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Comments on song "Kabhi Tanhaiyo Me Humari Yaad Aayegi"
mohendra minocha on July 22, 2009
it was debut film of tanuja along with ashok sharma son of kedar sharma
bhuumiputra on September 05, 2009
kabhi kisi masum ka dil na dukhaiye kya jane kis rup mein khuda mil jaye .
very loving song lagta hai sunte hi rahiye. its mubarak begum-kedar
sharma-nsehal bhatkar great team magic thanks mastkalandr for uploading
fantastic uploading,GOD bless you dear
thecynthia1985 on September 13, 2009
this was sang ..once by Bala
one night .. all i remember it was a beach near Karachi... Bala is still fixing cars .. near chanaser halt. long live Bala...his smile .
nickkohri on October 03, 2009
Originally Kedar Sharma wanted Lata to sing this song! But her recording commitments kept Lata too busy. So Snehal got hold of Mubarak Begum. And aren't we happy that he did? When the recording was finished, Kedar Sharma just sat glued to his chair after listening to Mubarak Begum sing his composition!! It still has the same effect on all lovers of good music. Raat ki gehrai aur dilki tanhai mein agar yeh gana suna jaaye to.
trjnn on October 05, 2009
goose bumps
Seetharaman Iyer on October 23, 2009
Hey nickkohri, you forgot to add some more----- Raat Ki Gehraai mein aur
dil ki tanhai mein " AUR HAAT MEIN JAAM LIYE " yeh gaana sunna padega. Tab
dekhna gaane ka asar.
mykegurna on November 11, 2009
Realy Haunting Music and mesmerizing Voice.
Thanks for this Divine Pleasure. God Bless you.
Saanwarii on November 13, 2009
Luv it so much :)
nicam007 on December 24, 2009
"PURE EMOTIONAL INTOXICATION" Songs like this never fail to bring tears to
your eyes.
durlabh kolhe on December 30, 2009
immortal song.
mahesh thakker on December 30, 2009
superb song, can anybody write full song to enjoy it throughly with full
9431885 MK on December 31, 2009
Dear mthakker44 full lyrics of this superb song is with this video infro,
meaning of song is very simple just read infro.., i am sure you will
understand . Thanks for sharing this touching song .. I wish you happy new
year 2010,GOD bless you n your family ..
mahesh thakker on January 01, 2010
Thank you , i was not knowing that to click on more info. will give details
of song. thanks again, I wish you best for materially and spiritually
adavance ment in the year 2010
narasimharao1953 on January 10, 2010
Once I (you) hear this song, I forget everything and keep humming this whole day. There is absolute unexplainable magic in it. Dont know what is right in this-the lirics, the music, the picturisation, the singer's voice, the innocence of the actors-everything is right about the whole effort. Think it must be a tragic movie. Hope some day I get to watch it on TV. Other song - sochtha hun yeh kya- is so romatic the visuals keep reeling in my (your)mind. Tanuja was simply innocent and sooo cute.
9431885 MK on January 10, 2010
Dear narasimharao1953 .mein aapki feelings se itefaq rakhta hun and i know
the great pleasure of pain and sadness and its reaction in the heart . iska
tazurba dilwale jyada mehsus karte hai .. shayad kuchh azib bat likh di
meine ,,kheir jo bhi likha dil ki kashish hai .. Thanks for sharing this
rare gem . Thanks for pleasant comment and pleaque
mahesh thakker on January 16, 2010
we often experience that certain music connect our mind/consciousness with
divinity or with subtle innerselves ( it is mystic experience) like this
Glow of Hope on January 25, 2010
Beautiful presentation... lot of information through introduction.
spicyindian2002 on February 02, 2010
GOD BLESS YOU! great post
Jagjit Singh Ishar on February 21, 2010
mubarak begum was highly talented & a singer of high calibre. i hv heard
that she was victim of the monoply of mangeshkar sisters. what a pity the
career of such a legend was ruined. how ever shanker jaikishen, khayyam,
jamal sen, salil chodhary, snehal bhatkar dared her play back 4 sm of their
songs. can sm one b kind enough 2 tell where abts of this gr8 artist & her
current engagements. my salutes 2 the gr8 singer. thanx 4 this sweet
9431885 MK on February 22, 2010
@jagjitisher ...Dear friend you are absolutely right ..mubarak begam sahiba
ki nayab awaz mein jo kashish hai wo aur kisi ki aawaz mein nahi ,ham jb
bhi sunte hai kahi kisi aur duniyan mein kho jate hai. is aawaz ko
tahedil se salam.. unke har ak labz ka andaz alheda hai mubarak sa na koi
hoga aur na koi hai.. Thanks for sharing this rare gem... mk
Jagjit Singh Ishar on February 22, 2010
HOTA HAI CHAMAN MEN DEEDAWAR PAIDA. y the way where is she these days & abt
her family members. thanx 4 sharing the views.
