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Comments on song "Jhir Jhir Jhir Jhir Badarava Barse"
durlabh kolhe on November 26, 2009
very good duet by salil chaudhari, lata and hemant da.
kianwar on December 06, 2009
Do you have the song - jhir jhir jhir jhir badarwa barse nainan more tarse,
aaja aaja re ghar more piya. Thanks in advance.
V. Siddhartha on November 09, 2010
A heavenly duet, collective work of Shailendra, Salil Choudhary, Lataji
and Hemant Kumar. The male in the clip is Asit Sen himself, but who is the
graceful woman with a sweet smile? Some people elsewhere have suggested
Kumud or Savita Choudhary or Chatterjee. She is definitely not Usha Kiran,
lovely in her own right. Thanks, Yuan.
V. Siddhartha on November 11, 2010
@chamogaa. Oh, sorry for the mix-up. Thanks should go to mastkalandr. Just
before this clip I was listening to a clip on a channel belonging to Yuan.
crazyoldsongs on November 15, 2010
beautiful , sweet duet ! thanks for the musical delight !
Suryakant Vora on December 22, 2010
thanks for the good collection
mastkalandr on December 22, 2010
@chamogaa ...This song is pictured on Sabita Chatterji and a gentleman whom
I recognized is Ashim Kumar. Thanks for sharing this wonderful semi
classical song and writing loving comment ..
mastkalandr on December 22, 2010
@chamogaa ..This song is pictured on Sabita Chatterji and Ashim Kumar.
Thanks for sharing this wonderful semi classical song and writing loving
comment ,addressing me as yuan due to mix-up..,yuan is my friend .
mastkalandr on December 22, 2010
@drsmvora65 .. you are welcome dear friend .. Thanks for sharing this
superb semi classical song.
mastkalandr on December 22, 2010
@chamogaa ..pariwar (1956) After the film was completed and the unit
dissolved, according to an interview by the lead actress Usha Kiran, the
unit members wept miserably, so strong was the bondage developed between
members during the course of the film-making. The entire unit literally
lived up to it's name Parivar, meaning family .. very interesting isn't...
V. Siddhartha on December 22, 2010
@mastkalandr . Thank you for sharing this bit of story behind the story. So
heartwarming. I always loved Usha Kiran as an accomplished star. Sadly, she
is no more.
rameshpuri1 on April 22, 2011
@mastkalandr yes this happened only in that olden and golden era...the people were emotional and is a pity we are becoming more and more selfcentred and feelingless...i appriciate your post..good wishes..RG
mastkalandr on April 22, 2011
@rameshpuri1 Truly said golden and olden era artist were hard working
and honest to oneself un jaise kam ke prati imandar aur samarpit log aaj
kaha din raat kam karne ke baad tanga,bus,train main safar kar apne ghar
pahuchte the,khud Lata Mangeshkar ji ne apne ak interview main bataya tha
ki ak do rupya kisi tarah bachakar station ke bahar tarkari kharda karti
thi. Pta nahi kahan kho gaye apne kam ko ishwar ka darza dene waale wo amar
funkar. May their soul RIP Thanks you my friend
rameshpuri1 on April 24, 2011
@mastkalandr what a beautiful lines you have written my is so amazing to feel how those people like shailendra salil choudhury sat together and created a miracle of a three minute song on a 78 rpm record...dont you think that we are so fortunate to have loved them at the level of worship...Ramesh Goswami
رحمہ اطہر (Rehma) on June 02, 2011
super duper
makmohi uddin on June 18, 2011
A heavenly duet composed by great Bengali music maestro late salil
choudhuri and well sung by lataji and late hemant kumar with all sweetness.
Their souls may rest in peace. mohi
mastkalandr on June 18, 2011
@mohi794 ..Thanks for sharing and adding a nice comment
suhanegeet on October 06, 2011
@chamogaa From what I know, the actor is Ashim Kumar.and the beautiful
actress is Sabita Chatterjee. Thanks.
