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Comments on song "Dil Me Sama Gaye Sajan"
jasbongy on February 13, 2010
Beautiful handsome pair, Madhubala ji and Dilip Kumar ji. Excellent
song,sung sooo well by Lata ji and Talat ji. Thanks Majeed ji for this
beautiful treat to ears and eyes. 10***************** With respect. Sarla.
RituPM :) FEELThePurityPeace&DepthINMusicINYourShr on February 13, 2010
What a sweet romantic song! :) Sung so sweetly by Lataji & by Talatji in
his inimitable dreamy voice! Having an affinity to open nature prairies
amid the wilderness LOVE the picnicky locations its picturized in! I was
just waiting for them to lay down the yummy spread! :) Cute couple they
surely make, Madhubala & Dilip Kumar in his youth. :) I wonder how many
such vintage music Gems ARE there? I keep getting pleasantly surprised at
the seemingly endless treats on YouTube! Thanks! :)13 Feb, 2010.
Chandrashekhar Gupta on February 15, 2010
Lata Mangeshkar on Madhubala, Talat Mehmood on Dilip Kumar, in Sangdil
(1952).Sajjad Husain's music on Aziz Kashmiri's lyrics.
Murtuza H on November 14, 2010
Is gane ki kin alfaaz me tareef ki jaye, samajh nahi pad rahi hai. Us
zamane mein her artist ka kaam ki janib kitna dedication tha, taajjub hai.
Gana sunkar aur dono ki adakari dekhkar dil aur seena khushion ke ehsaas se
bhar gaya. Upload karne wale saheb ka bohat shukriya.
Pashambay Baloch on March 08, 2011
@chandrashekhargupta Lyrics Rajender Krishan
Pashambay Baloch on March 08, 2011
@nickkohri If u mean Hindi/Urdu films of Bollywood then quantity of 350
films is very excessive. I think average 125 films were produced in a year
so your calculation should be 10 songs x 125 x 20 years = 25,000 songs
Ramananda Kumar Janamanchi on May 22, 2011
Good Duet by Lata and Talat. This song brings out lot of childhood memories.
tanvir shah on June 04, 2011
Lovely duet filmed on two all time great actor/actress.
Vijay Kumar on July 04, 2011
This is one of my favorite Lata/Talat duet, besides seene me sulagte hi
arman.. So many twits and turns and tantalizing score. Bravo. Thank you for
Prakash Thube on October 25, 2011
Music Director is Sajjad hussain. Outstanding Gem, had given music to only
13 films. U can't write history of hindi film music without him. Only
lata and Noorjehan could sing his songs...
Atiq Rahman on December 02, 2011
MADHUBALA & Dilip Kumar together---------------------what a great romantic
Azeez Ahmad on March 04, 2012
Sheer bliss. Never seen such a care free romantic scene on/off the screen
(and perhaps never will). Two extremely good looking young lovers seem to
be totally unaware of the camera. No vulgarity (as late Shammi Kapoor used
to applaud). Entertainment for one and all. Many thanks for reviving
precious memories
Bhupinder Pujji on March 23, 2012
this is indeed avery romantic song and dilip and madhubala seem to be in
love in the real life and an evergreen melody myself bhupinder pujji and
pavitra my cosinger sang many a times to the audiences agreat duet
talatmahmood+latamangeshkar EVERGREEN OLS GOLD MELODY
mohammad anwar Darvesh on March 24, 2012
evergreen song
mohammad anwar Darvesh on March 24, 2012
evergreen song
Khusro Elley on May 02, 2012
Six people at their peak conspired to make this song.Dilip, Madhubal,
Talat, Lata and Sajjad Hussain. A gem and truly beautifull song.
Montymonty10 on May 18, 2012
My absolutely favourite song,so romantic and beautifully done.
Vijay Rajurs on July 01, 2012
melody par excellence
Vijay Rajurs on July 14, 2012
what freshness i their romance.
JOGESH KAVIRAJ on August 16, 2012
What a beautifully composed song picturised by the great loving duo and
sung by Talat the great .I mean all three greats!!!.The real
Sangdil!!!Thanks amk...drkaviraj
shahidlatif866sl on December 13, 2012
A masterpiece. Can anybody top that?
Nilesh Modi on January 23, 2013
Talat-Lata-Sajjad-Sandil. Could one ask for more? What words? What music?
This song is like old wine - gets sweeter and sweeter as it ages. Other
songs from Sangdil are equally melodious.
vaishalim73 on February 17, 2013
What would life have been without Talat, Lata and Sajjad ? And to top it
all the most beautiful Madhubala.This is where one finds life. Many thanx
for this beautiful melody.