Eswar Nakka on March 08, 2010
Dear friend, I read some where recently, that she is trying a come back,
but by way of concerts . But not sure how much it is true. Regarding Kamal
Barotji there is no information available. The Mangeshkar Whirl wind was
too strong and had a massive negative effect on these Diamonds like,
Amirbaiji, Sumanji, Sharadaji, Kamalji and so many. But is the Music
Directors and the Producers of those days were to be blammed. . blessings
nickkohri on March 16, 2010
Ha!Ha!Ha! You sound like a real war veteran!
nickkohri on March 16, 2010
And the music directors had no guts to stand up to the Mangeshkar sisters. They would even threaten the instrument players by forbidding them from their own recording sessions if they played for Usha Iyer or Vani Jairam! To record the Aaina duet of Asha+Vani, Naushad had to record the song with orchestra+Asha's voice first and THEN dub the Vani Jairam vocals later because Asha refused to sing with Vani Jairam! Naushad did not give any more songs to Asha after this fiasco.
justaname5 on March 16, 2010
Yeah. Jin ki awaaz sun kar, pyaar karna sikha, nafrat bhi karein to kis
andaz se karein, jin ke fun se dil ke jazbaaton ke rang khile, unke baare
mein yeh sab sun kar achcha nahin lagta. There are other stories as well,
which I know first hand - and other singers, including Rafi have done
similar things - but I guess we must forgive them. They were all human
afterall, no matter how badly we want to immortalize them. And yes, Vani
Jairam is another one that didn't get her dues. Bole re papihara..
anandjee on March 27, 2010
The Mangeshkars are wonderful voices but unacceptable people. Even when
Lata lost her voice in DIDI TERA DEWAR DEEWAANAA she kept singing in her
gutral unacceptable voice. The violin is good, the player is not!! Dr Anand
prabhurashmi on March 30, 2010
the actress is tanuja - but who is the actor - seems to be a very sashi
kapoor - but now sure - anybody knows?
mastkalandr on March 30, 2010
@prabhurashmi .. dear friend this handsome actor is ashok sharma son of
kedar nath sharma lyricist of this immortal song ...for more info please
click at more infro .. thanks for sharing and comments
Ribosome100 on May 10, 2010
Mubarak Begum Sudha Malhotra Sunidhi Jagjit Kaur Nor Jehan Lata Suriya line
of talent nonimitable no matter how hard others tried to copy but original
is ireplaceable
Ribosome100 on May 10, 2010
@justaname5 Mubarak Begum Sudha Malhotra Sunidhi Jagjit Kaur Nor Jehan Lata
Suriya line of talent nonimitable no matter how hard others tried to copy
but original is ireplaceable
Damloti2 on May 24, 2010
Woman's believe in the purity & intensity of her immortal love gives strength to challenge her beloved that you can go any where, the invisiable strings of my love will force you back to me! If not then you will neither LIVE nor DIE. My WAFFA will haunt you that you will burn in the cold, sweet but ferocious fire of regret & desire. Million to one song living in millions of hearts!
Komalrani 1 year ago 7
mastkalandr on May 24, 2010
@Damloti2.. nice comment ... thanks for sharing this immortal song ..
fbhalla on June 13, 2010
The actor is Ashok Sharma.
Shahjahan Bhatti on June 16, 2010
Does Mubarak begum mean what she says?
venkateshrocksssssss on July 02, 2010
arre wah! maza aagaya! thank you MastKalandar! kya baat hai! v v nice indeed
Komalrani on July 05, 2010
This geet has a challenge from a female who has ROCK SOLID FAITH in the
purity of her love and she is aware of the All-Conquering power of her
dedication that will bring HIM back to her feet. "NA PHIR TU JEE SAKAY GA
AUR NA TUM KO MAUT AYE GI" is a verse in Quran that on the day judgement
you will suffer form your errors, She says to HIM, the FIRE OF REGRET will
burn you in this life that "NA PHIR TU JEE SAKAY GA AUR NA TUM KO MAUT AYE
GI" how poetic, how daring, how enchanting...KOMALRANI
mastkalandr on July 06, 2010
@venkateshrocksssssss are welcome my dear friend.. Thanks for sharing
this rare gem...shukriya
mastkalandr on July 06, 2010
@nayabbutt ..dear friend this video contains full song with some extra
beautiful lines repeats
mastkalandr on July 06, 2010
@Komalrani ..My dear friend thanks for writing truth ..nice comment . na
phir jee sakega tu,na tujhko maut aayegi.. aise logon ka zamir mar chuka
hota hai, aur ant mein unka mara hua zamir hi unhen noch noch kar kha jata
hai .. Thanks for sharing this RARE GEM..,keep in touch
mastkalandr on July 06, 2010
@anandjee dear friend thanks for writing truth .., The violin is good,
the player is not!!.. Thanks for sharing this rare GEM ..
9431885 MK on July 06, 2010
@mastkalandr .. nice comment ..the truth of life. thanks for sharing this
immortal GEM
nayabbutt on July 06, 2010
@mastkalandr but my mom is saying that there r more lines in the full song.this is not the full ghazal
Sameer691000 on August 09, 2010
Remembrance of the past is agony, my Lord, seize from me my memories. When
it comes to the land that gave me birth,a gentle golden halo surrounds and
colors my memories, making the present that much more painful and cruel.
What most I long for is not to return to the land of my birth, per se. It
is instead, that mystical, magical place where my memories were formed,
that time when I was blissfully unaware of my adult responsibilities and
burdens. The past is never dead. It's not even past. Thnx
khatpandwa on August 21, 2010
@anandjee - Actually I agreed but there are a few songs where Lata is
singing very well - Best wishes - Imran
Shyam Sachdeva on October 06, 2010
the shyam88
imran22221000 on November 01, 2010
i love this song very much

swati King on December 06, 2010
Gr8 poetry, Gr8 Mubarak Begum. tnxx
Prafull Ambekar on January 16, 2011
Yeh Bijalee raakh kar jaayegi,tere pyaar ki duniya. Na phir tu jee sakega
aur na tujh ko maut aayegi. Terrifying thought. Utterly awesome. Brilliant
profile of the woman singing.
Gaby Poulain on January 31, 2011
@nickkohri I'm glued to my seat too!
mastkalandr on February 21, 2011
Translation In your loneliness you may sometimes be reminded of me While it
would be getting dark, lightening may suddenly strike That lightening may
burn down your world of love Then you will neither be able to live nor will
you be able to die In your loneliness you may sometimes be reminded of me
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