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Comments on song "Jaane Vo Kaise Log The Jinake Pyaar Ko Pyaar Milaa"
Suresh Shandil on August 27, 2009
Sad but beautiful song. Do you pls have Nazaaro mein ho tum, khayalo mein
ho tum, zigar mein tum nazar mein tum, jahaan mein tum he tum... If you do,
please upload.
Moti Lalwani on February 10, 2010
It is completely wrong to say this song was actually based on tune composed
by his son R.D Burman. Please read "Ten year with Guru Dutt - Abrar Alvi's
Journey", a biography of Guru Dutt. On Pages 71-72 of the book, it is
written how Guru Dutt wanted this song to be copied from film 'Harry Black
and the Tiger, how SDB initially resisted and finally changed and created
it in the present form, which was later even liked by the original Producer
of 'Harry Black', .
Moti Lalwani on February 10, 2010
Besides, I have with me interviews with legends who worked with both father
and son, testifying that none of the SDB tunes or songs were created by RDB
Moti Lalwani
Mahagedara2 on February 10, 2010
Thank you my friend for the comment.
However, what "Wikipedia" says [top, right] is not about this song. It says;
"Song Sar jo tera chakraye composed by S.D Burman was actually based on tune composed by his son R.D Burman."
Malleck1 on April 09, 2010
This is a good , very good song, because the singer is a Master and the song in itself is great.
Thanks for posting.
Ruchika Gupta on April 17, 2010
beautiful lyrics and words.
B.S Sidhu on June 15, 2010
very nice heart touching soft song
Cooolguy51 on August 01, 2010
SD Burman+Hemant Kumar and ofcourse Gurudutt, Sheer magic. There are some
good movies and some very good movies made in bollywood. But some are a
class apart, Pyaasa being one of them. The music, story and wonderful
performances makes it a sheer joy to watch!
sgaura78 on August 15, 2010
This song reminds me of my friend .. lol ;-)
bkute on August 20, 2010
Don't know why I remembered this song today ..
bkute on August 20, 2010
I am not sure why I remebered this old Hemantda song today ...
Subhash Sareen on November 04, 2010
Master piece song of Hemant Da ! from film Pyasa. Thanks for uploading...
insanewithrani on November 06, 2010
this song touches me it was made the same year my father was born
Himank Sharma on February 28, 2011
Perhaps one of my all time favourite hindi song.. Just looove it :)
srinivas714 on April 15, 2011
Thanks for uploading this song. A favorite song of mine.
sunil banerjee on April 30, 2011
noir and haunting.timeless wingedream
Anubhav Khiwani on May 08, 2011
Power of Music.. If you dont understand Hindi youre missing something very
powerful and mesmerising.
BIGDOGKILO1 on May 11, 2011
One of the old time fav. Mind blowing lyrics . Hemant at its best. " humne to jab kalia mangi kanto ka har mila ."
sairam239 on June 15, 2011
Superb lyrics;excellently sung by Hemant da.
Aseem Deshpande on September 24, 2011
amazing song...One of the first songs which inspired my love for nice hindi
shrfq on September 24, 2011
One of the masterpieces of indian music!
ARUNAVA1459 on September 25, 2011
grt song.extremely melodious..very truely told..the whole song contains a meaning.each and every word.wah!wah!!!!1grt way tz sung!grt composition.htz off to hement kumar mukherjee and s.d.burman.
Atul Sharma on September 29, 2011
one of my best song
ajitkumar2350 on September 30, 2011
soumyo1980 on October 28, 2011
How the world has changed... I wonder how the world will look like 50 yrs
from now..How songs will be then..I wonder..I wonder..
Naiyar Jafri on October 29, 2011
This is an autobiographical story of Sahir Ludhyanvi, so please stand
arvkarnik on November 29, 2011
What a divine melody!
Thanks a million for giving us this gift.
uitc on December 03, 2011
I love hemanda's song...and i make it a point to sing one of his song in
any get together I go.Thanks mahagedara..!!!!
snowcrocus1 on December 23, 2011
lovely lyrics-Sometimes it is too much to ask for only a little,Maybe it is
to much to ask for a little attention.
Nikhil Crank on December 25, 2011
okinawa japan on February 01, 2012
makes me cry...every time.
okinawa japan on February 01, 2012
Timeless classic!
Mujtaba Khan on March 26, 2012
this songs makes me cry :'(
TheImprintsOftime on April 25, 2012
Though the film is a now a classic & has cult following but at that time it
didnt tasted commercial success. But then it was never made to be a one. In
reality it was a true outpouring of guru dutt's tragic story, his hearts'
turmoil which was caught between his new found love waheeda and wife Geeta.
The film is infact a catharsis for Guru Dutt. but Everything turns it into
masterpiece. Its entire team of actors, musicians, writer, singer made it a
milestone with their individual performance.
Ujjwal Pandit on May 09, 2012
it was a blockbuster,,,kaagaz ke phool flooped ,,not pyaasa
Chithira Nayar on May 16, 2012
a most like song of mine
59coolangel on May 18, 2012
such a melodious song.
Harvinder Singh on July 10, 2012
such a soul ful voicedoing full justice to the lyrics. everytime i hear
hemant da voice makes my eyes wet.
Parmesh Arora on September 10, 2012
iqram rahman on September 10, 2012
One of the finest songs that i have listened to.
iqram rahman on September 10, 2012
The lyrics of the sonv are mostly urdu, and not hindi. The lyrics of all
the greatest bollywood songs r in urdu.
TheKalimata on September 22, 2012
KUDOS to all of you who are still listening to thsi in grandpa
used to love this father still love this tune and I love it as
well...this is called true Music..Hemanta BabU RIP..God bless you all..
Vinayak Dubey on October 23, 2012
You Must know that Urdu did not developed in isolation. It's a mix of Hindi
and and Farsi. so Urdu has its roots in Hindi. Got the point.
Gourab Bhattacharje on October 28, 2012
I hope your son/daughter likes your comment one day ;)
ruldu876 on November 18, 2012
Well said particularly the last line !
ruldu876 on November 18, 2012
No this was not that movie.. That was Kagaaz ke Phool another masterpiece
Shobhit Bose on January 07, 2013
guru! rightly named so!
Pradip Tailor on January 12, 2013
Brilliant Kushal!
manish kumar on January 29, 2013
very nice song..heart touching song
Sandeep Sengupta on March 08, 2013
love this song. its awesome, wat words... feelings overflowing from a
hurted heart!!! Hemant Sir... Salute 2 u :)
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