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Comments on song "Jaaneman Jaaneman Tere Do Nayan"
thedarkera on October 04, 2008
fantastic song..hema's beauty is beyond words..
Raj K on October 13, 2008
I thought Vidya Sinha looks more beautiful than Hema!...I really do.
Calidoulove on October 24, 2008
I like vydya a lot, where is she now? so simple yet so beautiful
magma80 on January 03, 2009
she looks lovely!!
Aman Malik on January 05, 2009
Vidya Sinha is pretty
emailsandip on February 07, 2009
so cute.. :) i love oldie movies.. :)
Voltairec on July 20, 2009
Man garam Dharam looks so handsome..the song is joie d vivire!
prash142 on July 20, 2009
Where is Garam Dharam in this song?
Voltairec on July 20, 2009
In movie within movie .how can anyone miss it?????
Voltairec on July 20, 2009
Beginning you think it's somebody you are joking!
prash142 on July 22, 2009
I thought you were referring to the main cast as such..
overtherainbow05 on July 29, 2009
Such a cute movie! I esp love the scenes showing bombay :-) Has sadly taken a turn for the worse now...
viksforu on August 15, 2009
nice classic :)
dbca999 on August 29, 2009
Nice strategy. Complaint at eve-teasers office instead of police station.
mubaraka79 on August 29, 2009
This song was of Garam Dharam wit Hema Anunty,coz ye movie ke ander movie
IronGuy100 on November 09, 2009
Yesudas greatest singer ever
LaggardInLove on January 08, 2010
Waise bhi main aksar late aata hoon! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
prash142 on February 10, 2010
@Tanyalysha This lyrics is for another song Na jaane kyun.,. not this song.
Florence Nadiadra on February 10, 2010
Actually before this song I was listening that song, and wanted to write
comment, meanwhile this song sratted, but still that song was playing,in my
mind. I am so sorry. But thanks a lot, next time I'll be careful.
Ravi Rathore on February 20, 2010
look at the smile spread out...
Ravi Rathore on February 20, 2010
I think other people in elevator and in bus are very intellegent... dont
want to disturb the love birds.. lol
Pearl Harbor on April 12, 2010
@oshkosh79 she really is, she is sultry + beautiful. :)
nandinibhansal on April 26, 2010
good idea...complain in the office instead off the police station.. aap
character certificate dekh
onandonandon1234 on May 27, 2010
I agree: Vidya Sinha does look gorgeous
onandonandon1234 on May 27, 2010
I gotta say...ppl who were in their 20's back in the mid 1970's had a great life..I wish things wud be so relaxed these days
shanil789 on May 29, 2010
this was the epic and best time the indian bollywood movies had
they are not failing to make movies like these nowadays
familya5 on July 01, 2010
where did this kind of decency go in India????
Jeeth Yesudas on July 13, 2010
Excellent rendering
smartali1989 on August 03, 2010
this movie is too good..
81nims on August 07, 2010
nice song...
Swan656 on September 02, 2010
This is a beautiful and entertaining movie!
ekravihai on September 07, 2010
well.! there are still some persons...u just has to search them...with
ur heart not from appearance or wealth.true love still exit in many
nimmipournami on November 09, 2010
A nice sweet song very much

nimmipournami on November 09, 2010
an excellent song by Jesudas and idon,t know the Female singer.. Is it Aashaji ?

prash142 on November 09, 2010
@nimmipournami Yes it is.. It is in the info section of the video.
Kanik Palodhi on November 09, 2010
Please talk about the music director, one of the greatest Salil
prash142 on November 09, 2010
@kanikpalodhi Thanks for letting me know
htgajjar on November 11, 2010
Amol Palekar is has all natural and real acting.
showmemiss on November 12, 2010
@Calidoulove She is married to a tamil iyer boy and is in chennai now.l
81nims on November 13, 2010
very nice...
vaas44 . on November 29, 2010
day dreamer
Showkat Khan on December 05, 2010
what a fantastc song by Jesudas, a magical music created by the legendary
Salil Chowdhury; thanx for posting
Showkat Khan on December 05, 2010
@kanikpalodhi that's right; sometimes there is probably no match for the
legendary Salil Chowdhury, especially in music like this one, only a few
like the great SJ duo have probably made some superb orchestration and
tunes in line with some western beats; this one is definitely one of the
best of this type of melody; rendition by the ever romantic voice of the
great Yesudad has elevated this song to an unparallel status; can continue
listening over and over again; thnx ever so much for posting
Saumen Das on December 17, 2010
The beauty of Hrishikesh Mukherji's movie is the actors actresses looked
like next door neighbours and shower the audience with life's simple joys
from most ordinary & mundane situation. Most of the characters r
Roby1able on January 01, 2011
What a beutiful woman , Vidya Sinha!
Kanik Palodhi on February 14, 2011
@2244khan: Couldn't agree with you more. I have heard very few music
director in the "world", yes, thats right, in the "world", who has the
power to be inspired by a tune, and transcreate a new tune from it leaving
their own mark. That is the beauty of salil chowdhury. Many of great indian
music directors have created wonderful music, but one can identify, whether
the number belongs to indian classical genre or western classical, or pop.
But, a Salil Chowdhury number contains everything.
pmathew1216 on February 21, 2011
@saumendas1 This movie is NOT directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee but by BASU
tiger man on August 04, 2011
she is definatley pretier than hema and amol palekar isa great actor i
don't know why he shrouded his talent he should have acted in more
situational comedies. i have seen this movie so many times, it has a spirit
and makes you relax what a great time and great movies.
Dipak Majumdar on December 14, 2012
I first heard it on Akashvani as a Bengali song composed by Salil Chowdhuri
starting with the words "Prajapati prajapati". Later in a televised
interview he said that he composed this song to catch the flight of a
butterfly moving from flower to flower. The same tune has been used here by
him in a different context and different lyrics. I like both.
prash142 on January 03, 2013
@Malaykuree RJ I know that Amol Palekar is into direction
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