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Comments on song "Hai Sabse Madhur Woh Geet"
Murtuza271920 on March 17, 2010
Beautiful lyrics of Shailendra in beautiful voice of Talat Mehmood and Shankar Jaikishan's music. It is said that this song happened to be the most favourite song of Shailendra Saheb himself among the innumerable songs that he had written of very high quality. He is at the top in the list of my favourite lyricists.
crazyoldsongs on April 02, 2010
how sad ! only one comment on this immortal melody !
ParagSamant on April 16, 2010
Beautiful song... the poetry is fantastic
muniruddin on April 27, 2010
just great. talat's voice and shankar-jaikishan's music just great. shukria.
dptxp on May 31, 2010
One of my top favorites. Not easy to sing.
tango48 on June 08, 2010
sweetest are the songs that tell of saddest thoughts !
missoni2009 on June 30, 2010
just doesn't get any better, such an amazing song, classic melody, these kinds of songs will never be written, composed and sung!
Hiren Patel on July 09, 2010
Another gem of Talat,Dev and SJ. Regards
rumahale on July 09, 2010
@ragashree Thanks for liking and appreciation.
johnsandrabaitali on July 19, 2010
Beautiful song Mahale Bhai. Like it very much. I have sing also sab kuch
luta ke, hope you will like it. Thanks for uploading this song. I enjoy so
much. Regards John.
rumahale on July 20, 2010
@johnsandrabaitali Thanks. I will go through your rendering soon.
rumahale on July 20, 2010
@bvkvonpune Thanks.
MusafirHoonYaro on January 29, 2011
@tango48 - Wasn't that poet P. B. Shelley who said that?
tango48 on January 29, 2011
@MusafirHoonYaro - yes the same!
yogaisgoogygoogy on February 16, 2011
Excellence does not need advertisement nor manipulations !
Dev in his fantastic, handsome youth ! ( No need for hairdyes and face lifts!)
Shanker Jaikishen's heavenly songs !
Talat and Hemant's wonderful voices !
Nostalgia !
We were very young too !
What more did we need to feel totally blissful ?
Those were the days , my friends !
paatusiriki on April 24, 2011
what a wonderful song, talat's voice, Dev's wonderful acting, music and the
direction everything is just perfect. but can some one please translate
this song for me thanks.
trf4et5y on May 05, 2011
wat a song, this is the true inspriation of life when the critical sitution comes.
crazyoldsongs on May 05, 2011
one of talat's best gems ! an immortal combination of shailendra , shanker
jaikishan and talat and dev anand's gentle expressions truly match the song
! thank you so much .
rumahale on September 16, 2011
@mushmax Thanks.
rumahale on October 09, 2011
@crazyoldsongs Previously I was knowing only two songs - "kisi ne apna
banake mujhko" and "yaad kiya dil ne",but on introduction to YouTube I came
across this song and video. It has proved number one choice in the movie
for reasons mentioned by you. This also draws memory to learned Prof. Vipan
Chandraji often citing Shelly -"sad is beautiful". I simply agree. Thanks
for critical appreciation.
crazyoldsongs on October 09, 2011
@rumahale you are welcome ! this was very popular too and played often on
the radio ! the movie was also shown on dd long time back and has a moving
story and is quite ahead for its times !
rumahale on October 29, 2011
@paatusiriki Also Lyrics. Thanks for liking and rich appreciation.
ib422000 on November 06, 2011
This song goes straight to the heart like a hot knife through
resistance.only loving acceptance.
ib422000 on November 06, 2011
Thank you! And for the perfectly written lyrics...
rumahale on November 06, 2011
@ib422000 Thanks again.
rumahale on November 06, 2011
@ib422000 Thanks for appreciation and nice comments.
mukulkamat20 on December 05, 2011
@paatusiriki The song sung in the 'sur' of pain is the sweetest of all.
When happiness crosses all limits, tears automatically come out (of eyes)
purutoke on January 18, 2012
such a beautiful and touching lyrics.and equally beautifully composed by
great SJ pair.Dev saab is best as usual.thanks for uploading!
rumahale on January 18, 2012
@purutoke Absolutely right. It was a great movie in all respects. Thanks
for liking and nice critique.
rumahale on January 26, 2012
@sabmeet28790 Thanks for liking.
doc rita on January 26, 2012
Very melodious song
rumahale on January 26, 2012
@rita147001 Thanks for liking.
doc rita on July 26, 2012
Very beautiful song. Superb lyrics, melodious music by SJ and heavenly
voice I keep watching it again and again. Dev Anand looks so elegant and
graceful. Great actor Great loss for Indian cimema
rumahale on July 26, 2012
Absolutely. Everything is beautiful. Usha Kiron also did well. This movie
was ahead of its time. Thanks for liking and nice comments.
abyss bhaas on July 26, 2012
In one of interviews, Talatsaab told that this song was his most favourite
and was the best among his other songs.
rumahale on July 26, 2012
Precious information indeed; one can experience what Talat Sahab told.
Aarush Bailur on September 06, 2012
In fact Talat ji had mentioned at the beginning of a live performance at
Shanmukhananda Hall, Bombay (which I had the GREAT fortune of attending)
that the first line of this song embodied the very essence of his approach,
and that's why he chose to sing so many "sad" songs.
rumahale on September 07, 2012
I am delighted to know your mentioning Talat Mahmood saying about the first
line and that it formed essence of his approach that led to sing sad songs.
We are most fortunate with his approach. Thank you for excellent comment.
syed abdul Razack on September 16, 2012
Any song sung in dard ke sur may will become immortal and Talat Mahmood is
immortal by singing this melodies song.for Patita What it really means.hats
off for talatji patita
rumahale on September 16, 2012
Well said - I agree with you. Thank you for liking and excellent comments
on the song and singing by Talat Mahmood.
Uma Rao on September 19, 2012
so veery beautiful and very touching.
rumahale on September 20, 2012
Absolutely - thank you for liking and appreciation.
Chandra Shekhar A.K. on December 05, 2012
Talat was the king of sad ghazals immortalised by great composers and
lyricists with their choice of tunes and words.
rumahale on December 09, 2012
Well said Sir; Thank you for liking and critical appreciation.
Nayyar Kamal on January 27, 2013
A heart touching lyric from the master poet of melancholy Shailender and
beautifully composed by the immortal master composers SJ and rended by
velvet voiced Talat.
rumahale on January 27, 2013
Perfect comment touching all aspects of the song. This is really
encouraging. Thank you.
Kalyan Iyer on February 16, 2013
You were lucky to have heard and seen Talat "live", sir. I did not belong
to that era, sadly. However, I had the good fortune of interviewing him in
1993 at his home in Juhu. Needless to say, it was a revelation and an
honor, to be in his presence. I heard the original recording "chal ud ja re
panchi" sung by Talat, which was later used in the film with Rafi's voice.
I spent 2 hours which were like "do pal".
rumahale on February 16, 2013
Great revelation. You are really blessed. Thank you for sharing it here.
rumahale on February 16, 2013
You did well - in fact great favour, in mentioning what Talat Mahmood had
told as essence of his singing; it is truly said that sad is always
beautiful. Thank you for sharing it here.
rumahale on February 16, 2013
Thank you for sharing this precious information here.
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