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Comments on song "Jhilmil Sitaro Ka Aangan Hoga (Duet)"
ivnez on March 03, 2008
rafi is a classic, thx for uploading
pmittalmca on March 04, 2008
very interesting.true love
i love it
mchikopo on March 08, 2008
this song make me so relax i love it!mohd rafi is the best
basirat choudhry on April 16, 2008
Her mohubat karne wale eik khubsoorat khwhish.Wah Rafi Ji aur Lata Ji
Baby Ramkissoon on April 20, 2008
love this song beautifully sung.some body please transulate
KullyPunjabi on June 02, 2008
Dharmendra is the best.
explicit180 on July 04, 2008
You are absolutely correct!
Anand Krishnan on July 05, 2008
Rakhee looks stunning in the blue saree. The song is also an evergreen
sam14450 on July 23, 2008
They do not make this kind any more. Let us enjoy for the rest of our
living life this long gone golden era. with best regards sam
st471438 on September 08, 2008
Beautiful song.. Everyone's dream but unfortunately it never turns into
reality!! thanks for posting this.
alemoh on September 20, 2008
Rakhee was by far one of the most beautiful woman in Bollywood.
alemoh on September 23, 2008
Rakhee had such a purity about her. She was one of the best real actresses
in Bollywood.
anitsidhu on October 05, 2008
dharm kitna handsom hAia , bilkul sunder boy na
Dr.USMAN latif KHAWAJA on October 14, 2008
this is one of my fave movies from 70s and desrvedly so -a tense script
-engaging storyline -offbeat theme -charismatic stars and classy execution
-this was the golden period of rajshri with quality productions which
combines art and realism to attain good cinema -adorable song too by great
rafi-lata duo-
Dr.USMAN latif KHAWAJA on October 14, 2008
i wonder if it will take a reincarnation from the august mr.tarachand
barjattya to make rajshri produce this kind of meaningful and artistic
endeavours again -for that gentleman produced some wonderful movies for
indian screen -alas those days are gone with the wind .i adore
saudagar,aarti ,and saransh too -great cinema is eternal life
Dr.USMAN latif KHAWAJA on October 15, 2008
can rajshri please remaster and reconstruct the print of one of its great
classics -it is in a bad state with scratches and dust spots all over -i
think they have enough resources to do that in this era or is it asking for
too much -merci bakou
Dr.USMAN latif KHAWAJA on October 15, 2008
they kiss at 1.50
Dr.USMAN latif KHAWAJA on October 15, 2008
rakhee looks like an angel here ,what a perfect beauty and her figure is
fantastic too -a great star actress-true beauty
Dr.USMAN latif KHAWAJA on October 15, 2008
and dharam looks so charming and happy go -lucky -this was his best role
dilij1 on October 15, 2008
Yes this is one of the best duets by rafi-lata. Thanks Usmanbhai and
janingrigory on October 16, 2008
Dharmendra is the ULTIMATE lady-killer of Hindi Cinema; a REAL man in every sense of the word, meaning not only does he exhibit the outwardly characteristics of a passionate alpha male but he's also EXTREMELY amazing as a human being, a person with a kind heart, ethics,& true humanity. He's not just a superstar of the silver screen but he's "the superstar of the people" which makes him all that much more appealing & lovable to those who adore him.Love Rakhee's blue sari, so elegant w/ cute dots.
janingrigory on October 16, 2008
This is a great song/video, thanks for sending it to me dear jbz:)
Dr.USMAN latif KHAWAJA on October 16, 2008
i knew you would love it
Dr.USMAN latif KHAWAJA on October 16, 2008
i think they loo so adorable here like audrey and cary grant -great charm
and so naive too
janingrigory on October 16, 2008
I agree, the whole video is so romantic but yet so classy. Something that is so rare in today's Cinema but was such a joy to see in such old classics! Truly wonderful!
