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Comments on song "Ghar Aaja Ghir Aaye Badara Sanwariya"
donnel rasquinha on April 27, 2008
melodious song by lata,brings back lots of memories
LforLata on May 06, 2008
was waiting from long tme thanks..
jiten ray on August 13, 2008
this is the first film for R.D.Burman as music director, and perhaps the
first for Mehmood as the male lead.
alemoh on August 18, 2008
Wow my grandmother would listen to this song when we were growing up...
Nice melody and nice memory... thank you for posting...
falsa99 on September 07, 2008
can any one tell which raag is this.. its so melodious
alemoh on September 10, 2008
This is an older very beautiful song. My grandmother use to listen to this.
Wow what memories. Thanks for posting.
anand303030 on September 16, 2008
this is rag Malgunji. Another song in this rag is Nain ko nain nahin milao from janak janak payal baje
Madhu90210 on October 24, 2008
It is not surprising that Mehmood was the lead actor in this movie since it was a home production. I don't know if this was his first movie as a leading man or not but he has had a few. In fact some very nice romantic songs have been filmed on him. His sister Meenu Mumtaz played the role of his elder sister in this movie. In this clip the girl crying at home is Ameeta while Mehmood is enjoying the dancing of a courtesan. She appears to be Shubha Khote who was paired with Mehmood in many movies.
Madhu90210 on October 24, 2008
Mehmood gave R. D. Burman his first chance to become a Music Director with Chhote Nawab and Asha Bhonsle acknowledged this when she invited Mehmood's chhote nawab (his son Lucky Ali) to join her on stage to sing. She said Pancham would have been proud to have been able to give Lucky Ali the chance since he owed his own chance to Mehmood. What a nice acknowledgement.
Madhu90210 on October 24, 2008
It is said that R. D. Burman felt that for his success his 1st song had to be sung by Lata Mangeshkar. However, in those days there was some trouble between Lata & S. D. Burman and they were not working together. R. D. Burman asked his dad to seek out Lata and mend their differences so that Lata would sing his 1st song. She did and it was an instant hit. Her making up with S. D. Burman also lead to many beautiful songs they created together in the 60s such as those in the movie Guide.
BlueNargis on December 08, 2008
This is not Shubha Khote though I dont know who she is.
Meha Dalal on February 05, 2009
Sheila Vazz. She was also in CID leke pahela pahela pyar
oldsongsfan on March 07, 2009
There is a wonderful song of Kamal Barot on
Sheila Vazz- Suna Hai Jabse -Film-Ranudada.
Do watch it & enjoy.
ElenoroftheShire on April 09, 2009
The sweetness of music and the words and the simplicity of love and longing cannot be duplicated ever.
vithalrukmai on June 27, 2009
beautiful song! thanks for posting.
Bharat Pandya on September 20, 2009
Shula Dhavan of Ramaiyaa vastaavaiyaa fame
durlabh kolhe on October 08, 2009
r.d.s debute film produced by his freind mehmood.a good classical score by
r.d. and lata.
Rmehtacpa on December 05, 2009
The best of all classics of Lata that RD produced.
MelodyQueenLATA on January 26, 2010
Just simply a wonderful upload, really enjoyed it, thank
aramuskguy on January 30, 2010
The first song that R.D.Burman ever composed ( officially at least) for a
movie and it had to be Lata Mangeshkar to sing the song. One of RDB's best
compositions ever.Lata gave her best to this song , composed by the son
of S.D.Burman for whom she had already sung some immortal songs.Wonder
what Dada Burman thought of this song !
Vineesh Vedsen on March 04, 2010
i have liked this song from the time I was 5 years old
sanjayd411 on March 21, 2010
I remeber listening to this song on radio in India many years ago as a
young boy and even today it still sounds as amazing as it did then. Lata
Mangeshkar said somewhere that when she recorded this song she knew that
there was something special about the then 22yrs old young music
director...a.k.a Rahul Dev Burman.
araniees on April 01, 2010
Yes She is Shiela Vaz of Ramayaa vasthaa vayya & O leke pehala pehala pyar (CID) Dancer also in Tumsa nahi Dekha -Arani Apparao - Hyderabad-A.P.