V. Siddhartha on October 07, 2011
@suhanegeet Thanks for providing the correct info,suhanegeet.
Rajeev Ranjan Baisantry on May 09, 2012
I have this song in the audio form and I have been regularly listening this
song and playing on harmonica.I always use to wonder about picturization of
this song. Thanks to the upoalder, even that missing element has ceased.
mastkalandr on May 09, 2012
Friend !.. You are welcome.., Thanks for sharing this evergreen romantic
P Vijay on August 28, 2012
Very melodious song of yesteryear [1956] ... Could anyone tell me who is
this beautiful actress, such as never seen on Hindi film screen now days?
Kedar Kelkar on December 23, 2012
So beautiful! Lata and Hemant are ethereal. Thanks for sharing.
mastkalandr on January 12, 2013
Indeed! a timeless classic.., The gorgeous actress is Sabita Chatarjee..
This song is pictured on Sabita Chatterjee and Ashim Kumar.. Thanks for
mastkalandr on January 12, 2013
You are welcome my dear friend!..
mastkalandr on January 12, 2013
Thanks for liking.
Satyaki Sarkar on January 13, 2013
good composition by salil chowdhury.
mastkalandr on January 13, 2013
Indeed ! amazing creation .. Thanks for liking.
Asha Kuldip on January 21, 2013
Thanks mastkalandr! I am Asha Kuldip also known as asha1053 on u-tube.
mastkalandr on January 21, 2013
Oh ! Asha ji .. NICE TO SEE YOU.. Thanks for sharing this rare gem.. Have a
blessed day.
Manu Dhokai on March 22, 2013
I was looking for this song for years - I would hum it every now and then
but did not know its origin. Mastkalanderji - My Dear Sir - due to your
generosity i now listen and see this sing. This is a beautiful and sweet
melody from "those" days. God Bless You!
mastkalandr on April 09, 2013
You are most welcome Thanks dear friend ! for sharing .
Abbas Saigara on May 10, 2013
Wah! too good song by Salil Chowdhary.
mastkalandr on June 06, 2013
Indeed ! the best of Salil Da.., thanks for liking .
mastkalandr on June 06, 2013
You are welcome , Thanks friend ! for sharing my most favorite melody.
Girija Easwar on June 07, 2013
Very nice duet, sung by the evergreen lata, hemant , lirics of shilendra,
my all time favourite. Bimal roy, salil chuudhari, who else required to
make this song evergreen, liked by everyone like me.
akarshik on June 07, 2013
Excellent upload my friend.
mastkalandr on June 19, 2013
Well said.., Thanks for liking the best of Hemanta - Lata and Salil Da..
mastkalandr on June 19, 2013
Friend! you are welcome, Thanks for liking my small tribute..
mastkalandr on June 19, 2013
A pleasant rainy melody indeed.. Thanks for liking.
very pleasant childhood memory of a evergreen melody by Latajee, and
Annoo Bhambhani on August 02, 2013
I am very thankful to Mastkalandar for placing this melody on Youtube.
Thanks again.
mastkalandr on August 02, 2013
Friend ! You are welcome, Thanks for sharing the best of Hk-Lata
-Shailendra & the Gr8 Salil Da
kasha K on August 31, 2013
Is actress Shoba Khote daughter of this actress Druga Khote?
lala chand on September 13, 2013
No the actress is Sabita Basu who mostly acted in old Bengali movies. The
other two actress of the movie was Usha Kiran and Durga Khote.
mastkalandr on September 13, 2013
Thanks for sharing useful info..
mastkalandr on September 13, 2013
She is Durga Khote.. Thanks for sharing.
YTsongs on September 15, 2013
Lovely rain song!!
Ajay Purohit on September 19, 2013
Actress in the song is Sabita Chaterjee & not Basu as mentioned by Lala
Chand. Hero is Asheemkumar.
Vineesh Vedsen on October 13, 2013
What a wonderful song. Rare, genuine beauty.
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