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Comments on song "Ham Aapke Hain Kaun"
viraj01 on February 26, 2008
salman khan used to be so good man
nural33 on February 26, 2008
this songs the bollocks
mastergm on March 17, 2008
This song alone set the stage for what was going to come in the film Hum
Aap ke Hein Kaun. This is fantastically organised film.
rockymavia5 on March 27, 2008
salman was young then ..
he's still good but now his youth isnt with him anymore...still he's the best
Deols25 on March 27, 2008
i love this song.i love Salman khan
Zohra Mutabanna on March 30, 2008
The restraint in this song depicts the restraint that made HAHK special
unlike other Rajshri films that followed - as extravagant as ever!
SanthushiRatwatte on April 02, 2008
Madhuri and Salman are amazingly good looking! I watched this movie on the big screen, god they created magic. Their faces are so lovely, full of emotion, that we can enjoy the entire song just looking at their faces, without any gimmicks!
vinitsankhe on April 12, 2008
both look so young and piece of beauty. Salman handsomeness of manhood and Madhuri epitome of womanhood.
indian11113 on April 13, 2008
ohh my god..i simply love this song and the movie..brings back my childhood memories..this was the first film i watched on big screen as a kid
whoisdaboss on April 13, 2008
hey which year was it released? im just curious!
whoisdaboss on April 15, 2008
bhavz03 on April 22, 2008
i really want to see this film! i cnt seem to find it anywhere online...can anybody help???plezzzzzz
tasha777 on May 01, 2008
what a nice song!
tasha777 on May 02, 2008
ive never seen such a great smile in my goodness she's beautiful.
sunsca on May 02, 2008
Probably the hindi movie i have watched maximum number of times.. my
favourite actress and actor in bollywood..
Varun Kumar on May 06, 2008
mazza a gaya
zohura6hk on May 07, 2008
Is this the whole film...hw do i knw which part is next..plz let me knw...wana watch this been ages thanx
Jannat4u on May 08, 2008
This is one of i favourite movie, which i have seen 'n' no. of times, and
would like to watch again and again... Salman is my favourite Actor, he has
such a sweet Smile. And this song, infact all the songs in this movie are
Jannat4u on May 08, 2008
This is just the beginning of the film, the film starts from this song.
barnchak on May 17, 2008
God, salman was so handsome back then... now he looks are nothing compared
to what it was
purplebutterfly15 on May 20, 2008
I love Madhuri, great actress and dancer!
heartfe1t on May 22, 2008
rajshri prdctns r struck with similar people in similar situations, there is no growth.
we got in in maine pyar kiya, then they go on and on till vivah!!
purplebutterfly15 on May 22, 2008
This song gives me the chills
vit78devi on May 24, 2008
Madhri Dixit and Salman Khan look really good
and young.
s23950 on June 02, 2008
i noe the entire industry has changed for no reason but publicity but the thing is that these movies also appel to a much broader audience
virgoirish on June 13, 2008
this song really make me cry... it was good memories .. time changed things changed ... i dont know what is life truth... living in abroad . and every thing what i lost last few years .. this song took me back my old days... :( :( :( :) :) :)
heru1966 on June 16, 2008
This is a really beautiful song and the music's haunting. Full marks all round!

Imani (Bradford).
saxequalslove09 on June 18, 2008
uhh no pal, you're thinking of "Maine Pyar Kiya". THAT song is a copy of Stevie Wonder's song
devilishtouch on June 21, 2008
magnetic eyes sallu.amazing innocent n pure dahz wot i call diz song...full of luv n purity n romance..i will continue to luv diz movie till da day i pass away.i have loved it since da first day it woz released n will continue to do so.
Shaikh Mohammad on June 21, 2008
hi (R) najamaslam
salmansgirl on June 25, 2008
This is one of the most beautiful movies ever made in India. I wish more
movies like this would be made, a complete entertainer not just for the
youth, but also for families. Kudos to Rajshri for making such a beautiful
Varun Kumar on June 29, 2008
This is one of the most beautiful movies ever made in India. I wish more
movies like this would be made, a complete entertainer not just for the
youth, but also for families. Kudos to Rajshri for making such a beautiful
Rohit Singh on July 01, 2008
Perhaps the best movie in Salman and Madhuri's career individually They
must be thanking God for giving them the opportunity to work in this movie
Tiny Popy on July 02, 2008
v nice song
zaara217661 on July 03, 2008
Handsome Salman & Beautiful Madhuri what a combination.
Varun Kumar on July 05, 2008
main jitni bar bhi yeh song sunta hu yeh mujhe phelhe se bhi behter lagta
hai bahut badita song hai
westfield90 on July 10, 2008
God I saw this movie about 10 times in the theater
sunderlekha2007 on July 16, 2008
yeah now i am nothing to u can u believe it she really messed u up and well
i didnt ask u to be so cruel and u were and u lost my trust she still wil
be standing u need to do some "voodu" on yourself to be successful in life
or u will keep falling on ur ass
Karan Sharma on July 17, 2008
Actually d background music is very nice.especially the sound which
seems as if it's this song...!!
SpinThind on July 22, 2008
most beautiful smile i have ever seen in my life is of Madhuri. She is the real legend.
Iformyself on July 25, 2008
I think tyhe best movie ever made and the best actors to play it i have seen this movie like more than 10 times love it all the time can never get over with it
himjamwal on July 27, 2008
i love thz video very much
Nalin Joshi on July 28, 2008
yes for modern films but who can beat the old time classics like mother
firmindani on July 30, 2008
Good Movie! Salman and Madhuri at their best but the 11 songs is too much.
We can consider as a Hindi Musical (not in true sense)
dragon on July 31, 2008
I remember me and my friend skipped school to go watch this movie. When
these two were shown on the screen with this song, we were screaming like
nuts. lol
ananya7ananya on August 02, 2008
myprincessforever on August 06, 2008
one of ma fav and best movie ever ...

love dis song .
hairspray001 on August 06, 2008
i saw dis movie wen i ws in india!=(
Shrina Shah on August 06, 2008
aww i love this song!! does any one no where i can watch this movie from
youtube??? if u have it please send it to me! thnks
salmansgirl on August 13, 2008
Amazing Movie, amazing song & one of the most beautiful beautiful movies
made in Bollywood...a true family entertainer!
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