yusufjuneja on June 23, 2010
fazilsyed47 on August 01, 2010
As I am not a music student I am not sure but as I know from here or there that is tune is based on Raag Tilak Kamod which is used for sad situation. There are some songs that are also on this Raag I think as these all sound near one another. Ye neer kahan se barse hain , ye badri kahan seaayi hai. -Lata in (?) film. Abke baras bhej bhaiya ko babul- Asha in film Bandini. Hiya jarat rahat din rain- Mukesh in film Godan.
shama475 on September 01, 2010
yeah this was his first film ...rd burman that is...mehmood gave him the chance and sincethen he took him in every film of fact he played a tiny comic role is bhoot bangla also in pyar ka mausam ...and he's hilarious in it with rajenranath.
itna khubsurat geet unhone ki compose kiya tha pehle pehal...what a genius...
shama475 on September 01, 2010
waise ek aur verse hai is geet ka.
Somnath Mukherjee on October 22, 2010
@fazilsyed47 : i thought this is based on Raag Malgunji. no?
5umair on October 23, 2010
Look at this, this was his his first film.. Truly He was born as a great musician RD Burman ur music will never die
raqib56 on November 19, 2010
@ wah wah Dada,
kiya kehne he !!
Soubhik Ghosh on December 29, 2010
What a composition.,Long live Panchamda and Lala Mangeskar
Soubhik Ghosh on December 29, 2010
can anyone tell me who the dancer is?is it Subha Khote ?anyway whoever it
is,just did a marvelous job,in those days there were no concept of
choreographer,yet such beautiful renditions
Rmehtacpa on January 13, 2011
TOO GOOD a song to be film like this and on a supporting role
players...what a poor direction.
Rmehtacpa on January 14, 2011
TOO GOOD a song to be filmed like this and on a supporting role
players...what a poor direction. In fact could not be a dance sequence.
Bajimastani on February 28, 2011
I understand the dancer is Sheila Vaz. She also danced in the famous song
"Leke pehla pehla pyar" with Deva Anand, Shakila and the harmonium player
who looks like Dev too.
Vijayavaman bobberjung on March 21, 2011
Did u listen to those sitar and saarangi score! Beat it. this is RD Burman.
Oh lovely lovely song. Yes this need not have been a dance number.
sanjayd411 on April 25, 2011
With this masterpiece of a song began RD's illustrious and unparalleled
career as a music director in india. He gave a quick glimpse of his talents
here and went on to give thousands of melodies which till today remain in a
class by themselves. May God bless you in the heaven Pancham...and rest in
Rajiv Vijayakar on June 10, 2011
Kahin bekhayal hokar was ghost-composed by Jaidev as SD's assistant.
Rmehtacpa on June 25, 2011
Perhaps the first commerical product and the finest of
Rmehtacpa on June 25, 2011
@Bajimastani YES she is Selia Vaz who came to my small town Navsari with
Mohd Rafi, Hazara Singh (The Electtic Guitar Player) and troop to perform
on the opening of the film theather in 1950s.
Mr1saleem on June 30, 2011
This beautiful song is composed in raag "malgunji" taal roopak, vow what
sweetnes, melody, depth, impact on mood.
diwanee3 on August 13, 2011
RDB,the melody maker extraordinaire...thx for the upload...
saty007hyd on August 28, 2011
What a composition! Evergreen melody... Thanks for posting it here
Ashok Karnik on December 03, 2011
one of the finest compositions of Panchamda
gopal sinha on December 04, 2011
Beautiful composition, beautifully sung and picturised..hardly imagine a
more graceful and sophisticated favourite and one of the best by
Ramesh Thakrar on December 06, 2011
One cannot but feel that Only Lataji could have sung such melodiously,
although the music seems simple.
Mohan Udiavar on December 25, 2011
Thanks for the beautiful song in raag Malgunji.
Rmehtacpa on January 19, 2012
This was Rd's first movie as MD where all the numbers he scored were just
excellent, this one being the leading one. Later in his careear though RD
did come up with great ones but his first film music was the foremost.
Ramesh Thakrar on February 06, 2012
I can go on listening to this for ever.
pallav mishra on May 31, 2012
quite like O Sajna Barkha, there is a light effervescence in this song that
reminds me of the earthy smell of the first rains of monsoon..
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