nagme hai..lutf
lijiye.. I have uploaded around 1000 songs for music lovers like you
mastkalandr on December 06, 2012
suraiya aur talat mehmood ne gayi hai..Enjoy Thanks for sharing..
mastkalandr on December 06, 2012
Dear friend Kailash Choudhary ! I do respect your love and feelings for the
immortal artists.. Thanks for sharing my small tribute to the legendary
Ghulam Mohammad
Nick sheengold on December 09, 2012
The most original beautiful
vasantrao deshpande on December 20, 2012
Beautiful simple and sweet music Gulam Mohammad Sahab. Gaanewale Bhi Kuchh
Kam Nahi.
mastkalandr on December 20, 2012
Thanks for liking..
mastkalandr on December 20, 2012
Indeed ! In nayab, amar fankaron ki jitni tarif kariye kam hi hogi.. Thanks
for sharing my small tribute to the legendary Ghulam Mohammad..
Sunil Sehgal on January 13, 2013
Such a simple & beautiful Ghazal having superb music by Ghulam Mohd.
59coolangel on January 26, 2013
Outstanding duet by both of the legendary singers.
mastkalandr on January 27, 2013
Truly said.. Thanks for liking
mastkalandr on January 27, 2013
Indeed ! outstanding.. Thanks for sharing.
G B Nigam on January 30, 2013
aisa lagata hai akbhi yah gana khatm hi n ho . thanks
mastkalandr on January 30, 2013
You are welcome, Aap jaise sangeet premiyon ke liye mein roz ek geet
youtube pr upload kartya hoon..Enjoy Thanks for liking this rare gem.
akarshik on January 31, 2013
So wonderfull composition, beautiful lyrics, excellent singing by both
Legends and above all fantastic upload by you my friend.
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