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Comments on song "Dil Ka Bhanwar Kare Pukaar, Pyar Ka Raag Suno"
rachelshetty on July 03, 2009
thank u so much for this video...loveeeee d song..and i love how d song is picturised..not mushy but way too cute
patelnevi on July 20, 2009
I wish they had some info as to whick movie is this song from? Anyone?
dubbooman on July 20, 2009
tere ghar ke samne. music by s.d. burman, i think lyrics were by shailanra but am not sure ... u will have to confirm it
rohitlele456 on July 28, 2009
This is from film "TERE GHAR KE SAMNe' enacted by fantastic pair Nutan,Dev Anand.Evergreen music by gr8 S.D.Burmanda.
araniapparao on August 03, 2009
It is not correct to sayl " Burmandaa " , to a 105 aged ,
RFJrulez on August 19, 2009
amazing no one mentions the singer Rafi sahab for his incomparable delivery.
sonny19xx on September 16, 2009
Absolutely Rafi .. Great rendition. SD rocks. Dev- Nutan . No words.
THANKS ShemarooEnt
acharyajoydeep on October 03, 2009
Rafi saab absolutely rocks... such a perfect and madhosh voice... lajawaab
yugebutuoy on October 03, 2009
these songs are timeless! so popular even till this date!
naziadi on October 03, 2009
I Love so much Thanks Yugobutuoy
MrBilal2009 on October 12, 2009
What a nice Upload.Thanks.ShemarooENT
sonny19xx on October 27, 2009
I can never tire myself listening to suc gems . Dev at his best , Nutan a good complement. SD Rafi rock. THANKS
lioness090 on December 28, 2009
very good quality video and sound. Thanks for posting!
"Chahe tum mitana par na tum giraana" pyaar ka raag suno re!!!!!! huuuu huuuu
ceplpankaj on January 08, 2010
one of the best romantic songs by M. Rafi
esha1210 on January 13, 2010
yes, its a great song...gr8 vidoes, gr8 actors and singers...
lumsum711 on February 01, 2010
beautiful song ever in Bollywood. Evergreen. Tune is so beautiful.
mils2211 on February 05, 2010
Every song Dev Anand features, is a supr hit.
atulmina on February 12, 2010
Excellent song sung by Rafi and superb Music by SD.
vaadaenmacchi on February 14, 2010
sweetest song of all time.
milinddabke on February 16, 2010
everything great about this song, great dev anand, great nutan, great sachindada burman and the great rafisaab, last but certainly not the least the great picturisation in kutub minar by vijay goldie anand
alokelal on February 27, 2010
Rafi has made this an immortal song. Wonder if this would have survived this long otherwise. Dev and Nutan look stunning..soooo sharming.
angelashiii on March 06, 2010
its jus too cute...luv u dev sir muah!!..:):)
davekrunal46 on March 09, 2010
This is morning song for me. It just gives me fresh and romantic feeling. Dev Anand + Nutan + SD's Music + Rafi + Thanks for uploading = 5 star!!
sumita18 on March 09, 2010
devanad and nutan is looking great ,dono ki jodi bhi kamal ki thi devanand ka jawab nahi
sukhdev97 on March 21, 2010
this ever green song is from tere ghar ke samne
lalittapadia on March 24, 2010
The only movie/song ever allowed to be picturised inside Kutub Minar.
govind1974 on April 05, 2010
absolute bliss. mellifluous music, meaningful lyrics and soulful rendition.. whar a rare gem.
milinddabke on April 24, 2010
great greater greatest, incomparable melody, rafisaab is god, sachin dada is simply great and devsaab is just mindblowing
1955shashi on May 27, 2010
See how well Rafi's magic matches Dev's debonair style. SDB music score is tops. Exquisite song picturisation inside the Kutub Minar.
1955shashi on May 27, 2010
See how Rafi's magic matches the debonaire Dev Anand. Wonderful music score by SDB. What exquisite song picturisation inside the Kutub Minar ! Great number.
1955shashi on May 27, 2010
Rafi's romantic rendering matches Dev's style perfectly. What a wonderful musical score by SDB. Exquisite picturization insider the Kutub Minar. One of my all time favourite number. Thanks for the upload.
yashodham on May 29, 2010
actually it, s not shoot inside kutub minar but in studio. great picturisation.
ami198601 on June 19, 2010
Both looking great jodi...
You can see beautiful and cute expressions of Nutan in this song..
Really love this song its cinematography...
ashaparekh5 on June 21, 2010
Great song. Just love it. Thanks. Rare gem.
jatin0001 on June 25, 2010
Beautiful Song & superb singing. Rafi still rules our hearts. Doesn't he ?
nazikmr111 on July 23, 2010
Rashij28 on August 12, 2010
These songs bring so many feelings alive..nostalgia, absolute bliss.:) Yet another beautiful rendition by Rafi Sahab !!!
TheRohitmishra on August 15, 2010
i luv dis song very much..
sanju0277 on August 21, 2010
I first saw a Dev Anand song in Chayageet while i was 9 year old kid. Before that I only knew one actor call Amitabh Bachchan. Since then I never miss any Dev Anand songs. Now in England since 15 years, I still watch Dev Anand Hits. He is the best.
al1619 on August 30, 2010

hands up if u agree
ameeraliahmed on September 09, 2010
Matchless wordless undescribeable uncompareable. MOHD Rafi wat a vocal wat a voice. As if any youth male is singing in its Full romantic mood. No one in this civilization.
vinaykumarjain on September 10, 2010
These are mile stone nos. which are eternal and evergreen , which can never be forgotten.
Rafi Sahib voice has a hypnotic effect..
gopalkumarbhandari on September 25, 2010
Dev Sahab hamesha hi evergreen the,aur rahege.
SuperMovies12345 on October 02, 2010
Wow Loved the intro. Very few composers interpret words of the song with their music. that's why old hindi movie songs are so delightful to watch. They enahance the artistic quality of the story instead of being a music video that are thrown randomly into the movie.
shikhaM1 on October 11, 2010
waat a romantic.and i just love romantic song...
this has got to be one of the best romantic songs
fgjghjafsf on October 20, 2010
Benchmark for naughty women dating ****
jhdhhdjkjd on May 06, 2011
no words to express the feeling!!!!!.
Bharat Gul on December 04, 2012
The Nutan-Dev pair was always a box-office hit. For this lively Rafi song,
the producers created a very good likeness of parts of the staircase inside
the Qutub Minaar. The story had a good secondary line on Delhi-sized egos
obsessed with shallow social status. Thanks, Suhanee.
Rose Shah on December 04, 2012
Amazing you are ! wonderful upload. Dil hee tumhi ko diya re, Chahe tum
mitana par na tum girana Aansoon ki tarah nigah se...woooow what a Romantic
& superb song picturized on my favorite pair...Nutan jee is simply are beyond compare Jaanu as Shailsaab says all the
made my morning..thanks with much love. a very good morning to you..
rumahale on December 04, 2012
Movie: Tere Ghar Ke Samne (1963) Cast: Dev Anand,Nutan etc. Lyrics: Hasrat
Jaipuri Music: Sachin Dev Burman Singer: Mohammad Rafi A movie that is
known for entertainment with beautiful songs and stars performance. This
one from Mohammad Rafi in divine voice is superb - popular too during those
days. Thank you for its revival.
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