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Comments on song "Do Anjaane Ajnabi Chale Bandhne Bandhan"
Mohd Anisramjan on February 20, 2008
i love to movie all married relshationship married his one hard and one
body All Anish to HAPPY marrised
sandy1777 on March 05, 2008
Learn english and comment
Hina mo on March 14, 2008
LOL!!! I need translation.
sandy1777 on March 17, 2008
I think sunnya143 comment is a machine generated comment code.. It is
making sense only 10% of time. :|
sarah raza on March 24, 2008
hey, u guys r being a little harsh on sunnya143
ikramroxalways on March 25, 2008
I hope someone like Shahid(as prem) comes even in my life!!
ikramroxalways on March 25, 2008
I agree with ya sarahr2486!!!
sarah raza on March 26, 2008
haha, good luck with that;)
ikramroxalways on March 27, 2008
yaar thats what i n trying to say that u dont have to speak english !!!
johnnash1 on April 04, 2008
this movie had some great songs;don't know why many critics didn't like this movie's songs
pu123456789 on April 07, 2008
RAUL JAZE on April 09, 2008
God...Udit Narayan...u r incomparable bro.Amazing voice..we auzzi guys wud
die 4 ya voice in love with u cuz! ;-)
MihirJ on April 23, 2008
is she really ur cousin...or are u just makin it up
thisismywebsite on April 24, 2008
u mad, why would i make such a thing up?
im not desperate for fame.
but yeah she is my cousin sister, mum's brother's daughter.
MihirJ on April 24, 2008
oh k...thats cool...i know, well some people are just crazy about one celeb n they have like a whole site on yea...well its good to know that u r a sober and down to earth
jhaneeraj on April 26, 2008
this is my most favourite song
Richie Christian on May 08, 2008
LOL what a loser u are
deutschkeerti on May 10, 2008
can't get enough of it... a Beautiful, beyond words movie!
anandtn on May 15, 2008
Its kind of rare to get good movies like this. Thanks for posting this
chushmush on May 15, 2008
make these movies rarely tut tut...
latvia3737 on May 15, 2008
i loved this movie a lot, feel like watchin it again
aniyathipravu810 on May 15, 2008
this is soo sweet and romantic...i love how they're..or she is afraid to
make eye contact...he's soo nervous...sooo how its old
fashioned...lovee it!!
aaarjunnn on May 20, 2008
amrita is so beautiful...
liby1234 on May 21, 2008
is it jus me or is there a very high pitched sound interference in the bakground of this song???
bdcutie16 on May 26, 2008
ill b so hapy if dey get married
mustafa maaygbn on May 27, 2008
sorry bdcutie16 i was want to press the good one
rani khan on May 28, 2008
omg they are so shy hehehe
rommeohartz on May 28, 2008
dis song basicly sums up da good syd of traditional asian is buff
ryhan1401 on May 30, 2008
that's the so-called suraj barjatya effect he he lolz
G. Hari on June 03, 2008
shreya and udit...a perfect combo for a melody.
finetunetube on June 04, 2008
She looks absolutely sweet, sushil, sundar types. Bahu material ;)
hellopisces on June 10, 2008
shahid and amrita couple so sweet
susan azian on June 12, 2008
nice song i love it...!!~~
sj2k on June 18, 2008
Reassure me. I hope Amrita or Shahid received an award for this movie?
R3dDevil7 on June 22, 2008
his so fit in this video!!
devgankajol on June 30, 2008
hmmm why should we hate u?? its your opinien,what can we do for that.
eventhogh i am inressted to know why u hate this movie? because i liked it
so was so cute :)
zaara217661 on July 01, 2008
Unfortunately no they didn't. Kareena got the best actress award for Omkara and Hrithik for Krrish.
anandtn on July 01, 2008
Nice sequence and good song. Thanks for posting.
missy2045 on July 01, 2008
love this song=)
angal13317 on July 01, 2008
its too slow for me. they always tooo lovey dovey and i aint in to that. i appreciete ur thoughts on this. lol. vry1 in my family finks im crazy coz i hate this film. i fell asleep in the first half and hour!!!lol nd yet i knw the story cos mi friend told me
mbrocs13 on July 01, 2008
i luv this movie, u have to be a real romantic or sweet person to luv this
movie, its so cute!! and they make a nice sweet and innocent.
he's better with her than kareena.
devgankajol on July 02, 2008
well.yea a little bit. BUt its was romantic though..:)
1aishu1 on July 04, 2008
like the song & shahid and amrita r the best& cutest pair
Harpz45 on July 04, 2008
I love this movie sooomuch, but cant sum1 put the movie on youtube in parts soi can watch it again!!!! plz.
beenishk on July 08, 2008
U fell asleep because u felt a good soothing romantic sense in it made u
beenishk on July 08, 2008
this is for : angal13317 "U fell asleep because u felt a good soothing
romantic sense in it made u relax" so deep and penetrating
nightingale on July 11, 2008
AWHHHH!! this movie makes me like arranged marriages! this has GOT to be
the cutest song ive seen! the look on his face and the tenderness of the
whole song! im watching it again!
shamimb on July 12, 2008
What's the name of the movie?
Neetuheer on July 21, 2008
I love that song..bcz it's full of feeling...!!
sunshine82007 on July 24, 2008
this song makes me want to have an arranged marriage!! its beautiful.
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