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Comments on song "In Ankhon Ki Masti Ke Mastane Hazaron Hain"
sweetcapricon2002 on April 12, 2009
i love this songs.
remind old memories
rohinijanwadkar on October 02, 2009
अगर आपको अच्‍छी सोसायटी चाहिये और उसमें वैल्यूज की बुनियाद चाहिये, तो शायरी
जरूरी है। अदाकारी, शायरी, संगीत का लुत्फ बहुत कुछ जानने पर ही लिया जा सकता
imversatile2009 on December 21, 2009
very touching song
Zarka Ahmed on February 09, 2010
realli awesum :)
June G on February 12, 2010
What a wonderful song by Asha ji thanks for posting.
khandeel on February 13, 2010
The ''Diva'' herself...Rekha excelled in this movie won the national award.Truly deserving.
The lyricist ,the musician ,the choreograhy ...everything seemed perfect.the icing on the cake was Asha ji...none other could have done justice to this song other than her..! Great upload...Prem Gatha...once gain you rule YT.
Thank you.
Jamal Nasir on February 14, 2010
Wow..!! The most beautiful song with amazing A/V quality..!! Many thanks
Qandeel Sis for sharing & PremGatha for the upload..
AishRay20380 on February 14, 2010
This one is too good! Thank you for sharing. Can you also upload dil cheez
kya hai?
Reab on February 25, 2010
Dance step at 2:48 is too good..
Sanim Samnani on March 09, 2010
EXCELLENT ! Thank you buddy for sharing, God Bless You
ashish gupta on March 14, 2010
Really Awesome Song and the fabulous poetry
tyerji on April 04, 2010
I think there are two movies PAKEEZA and UMRAO JAN both by great DIECTORS
KAMAL SAHIB and MUZZAFFER ALI which will go down in FILM history as
LITERARY and legendary , with URDU GHAZALS and music outstanding ,
cecillbill on April 21, 2010
I will never become tired of listening to this song or watching the
classical Umrao Jaan. Everything about this movie was spot-on perfect!
rakeshsun49 on April 23, 2010
A classic song from asha and rekhas ever green perfomance makes her fans love her even more as ever
cantankerousable on April 27, 2010
Its sad that they dont make it like this anymore. Khayyam's music is
hauntingly beautiful and accurately arranged. The instruments are doing
what they are supposed to do - accompany the voice of the singer and not
drown it in techno crazyness. Asha's voice melts your heart. I can't
imagine anyone else singing this song. Rekha managed to infuse such passion
in this role that you really feel like crying at the end when she returns
to her kotha and looks at herself in that full length mirror.
dirsta1 on May 26, 2010
you could upload Dil Cheez kya hai too in HD, Thank you so much fo this
RainCastle88 on June 01, 2010
fantesttic...evergreen song...excelent lyrics..wondrful song.marvelous
tam77paeez on June 16, 2010
One of the most amazing songs all time BEST
Mai Lee on July 10, 2010
Wow, Rekha's expressions are's what makes this song so nice
to watch..we don't get that a lot in Bollywood movies .. very sad
aggresive1queen on July 13, 2010
Is this (portrayed as) Mughal era?
Anjan Mukherjee on July 31, 2010
khayyam mastero combination of asha's voice & rekha at her best ..ultimate combination !
amlikotbakhtuda on August 02, 2010
wah kia baat hai, nice poetry& nice acting by REKHA ,my fav. movie & songs forever
Attitude Rocks on August 16, 2010
beautifully sing
Hatshepsut on August 24, 2010
Crystal clear audio and video of a great song and the great mujra danseuse.
rajanyc1 on September 07, 2010
rajanyc1 on September 07, 2010
i am a movie critic in new york city, and i can honestly say no other film anywhere (usa, japan etc) is as epic (choreography, acting, cinematography. superb.
Prof.R K Gupta on September 11, 2010
A killing combination of golden voice ,poetry,romance,Rekha's delicate
expressions and great clean Indian music . Could not be better.One of
finest piece of music and art.Immortal
Azeem Butt on September 14, 2010
supreme quality poetry extreme deficiency of such a fantastic poetry now a
ShoppingQueen4ever on September 15, 2010
rekha wasnt the most beautiful but she had one of the best screen presence
she is so graceful
zoodie085 on September 17, 2010
TRANS Thousands are intoxicated by these eyes...Associated with these eyes are a thousand tales...The Intoxication of these eyes...You are not the only one disgraced for love of me...In this city, there are thousands like you...Thousands are intoxicated by these eyes...I'm the only one who intoxicates with my eyes...Though there thousands of taverns in the world...Thousands are intoxicated by these eyes...You think a gale can scare such a flame...A flame which is protected by a thousand moths...
Jahanzeb Baloch on September 26, 2010
heart touching song
valleymir1 on October 02, 2010
song writer of this song Shahriyar was awarded Gyanpeeth Award in poerty recently in 2010
valleymir1 on October 02, 2010
song writer of this song Shahriyar was awarded Gyanpeeth Award in poerty recently in 2010
simon subroy on October 02, 2010
AMZAZING song! My all time favorite!
samander888 on October 10, 2010
Great poetry, lovely voice, fantasic film. Thanks for uploading.!!!!!
Sami Ud Din Baber
Anirudh Reddy on October 10, 2010
Song dedicated to eds:))
Anirudh Reddy on October 10, 2010
eds likes this song a lot:))
basheer8547 on October 23, 2010
hi thankx for the upload
GirlOfDeadLanD on October 29, 2010
BeautiFul Eva`
teakays on November 11, 2010
captivating dance by rekha with the music...
james20030 on November 17, 2010
Why would anybody dislike this? What's wrong with you 3?
harrisdonovan on November 21, 2010
I love this music. Kia Baat Ha. Wah g Wah

anjelsunshine on November 24, 2010
The ultimate Diva herself... I wish I could be as poised and graceful as her...
AslamMasroorAnsari04 on November 27, 2010
sheru7mera7naam on December 13, 2010
the beautiful melodies of Khayyam himself. we need more music directors like him, not the ridiculous ones of today
Chakaree on December 13, 2010
sabbirsa on December 22, 2010
Just look at her. her facial expression, the way she expresses each and every lyrics, not being a trained dancer at all. Rekhji you are truly an enigma. aish could not even go close to your feet. Let alone portray THE UMRAO JAAN.
barbaadaashiq on December 23, 2010
The "sarangi", the "sitar" and Asha Bhosle's voice, a reminiscence of the first utterance of woman-kind ever heard by man and which humbled him, entices one to drift into that hall and allow the eyes and ears a forbidden treat of this worldly life.
maxx16v on December 28, 2010
this is a true classic, brings back lots of memories.thanks for uploading
ddheb on December 31, 2010
In this film there is a song by ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan if anyone can upload it thanks
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