Hosagrar Suresh on March 11, 2013
sajjad hussain was the king of rythms.
ASLAM SHARIF on March 22, 2013
kash ke ye daur phir se laut a'ai.
Viswanathan Nair on May 30, 2013
Really great ,Sajjad Hussain rightly finds a place in Lataji's list of 10
best composers.
tanvir shah on June 10, 2013
kaash ye mumkan hota !
nandu1f on June 15, 2013
This song is the best romantic duet of the pairs, both the singers as well
as actors. Filmed with the verdant background, Dilip has displayed his best
subdued romantic acting & with Madhubala's love-lorne manners it truly
makes the sequence unforgetable. I cannot tire of watching the combined
magic of the melody and the romance. Two other comparable romance sequences
come close - Dilip-Meena in Yahudi (in the garden) & Sunil Dutt-Nutan in
Sujata (O Majhi). Thanks Abdul ji- good print.
Harjap Aujla on June 18, 2013
A romantic masterpiece. It is a great tribute to the professionalism of
music director Sajjad Hussain, who never cared about the tastes of the
producers, but created unforgettable music compositions. Both Talat Mahmood
and Lata Mangeshkar did their best to make this song immortal.
Santosh Bakre on July 24, 2013
sajjad ki tarjiyan bahut achhi hoti thi...he was real eagle of that era of
Ajay Bhuta on August 08, 2013
Fantastic Duet song N I agree with the cooments of Harjap Aujla & Nandu1f
Thanks Abdul ji good video
YTsongs on September 19, 2013
Nice pair, song is good too.Thanks.
gopal sinha on September 20, 2013
Good one..however ye hawa ye rat ye chandni was far better and more
mastkalandr on September 20, 2013
A loving pair indeed ,.. this was time when they were in real love ..1952
mastkalandr on September 20, 2013
Truly said..
Priya MyMusicalHeaven on September 21, 2013
What a melodious creation by Sajaad Hussain ! Of course, Lataji's and Talat
Mahmood's voices cast their spell on me, and their renditions are excellent
as always. Rajinder Krishan's lyrics are sweet. On-screen, MB and DK have
great chemistry. Don't tire of listening to this one easily. Thanks for
this duet.
mastkalandr on September 25, 2013
Welcome, Indeed , a enchanting melody created by the true music maestro.
This was the time when Dilip Kumar and Madhubala were seriously involved in
the real romance .. Thanks for sharing.
Ramesh Thakrar on May 07, 2014
It is dil mei sama gaye SAJAN, not " sanam" Haven't I been singing this
for many years?
Krishnaswamy Vijayakumar on May 28, 2014
I am having more confidence that after listening this song by our new PM
WILL change the name of Lucknow to TALAT MAHMOOD. 
M. Saleem Raikodi Raikodi on August 22, 2014
The music looks so original it is said Sajjad was a cranky genius and
wouldnt budge on what he thought was right. Aka OP Nayyar. looking at Madhu
and Dilip, it looks that love was in the air that time. evergreen melody
rebhos1 on September 03, 2014
In every film of Dilip and Madhu, their body language proves how much they
were in love with each other. Hopefully will see them in the Heaven
ANWAR7579 on September 06, 2014
What a nice song!
Shailesh Burse on September 22, 2014
unforgettable melody, romantisism at its peak as dilipkumar and madhubala
might have strong bonding during this movie,,,,hats off to sajjadji the
greatest composer
Ashok Apte on October 06, 2014
Alas, such melodious and meaningful songs are made in today's times.They
give peace of mind and are noiseless.
Miriam Verghese on October 14, 2014
a lovely melodious romantic song sung by lataji and talatji on cute
handsome Dilip sahab and lovely Madubalaji . a beautiful pair on screen
and off screen. Dilip sahab is very good in romantic scenes. if u listen
this song hundred times you will not get bored. 
Joseph Thomas on March 11, 2015
Two mistakes:Just watch 3.54-3.57 Also read looks up to him
Joseph Thomas on March 14, 2015
It is Madhubala and Madhubala all the way. I watch,not listen to, this
song several times practically every day. Be it romance,
melancholy,comedy, mirth she is superb. Just watch 3.54-3.57 the way in
which she looks up at him.Is it the ultimate expression of love towards
her love? Who else can perform that three seconds
Hasmukh Jhaveri on April 08, 2015
very sweet romantic music by sajjad husein.
Suresh Tulsiani on May 13, 2015
True Classic and Evergreen song by all the Greats of our times.
kay9100 on August 06, 2015
My most favorite song from my child hood
Absolutely resonates in every nerve of mine. I love this song with all of
my heart
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