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Comments on song "Hansne Ki Chah Ne Kitna Mujhe Rulaya Hai"
Harsha Kapileshwar on January 02, 2010
Thanks for sharing the song. Its beautiful.
keyboardteacher on February 07, 2010
Thanks for uploading. I love this song. Manna Da has sung it very
Sanjay Kantharia on February 09, 2010
this song invariably gets tears in my eyes everytime i hear it, since 25
rickbindra on June 22, 2010
A masterpiece from Manna dey! Pain is only my companion, that's very true.
umacind on July 03, 2010
Only the loved ones can give you pain.No one else has this beautiful gift for you.
mausumich on July 10, 2010
had forgotten this song till i heard it again and all the words came flooding back. was one of my favorit songs growing up. what a beautiful meaningful song.
amit977 on August 06, 2010
could someone please please upload the movie? i have looked for this movie
eyerywhere and have had no success whatsoever.
subrotox on December 11, 2010
Hats off to the genius who created the subtitle. He/she must be poet at heart. Kapil & Gyanendra wrote the lyrics but most of us fools thought is was by Gulzar. Now it was complemented by fine subtitle.
buttesanjeevan on December 25, 2010
mannadey is one of the legends that india has produced! His voice touches
the heart.Liricsof this song again ascertains rich literary tradition of
india.Hats off for this beautiful song!
luvsargam on February 04, 2011
Wow what a sweet meaningful song sung superbly by Manna Dey!
ranjitsagathiya on February 26, 2011
i love this song when i was struggler
Arijit Majumder on June 18, 2011
A gem frm our very own manna de...such a silken voice..havent come across
such a versatile singer...beautiful upload widout doubt...soul aphrodisiac
fca sanjay on July 27, 2011
and whole life is wasted in search of happiness...whenever i listen to this
song.. tears roll down my eyes... what pathos...
ashwani sharma on September 20, 2011
nice song by hemant da
Jasmin Kohli on January 08, 2012
chah ne itna mujhe rulaya hai koyi hamdard nahi dard mera saya hai dil toh
uljha hi raha jindagi ki bato me sanse jalti hain kabhi kabhi rato me kisi
ki aahate ye kaun muskuraya hai koyi hamdard nahi, dard mera saya hai sapne
chalte hi rahe roj nayi raho se koyi phisla hai abhi abhi baho se kisi ki
aah par taro ko pyar aaya hai koyi hamdard nahi, dard mera saya hai
rumahale on March 04, 2012
@sash1964 The singer is Manna Dey - mentioned as such on the caption and in
the introduction. Beautiful singing.
rumahale on March 04, 2012
Movie: Aavishkaar (1973) Sharmila Tagore, Rajesh Khanna starrer; Lyrics:
Kapil Kumar; Music: Kanu Roy; Singer: Manna Dey. Thanks for this beautiful
sugata chatterjee on April 28, 2012
tune by kanu roy is wonderful, complete justice done by manna dey in his
usual extremely melodious voice and style. the song becomes alive
chandrakishor bhatt on July 01, 2012
Mannada justified very correcttly with Kanu Roy and Kapil
.. Kisiki Aah Pe Taronko Pyar Aya Hai.Hats Off to
all the creators..
BOB IYER on July 11, 2012
What a beautiful voice,what a diction and control! Manna Babu is a great
singer. Great tune by Kanu Roy and beautiful lyrics.
BOB IYER on July 22, 2012
Manna Babu ! Your voice control and diction is superb and any aspiring
singer should emulate. You have done full justice to the poetry by bringing
out the meaning of the poem and that's what is playback singing is about.
May god give you a long life! Pranam!
Rakesh Bisht on November 01, 2012
Beautiful song.:)
57Jayesh on December 05, 2012
How true! The tragic story of a sensitive soul through a journey called
life. This has been one of my favorite songs since my youth (seventies). I
don't know why I liked such painful songs since my childhood.
Hem Tiwari on December 05, 2012
This song really makes me cry.
Hem Tiwari on December 05, 2012
Such a soulful voice.
DR ARTI SAHAI on December 06, 2012
Alok Chakravarty on January 12, 2013
Music director Kanu roy is genius. He also tuned music of 'Anubhav' and
Uski kahani It is really sad as to how such talented musicians r ignored..
Lakshmi G on January 28, 2013
People forget that Rajesh Khanna has some serious movies as well!
Rajeev Mathur on March 18, 2013
Phenomenal song
Saumendra Dash on June 19, 2013
real acting
Sovan Sundar Dasgupta on October 25, 2013
Impeccable voice - Manna Dey
DR ARTI SAHAI on April 07, 2014
abhishek de on July 16, 2014
I haven't seen "Avishkaar" but the cinematography (Nandoo Bhattacharya)
seems awesome. He wonderfully captures Sharmila's smooth features. 
DR ARTI SAHAI on August 06, 2014
always pulls the heart strings
Kanchan Karmakar on August 14, 2014
মান্না দের একটি অসাধারণ গান, যা হৃদয় স্পর্শ করে.
Manoj Kumar Shrivastava on August 21, 2014
Heart touching songs tears comes to eyes
Shamnad Sirajudeen on September 14, 2014
हँसने की चाह ने कितना मुझे रुलाया है
कोई हमदर्द नहीं, दर्द मेरा साया है

दिल तो उलझा ही रहा जिंदगी की बातों में
साँसे जलती हैं कभी कभी रातों में
किसी की आह पर तारों को प्यार आया है

सपने छलते ही रहे रोज नयी राहों से
कोई फिसला है अभी अभी बाहों से
किसकी ये आहटें, ये कौन मुस्कुराया है..
Ajay Dutt Tyagi on October 05, 2014
Surender Bhutani on November 01, 2014
An extremely well-written lyric and Manna Dey sang full of feelings.
Shreenath K.B on November 03, 2014
This song always remembered by me .My mother is to Humm this song when i
was 6-8 years kid i used listen this in vivid Bharathi when i was in
college between 1985 to 1990 (afternoon ) apki farmaeish . I was is in the
assumption this song must have picturised on Dev anand or gurudatt. But it
is of 1974. Very well picturised fantastic song may be in Raag lalit or
pelu i am not sure
sneha dubey on November 10, 2014
ह्सने की चाह ने इतना मुझे रुलाया है.मन्ना दा जी की अवाज हमेशा
जिन्दा रहेगी
Aruna B Upadhyaya on November 23, 2014
very touching song...I can identify myself with the lyrics of the song
kr24ar on January 03, 2015
this movie and Thodi si Bewafii of Rajesh Khanna shows that when he allows
director to guide him..he is a fantastic actor..
Arvind Upadhyaya on February 17, 2015
Dard mera saye hai ...beautiful words and even beautiful music and
sung by Mann da.
Diwakar Vajpeyi on February 24, 2015
...listening to this since I was 6-7 yrs old (1976-1978) - good old days of
radio- vividh-bharti , understood it sometime in 80's and felt it so often
Ramachandran Narayanakurup on June 08, 2015
fantastic . tears rolling out from my eyes. melancholic song
Bl0odDot on June 10, 2015
Never heard this song before yet I feel such nostalgia as I listen to this!
DR ARTI SAHAI on June 13, 2015
DR ARTI SAHAI on August 02, 2015
spell binding
Krishan Singh on September 03, 2015
Jindgi ki sachai hai . kewal mature log hi aide songs like karate hai.
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