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Dev Anand, Nalini Jaywant

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Comments on song "Jeevan Ke Safar Mein Rahi"
sanjayupadhyayraj on July 31, 2008
Amazing song ! Dev Anand looks kind of ok here.
skagrawl on August 08, 2008
the philosofy of life narrated so sweetly!! :)
ytub7 on May 26, 2009
Nalini Jaiwant is just too good!!! Very sweet...
sonny19xx on June 17, 2009
immortal immortal immortal... no words . Nalini - Dev . Kishore. Iam choked with elation.
supanup on July 09, 2009
who is the actress, Shubha Khote?
supanup on October 28, 2009
Shubha Khote, Yes, she looks like 15 years :O
Is she still alive? Haven't seen her in news or movies lately.
parmanu777 on November 15, 2009
No...she is nalini jaywant...
The movie name is "Munimjee"
shirin15jankrishna on October 09, 2010
Beautiful , haunting , evergreen it !
inari12700 on November 20, 2010
very good im trying to find the mp3 format right now
leteveryoneknow on December 20, 2010
Stolen from Mexican Hat Dance
Ramesh Shukla on January 02, 2011
I have just received the sad news that one of the most outstanding and
charming personality of indian screen,Nalini Jaywant has passed away. I was
very happy to meet this great actress in 1960 and still have her signature
in my old diary.
rajenmarul on September 13, 2011
songs is very good, but not runing constntaly ,our mind abssended.
Chiman Jagani on September 22, 2011
Album: Munimji Year: 1955 Track: Jeevan Ke Safar Mein Rahi - Kishore
Singer: Kishore Album Star Cast: DevAnand NaliniJaywant NirupaRoy Pran
Track Star Cast: DevAnand
Chiman Jagani on September 26, 2011
Album: Munimji Year: 1955 Track: Jeevan Ke Safar Mein Rahi - Kishore
Singer: Kishore Album Star Cast: DevAnand NaliniJaywant NirupaRoy Pran
Track Star Cast: DevAnand
Dom Persaud on November 26, 2011
@rajadixit So true this is what you call music
grijesh joshi on December 04, 2011
Rest in peace Dev ..U will always be in our heart
spptube on December 04, 2011
RIP Devsaab
NikhilProu on December 04, 2011
Google is being run by Indians, managerially and technically. Even though Page and Schmidt are CEO and Executive Chairman of Big G, but still we can't forget that it was Amit Singhal, an IIT Roorkey Graduate, who re-wrote the whole algorithm of Google Search Engine in 2000 which made Google the best in the industry. Then, Nikesh Arora of BHU-IT is the Chief Business Manager; Vic Goundotra is the man behind the whole Google Plus... and, many many more. Search FAMOUS INDIANS WORKING IN GOOGLE
NANDI KHANNA on December 05, 2011
Dev Saab, you live through you movies,video clips & songs among us FOR EVER.
ranabhola on December 08, 2011
aur de jate hai yaaden tanhaiyon mein tarpane ko.thanks for the
memories Dev saab.
Gul Zaman on December 31, 2011
57 yrs old song.
teziv on January 04, 2012
You have given us so many lovely yaddy.RIP Dev will be in our heart always
MrAashishkaushik on January 07, 2012
yeh gaana lata ne bhi gaaya hai par hum to ek hi version jaante hai aur wo
hai the great kishorw ka.
Wasi Zaman on April 18, 2012
This is one of most beautiful song of 1955 sung by great Kishor Kumar
Tarun Banerji on April 28, 2012
effortless great singing by Kishorda.
Aditi Holmes on July 21, 2012
another philosophical it :)
99farooque on September 20, 2012
after 57years, the song is still look new, thanks sd/sahir/kishore sahibaan.
Bhavna Parmar on September 22, 2012
great sweet melody
maratheom on September 23, 2012
i thought this was sung by rafi, but its wonder its so fantastic
otsirk17 on October 06, 2012
Both Dev and Nalini are a class apart. Both died very recently - in a span
of few years. What we got now, are just such classic songs and memories.
Shiv Avtar Tyagi on November 17, 2012
one of most popular song sung by kishor da
Subba Rao on December 15, 2012
Love this song
Ifti H Malik on December 29, 2012
One of the great Hindi evergreen songs of all times
Ifti H Malik on December 29, 2012
Truly super effort
Deepak Gurung on January 06, 2013
"Inimitable Kishore Da".Yaah:)))OOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Prashanta Kumar Singha on April 11, 2013
Nice rendition of the Mexican Hat Dance
Chandrakant Lavekar on June 29, 2013
किशोर कि आवाज और देवानंद कि अदाकारी बहुत बढीया ***
sujata mahale on July 25, 2013
Both the versions of the song are beautiful. One can hear it any number of
times. ; it never ceases to amaze you.Thank you Kishoreda and Lataji.
Sheikh Abrahim on August 26, 2013
Well I am Indian from Guyana.I'm very proud of all Indians and their
achievements both here in Guyana,Mother India and diaspora.Our forefathers
came to these shores from Mother India since May,1838.These songs are all
loved and cherished by us for it is a reminder of that rich and great
culture we came from.I am a die hard Kishore Kumar fan.I first heard this
song many moons ago and now again.Love it again and again...Thanks.Cheers.
Jagan Sharma on October 24, 2013
song like this one, heard in youth, haunt in old age, pleasantly bringing
the old memories back. But for music like it, life will be boring in old
Jagan Sharma on October 24, 2013
never got tired of listening this song again and again since 1960's. Always
fresh and always refreshing.
Kishorasha Avtar on December 07, 2013
1 of the greatest,most sureeli and most madhur geet ever. The first magical
of the first magical trio Kishoreda SDB DA.Kishoreda sang as none has done
before,javaan aur josh me. 
Ultra Hindi on December 26, 2013
Catch this old classic song Jeevan Ke Safar Me Rahi from movie Munimji
Jagjit Singh Ishar on February 13, 2014
These old golden melodies are always a source of inspiration in the present
scenario & the busy fast life.
Ramesh Thakrar on July 26, 2014
I used to sing this song.
Shree ibm on August 01, 2014
Well said...
Dhruba Basu on October 03, 2014
Melody that no longer exists
JaiTirath Dahiya on February 11, 2015
"jeewan ke safar me rahi,miltey hein bichhud jaane ko aur de jaate hein
yaaden ,tanhayee me tadapane ko"a hard fact of life but in a very
romantic&melodious song by kishore kumar.Really great song.
Ranman on February 17, 2015
Sahir Ludhiyanvi's awesome lyrics here.But to be missed is awesome,to fail
is to learn for the next time.
Madhu Meeta on April 11, 2015
Refreshing, with a touch of naughtiness. Sung so well by Kishore Da. S. D.
Burman's music is awesome. Love this song.
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