janingrigory on October 16, 2008
I love how sooooo much emotion is communicated in such subtle but romantic ways:)
virginharry on October 16, 2008
Wah wah wah atee sundar ! Atee jasta sundar.. =) I mean extremely the pinnacles of wonderfulness..wah
Dr.USMAN latif KHAWAJA on October 16, 2008
i know and the song is in background too -it is so real as well
Dr.USMAN latif KHAWAJA on October 16, 2008
today we have to see SOORAJ BARJATIYA make shahid kapoor dance in a boeing
757 -hey sooraj are you listening -that was ok though i like shahid but did
you see hritik in me prem ki diwani hoon it was hilarious when he went
globe hopping with kareena in chali aaa chaali aa -naturally the audience
sang --ja mujhe na ab yaad aa
Dr.USMAN latif KHAWAJA on October 16, 2008
rajshri-please look at the print here -i cannot show it to any european
friends -be my mates and recon it -see what they did with orsen welles
touch of evil and see what disney did with sleeping beauty on blu-ray[were
flops too]this is a super hit movie -this is a vhs rip -and cloudy too -oh
rajshri -then we will say -oh princess rajshri how clear are thou -merci
diwanee3 on October 16, 2008
hello,this is one of their finer prints few ...most of the times someone
shakes the screen every few minutes hehe
diwanee3 on October 16, 2008
Lesson #1 : go visit Warneror Universal yt site and learn wat quality to
dish out to yr future customers..
Dr.USMAN latif KHAWAJA on October 16, 2008
yes d3 and disney too -they make blu-ray -we are a nuclear power and sooraj
bhai is a good director -i liked vivah quite a lot -good twist ,nice
dialogues and seema biswas and shahid were great -but please this is not
doing any good to bollywood fame -also no more prem diwanis
Dr.USMAN latif KHAWAJA on October 16, 2008
bhagwan ki kirpa hai -romuz-dhanewal
Dr.USMAN latif KHAWAJA on October 20, 2008
please could you put the aong from geet gata chal shyam teri bansi pukare
radha naam radha ka bi shyam ho to meera ka bi shyam thanks
rama on November 19, 2008
nice song . dharamji is so handsome.I don't know why i don't like watching
dharmendra with other actors except hemaji.the chemistry between dharamji &
hemaji is electrifying may be coz this reason i don't like either of them
acting with other costars.but they have to.
mytuntuni on December 06, 2008
can any one tell me the name of this movie ?
kaaliaz on December 07, 2008
this song is from movie jeevan mrityu
mytuntuni on December 07, 2008
thanks kaaliaz for ur info .
Ulhas Dabholkar on December 13, 2008
My favorite actor. I never missed any of his movie during my college days.
Handsome hero of film industry during those days
psychonline on December 13, 2008
i adore all deol's family they are all good actors and amazing
rakhee have gorgeous eyes i like her a lot
thank u for this beautiful add
desigirl75757 on January 09, 2009
I luv this song!!! thanks 4 postin it!=)
1217sjd on January 19, 2009
ye song aapka sabse favourite song hai.gar kabhi badal cha jaye to suraj ki umeed nhi chorni chahiye. aap to khud pyar ki tyaag ki misaal hai aap aise kese keh sakte hain.DAGAR G AAPKA PYAR sirf AAPKA hai JANAM janam.aapka har spna kisi ki aankon mein basta hai.jra c baat pe yaariyan khatam nhi hoti. is janam to kya har janam sirf aapka intzar rahega.
Dagar1217 on January 28, 2009
ye mera spna hai humari zindgi ka,kabhi to humara milan hoga kabhi to humari tapsya puri hogi.har khauish sirf tumse hai Jaan Meri.
1217sjd on January 28, 2009
ye spna humara hai.ek din humara intjaar jarur khatm hoga.choti choti c har tamanaa puri hogi.shayd abhi aur imtihaan baki hain zindgi ke.hum intjar karenge JAANU quamat tk.
explicit180 on February 09, 2009
Totally agree! He's still the very handsome.
Ali Kazmi on February 13, 2009
its time less malody!
indrathapa19 on February 22, 2009
old is gold
old actors are very handsome and beautiful than miss world ash
sana kazmi on March 13, 2009
its a beautiful song...dharmendra and rakhi are looking so good
together.(jhilmil sitaron ka aangan hoga rimjhim barasta saawan hoga)
itna pyara aur khoobsoorat khwab...
shailenderthakur on March 15, 2009
Where is the simplicity gone? its so alluring, but so difficult to get in every day life now..why...
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