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Comments on song "Koi Bole Mujhe Aa Jaa, Bivi Number One"
Chandni Singh on February 10, 2008
i love it to...just watched it like a day ago again...hahaha totally agree
with the clown...scares the FU*K out of me toooo
dilbara18 on February 21, 2008
how funny and sweet
Babli87 on February 27, 2008
Love it...
Thanks for posting...
Lvu Salman.!
aumprem1 on March 05, 2008
sacry clown but chatchy song love the tune and salman looks so hansome
stickpeoplefan896 on March 09, 2008
there is the whole movie i just watched it on youtube
CraziNaz5 on March 19, 2008
thankxx for uploading this song..lolzz..i was really looking for it
princess1560 on March 20, 2008
ive been looking for this song for like EVER!!! thanks for putting it up i
luv salman!
farahsbestfriend on March 24, 2008
now searously this song is only written for my wife FARAH!only cuz i wanna sing this to her i love her til death n after death luv u alwayz jaan mhwaaz
Naeema20 on March 31, 2008
i hate this song!!!!!!!!!!!!
stickpeoplefan896 on April 08, 2008
i luv this song such an amazing song for ppl wit taste...
simmi51 on April 12, 2008
can someone upload the whole film thx
bipsfan16 on April 23, 2008
It's so cheesy... I love it!
fagihna749 on April 28, 2008
haha, its bn ages since i've seen this
guga1958 on April 29, 2008
i love how everything goes in from mornin' until evening
TrulyUnforgettable on May 04, 2008
love it!! cool video!!
rhara90 on May 05, 2008
i love this film..cause this film teach us to respect our wife more...
jahizbarlas on May 10, 2008
seriously, you take lesson from indian movies?
if an indian movie teaches you morals you didnt already know, you might have some issues...
deshigurl10 on May 21, 2008
i luv the title song i find the tune funny dunno y anywayzz thnx lolz
bahargakk on May 28, 2008
aw haha such a cute movie
FAH426 on June 02, 2008
can someone please tell me where i can find this movie with english
subtitles! by da way thanks for postin dis video! i love this couple! they
are da best couple in my opinion!
skazi786 on June 14, 2008
Bak in da days... Old SKOOL(H)
Jj Jah on June 23, 2008
that clown is very creepy, but than again all clowns are freaky... thanks
for the upload, great song... it brings back memories.
Knowalot2 on June 26, 2008
I think what rhara meant to say was that its good for teaching really YOUNG kids about morals...
babyangel2k8 on July 02, 2008
salman lukin gud as always wish ma husband sings dis 2 me lol yh ryt!!!
victor256in on July 09, 2008
haha: just that the story following this song should not apply in your
lostsoul324 on July 25, 2008
one day lolllllllllllll
jobnahi on July 26, 2008
qasm se.
sweethearts654 on August 01, 2008
i posted the movie biwi no.1 right now i jus uploaded the first part but i
will post the rest make sure 2 check my account for new parts and plz leave
comments and ratings i worked relli hard putting it in to parts lol
sweethearts654 on August 01, 2008
type in biwi no.1 on youtube lol i uploaded the movie on here
Safia Abdul on August 01, 2008
i love karishma and salman khan. and i think this song is so funny and nice.
sweethearts654 on August 02, 2008
then u shud watch the movie its on my profile plz.. watch comment and
subscribe thanx and luv the song thanx
raxastrid on September 03, 2008
this movie was funny but am I the only one who realised how badly the
characters were developed...
snsara5237 on September 08, 2008
Havnt seen this movie in a long time!
ConejitaElvia on September 10, 2008
salman soo cute!! I LOVE YOU SALMAN KHAN!!
Chouds Chy on September 11, 2008
salman and karishma was a cute jodi
sfazal on September 19, 2008
I love this song' iwant a family just like that...sooo cute
amanda187 on October 16, 2008
the mickey mouse and the clown are VERY creepy lol.
Bilkis Hossan on October 27, 2008
i always wanted salman & karishma 2 be a couple cz dey suite soooooo much
2gthan day luk reely cute n nyc 2gtha
Mamsiie on October 29, 2008
i also think that sallu and karishma looks as a couple
1316DEC on November 18, 2008
it had been quite long time i din hear tis song ...beens yrs d...reali miss tis mve alot..veri funny mve:)
rogoobeer on November 19, 2008
Biwi No 1 - Biwi No 1 wow karishma is so cute an young in this movie
trinigrl91 on December 06, 2008
omg she is soo salman khan...oh can u not
love him?! lolz...great songs in this movie!!!
Aman Dayani on December 27, 2008
zabardast song.
Priyankafanno1 on January 08, 2009
he is saying.. no one is like his.. wife.. he says .. everyone calls me ..
but i only have one girl in my life .. thats his wife .. she is D best..
strangerStranging on January 11, 2009
sajibaji4mads on February 14, 2009
Its very nice song...
I used to listen this song long time ago. Its good to listen it again after such a long time. Thanks...
fsweeti on February 24, 2009
cute and funny cousin's husband performed this song for her on
their reception!
playazcircle111 on February 26, 2009
The Clown is the best best part of the song
RaviKings on March 15, 2009
easyyy, all bout srk!! king srk!
Don786k on March 19, 2009
loved the movie an songs
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