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Comments on song "Jaane Kyaa Tune Kahi Jaane Kyaa Maine Suni"
diwanee3 on September 08, 2009
Who is in charge of directing this sequence?. it seems like WR is
directing her mentor GD in this song!! of my all-time fav songs ,thx
for the upld,Mahagedara2
ambindia on September 13, 2009
there is an earlier bangla version of the tune sung by s.d. burman. sahir
ludhianvi was asked to write the lyrics for the tune. and he came up this
masterpiece of simplicity and wit.
SadyGold on October 05, 2009
Great music, Great performence What could you ask more
Parag Sankla on October 06, 2009
The song starts with a verse "Phir na kije meri gustaakh" sung by Geeta ji.
Later that was used as a complete song for the film Phir Subah Hogi. Lovely
song. Thanks for sharing.
V. Siddhartha on October 19, 2009
Two kinds of irresistible allure here: WR's beauty with her coy expressions
and the matching enchantment of GD's voice. Wonderful, Yuan.
nandu1f on February 18, 2010
Guru Dutt made a perfect choice in picking Waheeda for this role. And what
a partnership it developed into, I mean in movie-making. I am still puzzled
about what truly led to his untimely death. Was it his unrequitted love
affair with Waheeda, and was it really one-sided? I wonder if someone knows
more about that. Or are those just exagerated rumours? However it is true
that Guru Dutt movies became more and more melancholy as his clinical
depression got worsened.
B.S Sidhu on June 15, 2010
sweet ...very sweet to hear
GulRamani on February 10, 2011
what a beautiful gem of a song!
boiragirules on February 20, 2011
@nandu1f this is the irony of this scene..Waheeda acts..Geeta Dutt
sings...the whole Guru Dutta Geeta Dutta saga is a true tragedy. Maybe
wroth making a movie ...
Sunita Daby on March 22, 2011
waheeda my favourite please help me i want to meet her.please do contact me
into my facebook.
rajwinderosahan on August 10, 2011
- I read "Bichde Sabhi Bari Bari" by Bimal Mitr, author of Sahib Biwi Aud Ghulam. He spend a lot of time with Guru Dutt, Geeta Dutt, Wahida Rahman & K Asif and others in Guru Dutt's team. It is mentioned clearly that there was no relation between Guru & Wahida. Geeta Dutt believed the published rumors and made life miserable for Guru Dutt. Guru Dutt was a director par excellence and strived perfection in everything. I admire Guru Dutt and his fillm making finesse, so read about him.
PrakaashChainani on September 07, 2011
Very cool and soothing music. Helps regulate the blood pressure. Works as stress buster! Very nostalgic feeling, hearing the song, watching the song after so many years!
Venugopal Prabhu on October 20, 2011
@nandu1f get me on from same village at karnataka where guru was
Sunil Srivastava on December 12, 2011
luvsargam on April 06, 2012
Nice song! Waheeda luks cute! Ofcourse she always luked elegant n charming. Always was her fan. Good acting, n good dancing, simple yet attractive always...
muthushiv on April 29, 2012
God! Why you made some body so beautiful!
muthushiv on May 05, 2012
I want a wife as pretty as waheedaji.
classicmoviehunter on May 19, 2012
beautiful song n a very favourite one of mine. Really Awesome.
g23kk on May 26, 2012
An unparalleled three-some in Bollywood..all so was impossible
for any of them to not fall in love with each other..and it is just as
impossible for us not to admire all three of these fatally mated
artists..Wahida, Guru Dutt, Geeta Dutta- Geeta was the soul to the
beautiful Wahida, no amount of acting would have made that heart beat pit a
pat, had it not been for the lilting voice of Geeta!
Bharat Gul on June 08, 2012
One of the finest Geeta Dutt songs. And Waheeda Rehman's beauty not only
glows,it enchants with an aura of mystery. Thank you.
jasbongy on June 09, 2012
Very beautiful song . What to write about brilliant singer Geeta Dutt Ji?
Her singing in her unique,lilting & very melodious voice is excellent.
Waheeda Ji looks awesome. Thanks UltraHindi Ji for sharing. Thumbs Up. W.R.
jasbongy on June 11, 2012
@UltraHindi Ji. Whenever if you upload song of film ''Santan'' '' Kaheta
Hai Pyar Mera O mere Ladle'' please share it with me.W.R. Sarla.
debarati chakraborty on August 10, 2012
love love love this Geeta could such a lovely soul
commit suicide? sad.
Kerberus Kerberoi on September 12, 2012
It's nice to have English lyrics for the beautiful music and thanks for the
great notes.
razaur rahman on September 20, 2012
we love Geeta Dutt god bless her soul.
99farooque on September 22, 2012
nice song written by Sahir Ludhiyanvi, thanks for uploading,
Saptarshi Mitra on October 19, 2012
Totally in agree with you. :)
Kerberus Kerberoi on October 24, 2012
Just saw the movie. Quite a classic.
Srinivasa Murti Devulapalli on November 20, 2012
One of the great melodies of Sachinda. This song made Geetha Dut immortal.
Gawari Bacchi on February 11, 2013
baat kuch ban hi gayi...i love pyasa
Prashanta Kumar Singha on April 21, 2013
The cinematography of the sequence is among the best in the history of
Indian cinema. Thanks ma'm for uploading it in such a nice resolution.
prkhitesh on May 24, 2013
SD Burman + Sahir is a Golden Combination
mwbright on June 05, 2013
I would love to find some video of Geeta Dutt singing herself. If anyone
know of anything, I would so appreciate it, because I really am in love
with her.
mwbright on June 05, 2013
I think Geeta was just as beautiful. In fact, those two could have been
Ajay Dey on July 06, 2013
t s parmar on July 18, 2013
These are our ornaments
Asish Narayan on September 25, 2013
If you love her, she will be prettier. :)
Rajendrabhai Modi on September 28, 2013
Lovely song..
jnyanananda Krishna on January 14, 2014
bhandhi gayee
99farooque on January 27, 2014
A song by Sahir. ..thanks for uploading the beautiful song. .
nutan sharma on February 08, 2014
Wat a melody n voice of geeta dutt .totelly diffrent.vah
Animesh Kumar on April 11, 2014
she is the most beautiful women the world has ever seen
shahid on April 21, 2014
Kiya aawaz hay.
Is aawaz main nahayat khoobsoorat KHANAK hai.
Jo kisi aur aawaz main nahee.

Kunal Kohli on April 27, 2014
+Ultra Hindi English subtitles please 
DR ARTI SAHAI on August 08, 2014
a lovely one
Gurdev Singh on September 16, 2014

Movie: Pyaasa
Singer : Geeta Dutt
Music : S.D. Burman.
Lyrics: Sahir Ludhianvi
Label : Saregama India Limited
Year : 1957
Jagjit Singh Ishar on October 01, 2014
What a golden melodious triumvirate SDB-Geeta Dutt- Sahir
Jagjit Singh Ishar on October 26, 2014
All songs of the movie were very popular & super duper hits & Sahir got the
credit of it though the music by SD Burman was main reason for popularity
of the songs.
Shriram Bhat on November 14, 2014
Pyasa one of the milestone
SELIM AHMED on November 24, 2014
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