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Comments on song "Hansta Hua Nurani Chehra, Kali Zulfe Rang Sunhera"
NCupofjo on April 27, 2008
v good song
Shruti Hegde on May 12, 2008
gud !! * awsummmmm!!!!!
Aadit Kapadia on May 29, 2008
excellent song..i figured out tht one of the singers is lataji who's the
other. asha bhosle?
maxdeindiana on June 01, 2008
Thank you ver much who loaded this song
maxdeindiana on June 01, 2008
Meha Dalal on June 05, 2008
Kamal Barot.
Aadit Kapadia on June 10, 2008
i was amazed to know that this is laxmikant-pyarelal's first movie and that
lata and rafi helped them out a lot.
gorapup on July 02, 2008
All the songs of Parasmani are awesummmm.:)
kishor gharana on July 03, 2008
parasmani was a musicala superhiot- my father owned a cinema hall at that
time- so I know it first hade. its songs are still as fresh as ever. thanx
for sharing
firmindani on August 31, 2008
Classical song! Nice to see songs in Eastman Color. I Love Youtube. Thanks
for uploading a good song.
kuckudk on September 08, 2008
Very hit and popular song of its time.But who are the singers and Music
BlueNargis on September 27, 2008
And then Hollywood copied the story and scenes from "parasmani" for the Indiana Jones series and nobody even noticed! Remember the rolling rock scene ----- lifted from Parasmani!!!!
Taj Javaid on October 03, 2008
Lata and Kamal Bardot are singers
moonmusicnartan on October 31, 2008
song is great.. very colorfullove it
thethreesisters on November 11, 2008
OMGGG i've been looking for this song for such a long time! thankssss
Surjit Singh on November 22, 2008
No. Both copied it from a Disney Duck cartoon. Look for it in the trivia
section of the Raiders of the Lost Ark at imdb.
krazzy4lolo on November 25, 2008
old is gold thats all i can say
kumbhscorpio on December 01, 2008
lp music director
asad bhopali lyricist
chwaqas on December 12, 2008
super hit song .. very nice
ceylonlion on January 22, 2009
what is the movie name and year.thanks
russiaStylAgirl on January 24, 2009
they both dance so well...and they are such cute actresses...i noticed that today there are just model actresses...these both arent tall but they are quite better
SABI DHILLON on January 29, 2009
this was in the movie hum aap ke hain kaun lvoe this song thanks
rahman91o on February 01, 2009
The name of the movie is Parasmani
ceylonlion on February 01, 2009
thank you rahman.
inavihs28 on February 22, 2009
ANYONE know where I would be able to download this song? Limewire doesn't
have it =( Neither does iTunes.
kchopra4080 on February 26, 2009
This movie had such melodious songs! Very very enjoyable indeed. Never
fades away. Thanks for this great upload. Kanwal
Reincarnation on March 14, 2009
i have it...and can email it to you if you send me your e-add.
inavihs28 on March 15, 2009
Oh, I found it a while ago--no worries! Thanks though. =)
PONGOA on March 24, 2009
any one now what movie its from
please can they reply
sydneymate17 on April 04, 2009
Movie - Parasmani, 1963. Lyricist - Asad Bhopali, Music Laxmikant Pyarelal
4yoreyes on April 10, 2009
It was LP's first movie and this song made them a super hit composer duo.
When ppl talk of AR Rehman think of the staying power of LP's music giving
more than 5 decades of hits!!
dmglover907 on May 16, 2009
I love this song!! im performing on it so i likem it even,,,,thanxx fr the video
Chidanand M on June 21, 2009
LP\'s first movie was "Harishchandra Taramati"
4yoreyes on June 23, 2009
I just meant it was LP's first mega hit.
Chidanand M on June 23, 2009
You have mentioned "it was LP's first movie" Therefore, I made a comment.
However, I also mentioned the first movie wrongly. The first movie of LP
was actually "Sati Savitri" Even this movie had very nice music. But the
first superhit was Parasmani, which will remain evergreen in our minds and
June G on July 17, 2009
One of the best songs thanks for posting.
nawabshaukat on August 04, 2009
debut film of THE GREATEST TALENT OF INDAI yes i am talking about LAXMIKANT
PAYRE LAL 03332604292
araniapparao on September 04, 2009
Those were the early days of Lk & PL , came witha big bang, Distinctly with dominating Thabala in almost all songs-like " Paayal ki jhunkaar rasthey rasthey " from " Mere lall " - Arani Apparao-Hyd
Jacob Chief on September 08, 2009
ever greeennnnnn
abbe khan on October 22, 2009
WHY u mention ur tel no IN COMENTS peoples says no more fools on earth but
i think they lives all around, very strange peoples,
Anil Gupta on November 22, 2009
Who are the playback singers (I know one is Lata ) and the Dancers.
vim on November 22, 2009
the singers are Lata jee and Kamal Barot.and ofcourse music is by LP the was their first movie.i think the lyricist was asad bhopali
but im not very sure about it...the movie was launched in 1963.
vim on November 22, 2009
Lata jee and Kamal Barot
LaggardInLove on November 26, 2009
Dance is nice, apart from music, of course!
Pmd9013 on December 09, 2009
Wow, what a royal treat for the King. Quite flattering.
devspp on December 11, 2009
this video is very good anvailable
colonelfaridi on December 27, 2009
Lovely song. It is so old and we hear it only sometimes but it seems to have been printed on my mind. Whenever I hear it, I feel as if I have always been hearing it. It does not feel strange or new. And yes Pmd9013 what a great reception show for a king. The guy is really not less than a king as he is the one for whom this grand show and song has been set up.
sagarb2405 on December 31, 2009
this was laxmikanth pyarelals first film i love them,..congrats pyaare saahab u r getting S.d Burma awards this january :)
Vijay Bagga on January 08, 2010
There are millions of songs and we like thousand of thousands of them. I
just can't make a choice yet which is my most favorite song. May be
thousand of them, I guess.
moryz al on January 16, 2010
great song, nice dance move , tis is sumtin tat will last foreva
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