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Comments on song "Ghunghte Me Chanda Hai"
MIssN0rge on January 13, 2007
hosh na kho de kahin josh main dekhne wala :P
00khj on December 29, 2007
tero bau ko tau ko bujhis SRK!!!!!!!!
tigerbay2k8 on January 04, 2008
OMG thanx you so much for posting this song this use to be my childhood
song! thanx
soh212 on January 30, 2008
asalaam alay cum... love this song
00khj on January 31, 2008
oie sale marda ko choro ho bhane ahija khelne sale comments ma muk charchas
shabz27x4 on February 11, 2008
i luv SRk!!!!!!! he rockz in any movie!!!
NoursViolin on March 06, 2008
ooh he was so young here.but i love him at anyway
xfrankyx on March 24, 2008
i know me too!
al3areed on April 11, 2008
this is a cool gauri and shankar
farikhan on April 12, 2008
lol look athis mulit love SRK anyone know wherei can watch the whole film?
afghan4lyfe143 on May 22, 2008
i wanna c dis movie ma mom told me its rellli gud
lorrybollywood on May 23, 2008
i didnt love SRk,but agter this movie i absolutely adore
him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!But madhuri i always loved till now
Farakh Iqbal on June 26, 2008
remember this film. brilliant absoutly brilliant
SerenaLoveYou on July 04, 2008
Ghunghte Me Chanda Hai Phir Bhi Hai Phela Charon Aur Ujala
Ghunghte Me Chanda Hai
Phir Bi Hai Phela Charon Aur Ujala
Hosh Na Kho De Kahin
Josh Mein Dekhne Wala
Hosh Na Kho De Kahin
AishaG20 on July 06, 2008
sharukhan, oh my my.. looks even hotter now than he did when he was younger
gangstagyal786 on July 07, 2008
i luv dis film sooo muchhh
alokofaarmax on July 12, 2008
Which movie?
starybkvp on July 13, 2008
i believe the movie was koyla
EmR992 on July 20, 2008
best movie.
sharukh and madhuri are great.
diwana74 on July 23, 2008
this movie is horrible, except for the amazing chemistry between SRK and Nene...

Now I want to see it again :)
zhang2003 on July 24, 2008
wat is he sayin in the song?
Rashad786Raja on August 01, 2008
Me to lol, johnny Lever so funny
shomel3000 on August 03, 2008
i luv this song its da bst init, shk is a great dancer!!!!!
sassygirlzenab on August 05, 2008
dis movie is the ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MZS on August 07, 2008
its my fav song till now
adamjamesv on August 09, 2008
even the fresh girls love shah rukh khan. why tho??
Nadia78687 on August 12, 2008
its all about CHARM-- if ur charming--- u can pretty much get any woman...
Shama Shezadi on August 12, 2008
The best bit is the ending...when he climbs on the chandlier and sees her
in her room and vice versa! Classic scene!
Shama Shezadi on August 12, 2008
oh yeh i 4got to add..the music at the background the women's voice...v gud!
Yemenigreen on August 24, 2008
this love story make me cry
Nadia78687 on August 30, 2008
why does that matter :)
Tahir Ali on September 09, 2008
the bit where he jumps and falls on his knees, he actually had to have an
operation in real life because he landed awkwardly and that dealyed the
kessaven on September 09, 2008
this movie should have worked more! it's still very fresh... but one of
srk's best rakesh too the action ,the locations are breathtaking in the
film it was quite audacious(for India) too a mute slave running away with
his mater's bride Rip Amrish Puri!!We'll miss you
Medina B on September 10, 2008
looooovveee shahrukh khaannnn <33333
urmila on September 16, 2008
owais shah iam live in karachi and my sell phone num 03463233014
urmila on September 16, 2008
really this is not my matter ak baat phoch raha tha main bus
urmila on September 16, 2008
ok this is owais shah and obvisely your name nadia ap karachi se ho
Nadia78687 on September 17, 2008
--what makes u think Im from Karachi?! :) Not even close-- Im from
Dove_93 on September 22, 2008
soniadid on September 23, 2008
The song tanhai tanhai of koyla was shot in a lake in Utaaranchal state of
india. The lake has since been named Madhuri lake, such is the Madhuri
stardom, at her prime she was the biggest star bigger than SRK or Amitabh.
urmila on September 24, 2008
am w8 your ans nadia
Nadia78687 on September 24, 2008
I did answer u- Im not from Karachi--- from US..
urmila on September 25, 2008
so u r from Faisalabad or us.? im confused.
Nadia78687 on September 26, 2008
Well My family is from Rawlpindi, Lahore, Faisalabad..Im Born n'raised in
the US...
tanyalass on September 28, 2008
"The moon faced beauty is under a veil, still there's brightness all
around. The beholder might lose self-control. Beauty has become the bride
today. This person (the groom) is so fortunate. For a glimpse of the
beautiful face,not just the heart(is he willing to give up),but one is
prepared to give up his life too (as well). The one who sees your face is
indeed a fortunate person." That's pretty much it. He's just repeating
those line's. It's such a good song. Shah Rukh is the best.
neojumper8 on October 01, 2008
i love you and best song
amreenndjunaid on October 02, 2008
i luv the film nd the songs
01JustinLover on October 05, 2008
ii loovee this song
i love shahrukh khan
sweetmaz266 on October 08, 2008
wat a movie ace!!!!!!!!! lov dis sng
tanyalass on October 09, 2008
I translated the lyrics to the song. But, It didn't stick as a reply.
Anyway, their there in the comments if your still interested. :)
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