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Comments on song "Dulhania Dulhania"
jbilling on August 08, 2008
could you upload the whole movie?
mijdamijit on August 17, 2008
this is soooo nice and i love it(-_-)
vickykanns on August 23, 2008
one of my favoirte song of all time
videogames3 on August 28, 2008
this is awsome
helemaalnaamloos on September 12, 2008
GamzeliS on September 16, 2008
wouw phantastic and with german subtitles amazing O_O
marchuy306 on October 05, 2008
lifelover000 on December 06, 2008
akshay, bobby, kareena and lara forever!
afggal55 on December 11, 2008
i really hated wen bobby dances.
kickurask on December 18, 2008
havent u seen him dance?
Tass4eva on January 10, 2009
where did you download this song from ?!
juliesngh on January 22, 2009
sad movie, akshay was so hot, as always...
zareee on February 07, 2009
kaeerna luks better in asian clothes
fashion0900 on February 11, 2009
you're absolutely right! :) they should do more movies together
Hajra Nasir on February 19, 2009
afggal55 on February 19, 2009
lol. another bobby fan? lmao . ur a fag
KareenaOnline on March 02, 2009
Kareena Looks So Wow
kajol154 on March 18, 2009
well i can make 1 for a person that does not like bbby becuz they are maybe jealous if bobby cause bobby can do better than him lolololololol who is jealous u are
kajol154 on March 18, 2009
i said i can make 1 point for a person that does not like bobby and cuz u are jealous of bobby
afggal55 on March 19, 2009
no u didnt.
immyal16 on April 04, 2009
i think bobby and akki both luk gud, well there both gud luking but dude dats my opinion
ukz1punjabiprincess on April 07, 2009
why are there german subtitles?? anyways great track as always
54spiritedwill54 on April 12, 2009
karatemonky123 on April 25, 2009
hahaha i know right? it doesn't make sense to me, but it's ok, still a
wonderful song makes me wanna get up and dance
bollylove90 on May 05, 2009
i love this song! it's a beautiful movie with great cast, especially bobby and akshay. it's always good to see both together on-screen. it's definitely a story in which everyone should learn something about.
tendulkarisgod on May 10, 2009
hitler isnt here!
TibOu786 on May 19, 2009
look at the belly at kareena
5311dn on May 28, 2009
Woow! Look at how much weight Kareena has lost :|
AfghanpowerNL on May 29, 2009
Very Mast song!
Ruma Amar on June 19, 2009
awesome songg love it soo much i'll make sure this song is played at my
engagement ;)
Muslimakurd on June 24, 2009
niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee kareena great job my lovely song
jullyia D on June 24, 2009
which movie is this from?
Salma Ali on June 26, 2009
This song is from the movie Dosti : Friends Forever i totally recommend
this song but make sure you sit and watch this film with a box of tissues
:) this song is tottaly so good
jullyia D on June 29, 2009
thanks grl...i sure will!!
naciimka143 on July 03, 2009
I know it's amazing. You should see the clips from her newest movie where
she acts as a model...She looks so thin and prettier.
Rohini j on July 13, 2009
Dosti- friends forever
Rohini j on July 13, 2009
How sad is it ?
NYCBMed on July 13, 2009
amazing film.superhit song!
ramish ZADE on August 16, 2009
love this movie
2827519 on September 14, 2009
me e3ncanta muxisimo ewsta cancion es lo maximo los admiro chicos bye
cdesen muxisimo ok bye.
Seesee971 on October 11, 2009
the boy karan and raj were best friends since childhood and raj died of lukemia i think i have the movie im not sure wat he died with it but i no raj died
TibOu786 on October 17, 2009
emotional film funny is a great film i don't like the end akshay is dead!!!
MrHassanshahzad on October 18, 2009
ya song banda shadi pa lagany ka dil to karta ha magar humary rasmo rawaj
is tarah kary ki ijazat nai this songgggggggg
Bollywoodmylife on October 22, 2009
gibt das film auch auf deutsch cool oha !
Sophia K on November 07, 2009
very sad, i cried through the last part lol
suzilkhan on November 11, 2009
verry verry verry nice vdo yar, luv this, i want 2 dowmload it.. how can i ?
millionstylez1 on November 24, 2009
i miss the old bobby and his action films
omary6190 on November 29, 2009
yeah i dont lyk it too. it made me cried... oh god what a great movie i
have ever seen in Bollywood. even Hollywood's dont have something similar
like that
kasiia1 on December 09, 2009
Il et triste ce film l"a une des garcon il va mourire miskine sa ma faiit pleure j'aimme tro les indou surtout les film
Sana Gulzar on December 10, 2009
i love the way bobby dances :D
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