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Comments on song "Itani Shakti Hamen De Na Daataa"
hannahmontanarox3409 on March 23, 2008
Lovely prayer God bless! ~rajesh
limdwda on March 25, 2008
thanks rajesh, have you seen two videos i recently uploaded?
limdwda on March 25, 2008
Hi, thanks 4 the comment, i will not
Davidarora on March 28, 2008
Thank you for posting this...
st471438 on April 02, 2008
Thank you very very much for posting this. I been trying to find and you
made my day! :)
Lila Modhawadia on April 02, 2008
you r welcom,thanks for the comment. tc
rkidle56 on April 06, 2008
Thanks a lot dear,to post this beautifull song
adh760 on April 09, 2008
thanx for posting man old memories. I remember this song it was a daily prayer in our house. awsome thanx for making my day.
Lila Modhawadia on April 16, 2008
Hi, thanks for the comment, take care
subh35243 on April 28, 2008
grt work buddy kwwp it up. i was lookin for this one for a long time. thnxs
suketuvshah on May 01, 2008
Thank you very very much for posting this spiritual song, I have been looking this for a very long time. I had watched this movie second time just for this song !
aakash9 on May 07, 2008
thanx man 4 uploading,i was missing this bhajan.wt a beautiful lyrics, blessed by god.
nav1808 on May 31, 2008
Thanks for fullfilling my wish to listen this sog.I REALLY REALLY love it.
nkl4u on June 01, 2008
vow u have some fight scenes from the movie...? plz post if u
have any yaar... thanks anyway fo this one...!
vivikshit on June 02, 2008
powerful prayer accepted in schools too.
Aditya Kothare on June 06, 2008
Ankush was a superb movie and songs were more than perfect, we lost
NCHANDRA afterwards, can N CHandra create the magic of Ankush
xnileshx on June 12, 2008
post full movie yaar.nice movie it is.
kiranbadi on June 17, 2008
I remember as a child I saw this movie with stolen money.Feeling good to go
back to my childhood.Great Movie to watch.Seems like this movie is based in
real life incident from Pune.
charlienec on June 18, 2008
A must sung bhajan by each n everyone as it gives peace n calm 2 mind n soul.Its better 2 pray 4 other n engaging ourselves 2 d betterment of society...thanx veryyyy veryyyy much.
0144jasper on June 23, 2008
words of this songs strengthen inner conscious this is best prayer we can ask to Almighty.
shivabhu on June 23, 2008
this is one of the best prayer and i love this song very much and i listen everymorning this song thank u very much
from bhuwan
Vijay Krishnan on June 30, 2008
what a prayer and a lesson for the entire lifetime. Thanks a lot for this
song. Jai Hind!!!
vasant35 on July 08, 2008
thanks a ton, God bless u. its all i need and will ever need thanks...
tgp836 on July 14, 2008
good video. Love India and its culture.
nitidat on July 27, 2008
Can somebody upload this movie or tell me where can i see it online.
Thanks :)
jeeanu on August 30, 2008
many many thanks limdwda this song i m serching long time thanks agin
victorbhatt on September 09, 2008
Its a great bhajan; which inspires all of us to check at the end of the day
what we earned and lost during the day, SO THANK GOD FOR EACH BLESSINGS HE
shantamprem on September 12, 2008
Very Good Victor,the way you have expressed in English, the meaning and the essence of this Bhajan..
gandhic541 on September 16, 2008
I thank god for these songs and these forums. The love others have for them
reaffirms that there are still good people on this planet. Or at least
those of us who still have hope to remain good or rekindle the innocence we
may have lost. Thank you. =)
IndianRailways on September 18, 2008
basically everyone is good but due to material contamination, they forget
their real SELF and get lost. all the people from the president of the
united states to a beggar in india, are sad, lonely, suffering but no one
wants to admit this. artificial smiling has become the way. all
individuals, families, countries are in competition with each other under
false ego, to prove that they are more happy but deep inside everyone
knows, there is no such thing called happiness on material earth.
faq123456 on September 19, 2008
Great bhajan.. Thanks a lot for uploading it... why we don't have these kind o bhajan anymore in movies?
dollyfish77 on September 21, 2008
dear lord just give me enough strenght not to weaken my faith in you i walk
on the righteous path and do not commit any sins even by mistake
Digvijay Trivedi on September 25, 2008
this fantastic bhajan is from the film 'ankush'. the film wsa made on
unemploment and other sovial issues in which youth in living on. the film
was made in 70-80s. the class of the movie and songs, especially this one
do not only has indepth feelings but has a big theme as well. Presently,
why not any film maker reach to that level.
minakshi2009 on October 13, 2008
"ITNI SHAKTI HUMEIN DENA DATA MANN KA VISHWAS KAMJOR HO NA HUM CHALEN NEK RASTE PE HUMSE BHOOLKAR BHI KOI BHOOL HO NA"now a days i am in deep sarrow but whenever i listen this song i feel soooooo good.
realityhunter on October 18, 2008
because there is no money in this sh*t.
ghattore on October 30, 2008
yo guys, does any1 know abt that prayer, it goes like- "ek kadam kya chal
payega andheyare ka sagar paar, chal re saathi kadam milake nayya teri hain
majhdhar. door kinaara hain..." we used 2 sing it in dav school. i googled
it too, tried evrything but cudnt find it- mayb som1 can get me that song
or video :)
anushah999 on November 06, 2008
sooo helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kartarsingh1991 on November 16, 2008
i remember singing this song back in my school in india when i was like 5-6
years old. thanks for posting. revived all the memories
shortdevil2 on December 27, 2008
dude its nana patekar at 1:48-1:50
hardso99 on January 19, 2009
nice prayer.i love dis...
MANGESHD1103 on January 24, 2009
all time favourite.
rajandkajal on March 01, 2009
this song is for my kajal - itni shakti do kajal ko ki woh pehle ki tarah ho jaye, aur meri mummy bhi.

if there is a god, hewill listen us
jamsheedchaudhuri on March 12, 2009
I too pray that happens.!!!
Prayers from the heart will never go un-answered!!!
rozina manjiyani on March 16, 2009
Yes, YOU ARE RIGHT...he is always doubt about it...he just takes
more difficult tests for who are more stronger than others...and he wants
them to pray him more so he gives them difficult have more
love and prayers...but remember...uske ghar der hai andher NAHI
rajoo0088 on March 20, 2009
very very 222222222222222222222222good prayer lern so many thing hey god give me power i love u god
chandrakant721 on March 29, 2009
Thanks for positing this song!
jyotika13 on April 07, 2009
this song is so coollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
1217sjd on April 13, 2009
bhagwan se duayen magna begging hai to aur kisse apni dua mangoge?????ye to prayer hai khud me atamvishvas banaye rakhne ke liye...anyway aaj insatiyat ke badlte values mein agar hum ek nek kaam kar de to shayad hum apne anjane mein kiye glt kaam maaf krva sakte hain. ...
1217sjd on April 13, 2009
aaj ke badlte yug mein agar har koi is song ko apne jeevan ka aadhar bna ke chale, to sach mein ye sansar swarg ho jayega.aaj jarurat hai apni andar insaniyat ko ujagar krke jitna ho ske hr dukhi ki help kro, bhagwan aapke sath khud chelenge..
dranoopjain on April 14, 2009
asking from God is fine, but using this (or for that matter any other) song to beg in public is a crime. Beggars spoil the image of a society
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