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Comments on song "Hum Bane Tum Bane"
re53as87ni90 on March 27, 2008
Actually this was a film about the love between a south Indian man, who can't speak hindi and a North Indian girl, that's why you hear him singing in English. It was quite a funny film actually with all the confusion of language.
Hemanth2727 on May 24, 2008
Song is from the movie ek duje ke liye
sujithevin on May 25, 2008
i found out and let u knw
sujithevin on May 27, 2008
thnks hemanth
saneman666 on June 20, 2008
Sorry, this is the correct youtube video for the telugu original
Nitika Sharma on June 27, 2008
funny song but its nice thanx
sonampoor on July 04, 2008
i love this song it is very nice written and sung. i dedicate this song to my bestest freind in the world.
sheshurapsi on July 12, 2008
its very good
Vikrant vikram singh Vikram Singh on July 28, 2008
amazing.this blockbuster was released on the day I was born... love this
movie and this video too. Vikrant Vikram Singh
beskydelu on August 05, 2008
kamal hassan the best
beskydelu on August 18, 2008
i love kamal hassan..the best actor in India...he make s our country proud..
firstblood1977 on August 21, 2008
the best ever produced by legend..Dr.Kamal
unbrdile on September 26, 2008
ah. i seems my heart sings this song always. so lovely. usko kasam
goldtipu on October 01, 2008
I think u should watch movie first then u can feel what inside this song.
MariaPndm on November 15, 2008
film made me cry, i wanted another final. i love Rati, she looks like my
mother in youngth.
ravsbaghi on November 26, 2008
one of my favourite movies..too many memoreis attached to this movie.used to make me cry when i was kid.
ramananlv on December 08, 2008
A Real youth expression of love best done by Kamal. The Bike stunts - at a time there was no much hi tech bikes - the scenes show the love - pure love best - Only with Kamal
sunilg70 on December 11, 2008
Kamal is the best
ciskiya on December 14, 2008
he truly is remarkble!!bit of argument on da best but..!!!rely do admire his acting capabilities..
kpunjani on December 16, 2008
kamal hasan couldnt make in bollywood inspite of good acting
Crateos Beheader on January 07, 2009
this song's starting would run in my brain like a broken tape recorder...
:) doesn't anymore
alexshaun98 on February 28, 2009
As someone who has watched a lot of Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam movies[being
a Mallu] I feel that Kamal is easily the most versatile actor to come out
of South India and one of the best India has ever seen. It's sad that he
was not given more chances in Hindi-the reasons one can guess quite easily!
It's Bollywood's loss that his multi-faceted actor was not given his due.
sagar modak on March 09, 2009
i used to listen this song on All India Radio Vividh Bharti in my childhood
ssssdd123 on March 29, 2009
vaithianathan neelakantan on April 06, 2009
what a song kamal and spb rocking vneelakantan
indravadan damor on April 21, 2009
Awesome.great song..great movie made for each other.
shidapastool on April 29, 2009
my life time favourite song ,,beauti ful song ,,beautiful composition
vinodgopal1979 on July 11, 2009
I thought it was by the maestro RD Burman. LP??? huh! brilliant composition by the pair. I like the way how the 80's films give a feel good look. Also thalaivar Kamal rocks!
subaharan on July 15, 2009
Best actor in india, the living legend Padma Shri Kamal Hasan!
ajaktha on August 06, 2009
awesome kamal. u r the best!
smiths777 on August 09, 2009
good old days when in bike..
Jalex on September 06, 2009
more like 1/10000000000
saneman666 on September 06, 2009
I doubt you even bothered to watch the telugu version.
saneman666 on September 06, 2009
OK the female vocal in this is not bad. But the male vocals are cheesy as
hell. The english vocals were actually cheesy in the telugu version, but
they had enough sense to limit the terrible english part in the telugu song.
Jalex on September 06, 2009
More people like this one,telungu movies always come with overacting as its
the norm there. Expressions are a bit too much than required.
Jalex on September 06, 2009
Ya to an extent,but that's cause the audiences are different and who care?
Both the versions were Hits anyways.
saneman666 on September 06, 2009
Like I said, you cant judge it until you have watched the Telugu version.
look up Maro Charitra and songs v=kTPXtEjQrYU, v=QmD45WI3R9Q v=KhAFn8oCYNU
and in my opinion the best is this v=qsUOY6WhDRw. WHile the songs are very
south indian in nature and may not be to some northies taste, the non
musical portions of MaroCharitra felt a lot more artistic for a world
audience compared to the Hindi remake. I felt the Hindi version was geared
too much for a female audience .
azr786 on September 14, 2009
Telugu/tamil is an ugly language!!
Shaky Daniel on September 16, 2009
Dumbo, the female voice is the great Lata Mangeshkar and the male one is
another great from South Mr SP Balasubramian, the movie was a super duper
hit like Maine Pyaar Kiya in the Eighties..Many couples committed suicide
copying the movies, and road romeos were termed as "Vasu" or " Vasugiri" on
Kamal hasan 's film name.
Firoz Pirani on September 17, 2009
All languages are wonderful and beautiful.
Raja T S Sekhar on November 01, 2009
luv SPB luv LM ... nice songs ..
vinodgopal1979 on November 06, 2009
happy birthday living legend Dr. Padmashiri Kamal Haasan ji
punjabichambers on December 08, 2009
wat a film... beautiful movie by kamal an rati ,..
prem73 on December 12, 2009
This movie was based on north india - south india theme. The boy is from
south and the girl from north and hence there is this communication gap of
languages they speak in the movie, and the objection from their parents.
When I saw the movie as a kid, I never understood the depth and intensity
of the story and its meaning. Later on I understood and the ending of this
movie is pretty sad where both of them die from jumping over the cliff,
very emotional ending ...
prem73 on December 12, 2009
Kamal Hassan is a talented actor and also a good dancer. His acting looks
very natural.
kihospital on January 26, 2010
Both Mr. Kamal Hasan & Rati are great actors, Concentrate on the songs, Music Lyrics, singers all are excellent, It is one of the greatest Indian movie.
neha19bansal on February 08, 2010
grt song from the grt movie
hnm3000hnm3000 on March 19, 2010
gotta love that ole' Hindi swing :) Music better than vids, though
Sanjay Sanjay on April 03, 2010
@ciskiya kamal hassan is the best actor india has ever seen
Akram Sm on May 20, 2010
being a tamil by origin,without knowing hindi fluently,kamal hasan acted a+
in this top all time fafourite dollywood film,he is a natural talent,proved
in his very 1st bollywood film.roti ognihotri,was known as a fluent actress
at that time.their combination gave birth of a great sad love story which
will remain in the heart of the people of this subcontinant.
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