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Comments on song "Kabhi Na Kabhi, Kahi Na Kahi, Koi Na Koi To Aayega"
crazyoldsongs on December 05, 2010
this very old song used to be played on the urdu service of air ,very often
and i used to adore rafi's rendition . i was a vey small kid and when we
used to play'' antakshri '' with our friends ,and had to sing a song
starting with k , this was always the first song that would come to my mind
! madanmohan 's outstanding composition has brought out one of the best
renditions from rafi ! thanks yuan for my fav childhood song !
June G on December 06, 2010
This is a very good song thanks for posting
Ashwin Nagakar on March 10, 2011
one of the my friend, he like this song. I remebered a lot. he is no more.
K ps on July 23, 2011
This is a film depicting the hazards of drinking,,The music is
wonderful..the script is apt not a sequence over dosed..
milin1609 on September 03, 2011
This is what real singing is. Fabulously sung filled full of feel and
sorrow of the character of the film. No one can sing like The legend, Mohd.
Rafi. A true privilege to hear.
shradhapati singh on November 20, 2011
A desprate hope agaist hope
shradhapati singh on December 31, 2011
Notice that Mod Rafis voice itself is sufficient to make complete music.And
it is sung with so much emotion and feeling.Shows the outstanding class of
the singer
Muhammad Latif on January 01, 2012
What a style of singing , great tune.
Azimul Islam on January 02, 2012
I love this song very much. Thanks for uploading. Rafi sahab you are simply
the greatest!
asha1053 on March 09, 2012
very, very it!...Dev Anand and Rafi Saheb great!
pavan kapoor on March 13, 2012
very beautiful...voice of Rafi Saheb... & lyrics to good
59coolangel on March 13, 2012
so beautiful song.
63ajit on March 28, 2012
beautiful song,salute to respced mohd. rafi and hero evergreen devanand
Taru Daku on May 20, 2012
Thank you for the upload. Wahji .Kya gaana hai. Have been listening to
all the songs from my childhood, never had a chance to view the movie. Any
chance of uploading the whole movie please?
Chandra Kumar on June 26, 2012
I miss Rafi.
59coolangel on July 08, 2012
A beautiful melodious song.
Dawood Shaik on September 21, 2012
Some say Kishore is suited for Dev.. Listen to this song!! Rafi saheb made
his voice suited for all actors.. He was a magician.. No other singers,
including, sonu nigam could reach that range and no one will ever will
asad shan on October 08, 2012
rafi sahib jbhi aap ko sune gey aur dev anand sahib jab bhi aap dekhe gey
aap log hameesha zinda raho gey.
nizarshivji on October 26, 2012
There are many gems that Rafi has sung after this song but this song has stayed with me all my life. If I had one song to take with me to my afterlife, this would be the one.
hoseyhoo2 on November 22, 2012
Rafisaab is a great singer.This is one of his best songs.Its still very vibrant and soothing that it touches my emotion deep down.Rafisaab has sung for almost every actor of his time and for every actor he brings indiviuality.God bless this great legend.
Nayyar Kamal on March 18, 2013
A relentless flow of emotions from a broken heart.Kudos toMM RK n RAFI n
thanks to Yuan.
Umeer Farooque on April 10, 2013
Some say Kishore is suited for Dev.. Listen to this song!! Rafi saheb made his voice suited for all actors.. He was a magician.. No other singers, including, sonu nigam could not even rafi ji head 1 hair reach that range and no one will ever will..
Harrypalmer65 on June 26, 2013
Incomparable ...a voice full of beauty, a beautiful gift of God shared with
all of us who care to listen. Thank you for sharing
Mani Ramachandran on July 01, 2013
one of the best of Madan Mohan .Hard to understand why he didn't first in
any Binaca Geet Mala for any of his songs
cptjindar on July 17, 2013
In fact when we start compare any singer with Rafi, we try to cut short the
Rafi’s melodius range, but it is impossible and in my views Sonu Nigam
should try to reach first at level of all singers of Golden Era, like
Kishor Kumar, Mohinder Kapoor, Mukesh and of course Talat ji & Hemant ji
also which will be also a impossible mission. When ever I hear SD Burman
ji, I found myself in a Heaven’s swing. Today’s singer can create that
standard I don’t think so. Rafi Saab ki to baat hi alag hai.
Mohamed Junaid on August 25, 2013
Tears roll down easily weneva I hear this song ..
M Ridza on November 05, 2013
Rafie's songs boosting Dev Saab films.. Why suddenly he twisted to
Kishore..In a certain interview he criticized Rafie not really a good
Nikhil N on November 26, 2013
recently discovered this song... hooked on and ringing in my ears all the
Sangram Sinha on January 13, 2014
One of my favourite song,must say Rafi's voice quite an exception.
Deepak Kanar on June 23, 2014
zindaghi mein sab ki zindagahi mein kabi na kabi khoi aah jaatha hai.
Lekin badnaseeb kei zindaghi mein kabi kabi khoi nahi aata hai. Keep
UNNI KRISHNAN ACHAN on August 14, 2014
outstanding song by the master of soundwaves
59coolangel on September 05, 2014
Superb song by rafi Sahab..
purutoke on December 10, 2014
Rafisab,a perfect voice for Devsab!
sudhir vikram Bhargava on January 24, 2015
Umeed per hi duniya qayam hai .
Mohammed Kaleemullah on February 23, 2015
what a song ---no other singer can sing with so much of dept and
emotions-----very very super most song--unmatched singing--superb
excellent---thank you The dreammarchant for this beautiful upload. 
yagya bhattarai on April 12, 2015
Thats God... who really loves us..
hisma5tersvoice1 on April 14, 2015
What a superb combination Dev Anand a legend , Mohd Rafi a legend , a
beautiful song, and not forgetting the musicians lovey. 
VK malik on April 21, 2015
That was self pity > U got to respect yourself first before some one comes
to u > otherwise all in vain !! music crafted by MASTER M M ji
Bhargava Ram on May 05, 2015
Kabhi na kabhi , Kahin. Na Kahin ,RAFI SAHEB toe aayengey, hamaara dil koe
behalaayengey. !!!!!!
Bicky Chadha on July 02, 2015
the raw power of the voice and song of rafi ji the mastero
Om Prakash on July 13, 2015
khoob.--bahut khoob.
mialvi9 on September 13, 2015
Rajinder Krishan has brilliantly captured the emotions of a man who drowns
himself in wine to forget a world that hasn’t been kind to him. Madan
Mohan’s composition provides the perfect platform for the lyrics. And Mohd.
Rafi does the rest. The way he mixes sadness and drunkenness in his voice
is simply amazing. A masterpiece!
59coolangel on October 23, 2015
just close eyes and enjoy this beautiful melodious song by rafi sahab
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